New Store Opening! Black Friday! (RSDBF Details as well)

We’re excited to let you all know that we are ready to open this coming Friday!

November 27th, 2020 

Redscroll Records
69 South Turnpike Road
Unit B
Wallingford, CT 06492

We will be open from 8AM-8PM!

We are carrying Record Store Day Black Friday titles and this is our system for that:
1. Show up early.
2. Sign up for your place in line on our clipboard by the door. No emails or phone calls to reserve your place. You have to physically go and sign up.
3. Wait until 8AM (in your car or wherever you want, but be ready to come in when it’s your turn).
4. At 8AM we will start calling or texting (preference noted on sign up sheet) people to come inside. We’ll have our bay door open for maximum air flow and there will be a 10 person maximum capacity in place. Masks are required (worn properly over nose and mouth), keep 6 feet of distancing between people and hand sanitizer will be at the door for use upon entry.
5. Shop! Have fun! It’s a new experience in a new place! Please try to limit your time during this first visit so we can keep the line system running smooth.

The list of Black Friday titles will go up on our site Wednesday night.

If you are not looking for Black Friday titles it might be wise to wait until later in the day to come by when there won’t be as long a wait time.

New Store Location Coming Soon!

Projected opening on the new store is November 27th, 2020.

For now, we are CLOSED while we move.

You can visit our online shop in the meantime. Details below.

We’ll keep y’all up to speed as soon as we know that opening is written in stone and we’ve triple checked everything that needs to happen.

For now, thanks for the 13 and a half years at 24 N. Colony and we look forward to many more in the new location!

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Last Chance to Visit us at 24 N. Colony! Moving!

We’ve enjoyed our time at 24 N. Colony Road (or Street – depending on which map or GPS you’re using) in Wallingford and though it as become nice and cozy it has also become a bit too cramped and we are stoked to be moving to a bigger space where we can have room to stretch and expand! A nice bonus is that we’ll be able to open more widely at that location.

That said, if you want to visit us in this location one last time you have just until Saturday the 14th of November. After that we’ll be closed for a couple weeks while we truck inventory over and generally get set up to be open for November 27th (Black Friday) in the new spot. More news on opening day as that draws nearer.

You can visit us here by making an appointment:

We are letting 3 people in at a time so if even if you don’t see a slot available, always give us a call because we most likely have room for you! (203)265-7013

If you want a real blast from the past check out our original blog over here (used until July 0f 2013):

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Record Store Day Drop 3 Update (10/24/20 Releases)

Firstly we’ll go over again what our protocol is for tomorrow!

We are doing “curb-side” service – details here:

Our shop will be closed for walk-in shopping. Appointment shopping will resume Monday – details on that here:

Record Store Day this year has been split into three RSD DROPS which are happening/happened the last weekend of August, end of September and end of October. The LAST of those is tomorrow!

There will be no physical line so do not come to the store early to get in line.

The list of available RSD Drop 3 titles is below this explanation. Prices are included this year.

The virtual line started on Monday. Explanation of that in our last post here:

If you are currently in the virtual line and you see that what you are looking for is not here and you’d like to get off the call list please let us know by replying to that email. If there’s any reason at all you’d like to give up your spot in line just email us. (

You are still able to get in line, but keep in mind you will be added to the end of the line and it is a long one right now.

Records that are not claimed or picked up by 6PM tomorrow (RSD Drop 3 Day) will be listed online.

We look forward to talking to and seeing many of you tomorrow! In the parking lot, wearing a mask with you in your car.

Before the list we’d like to reiterate that these are uncertain times and 2 months ago when we placed the order for these records things were also uncertain so we did not go extremely heavy on ordering – certainly we didn’t order like we would have for a normally scheduled non-pandemic event day. That said, we hope we can please and fulfill the requests of a good deal of you all. And of course, as is the nature of these things, much of what we ordered didn’t make it in time so we’ll post about those as we receive them. And if you have a request for something please let us know next week with an email or phone call and we can check on its availability. All that said, here’s what we will have available… Continue reading Record Store Day Drop 3 Update (10/24/20 Releases)


This coming Saturday is the next RSD Drop date (Ocober 24th, 2020) and we will have some of those titles as we did last month. The store will not be open for walk-ins and there will be no physical line for this stuff, but rather a virtual line. It will work the same way it did for September. Details below. 

We are open by appointment for in store shopping.  Details on that here:

We are doing curbside service – details here (no appointment needed for this):

We are also buying collections by appointment. Please give us a call or send an email for that. (203)265-7013

First off, there will be no physical line so do not come to the store early to get in line.  On Friday at 6PM we will post the available titles on our website.

If you’d like to get in our “Virtual Line” for these titles then heed these instructions:

  1. Email us with your Name and Phone Number (NOW!). Our email =
  2. Await the reply that will confirm your place in line. Something like, “Thanks! You are #XX in line…”
  3. Saturday morning starting at 10AM will start calling folks in the order that has been set (by order of those emails that have come in and have been confirmed). Be sure to be ready to get a call from us!
  4. We will take your order and have it set aside for curbside pick up. (Curbside Pick Up protocol can be found at this link.) We will confirm the time you are coming to make sure we don’t have too many folks arriving at the same time as well.
  5. Come pick it up!

If at any point after you have confirmed your place in line you decide you would like to forfeit your spot please let us know.  Continue reading RSD DROP 3 VIRTUAL LINE!