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New T-Shirt! Nocturnal Friends

Our new shirt for 2021 was designed by Tim Wengertsman (who some might know from Oiltanker). The shirt features some of our favorite nocturnal creatures (bat, opposum, skunk) listening to a record in their natural habitat.

Local? Come by it in our store in person!

Not local? Find it in our Big Cartel here:

It was printed by Forest Passage Printing on Bella+Canvas 100% Airlume Ringspun Cotton Shirts (Unisex Sizing/Tear-Away Label).

RSD Drop 2 is July 17th / Thanks for a successful RSD Drop 1!

Thanks to all who made it out and participated in our Record Store Day Drop 1 yesterday. We planned the time slots month in advance and for those that came through it proved to be a great way to do things this time around. We’re thankful for you all and for the day and so we look forward to RSD Drop 2 on July 17th!


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For July 17th, there will be no sign ups and no time slots! You just have to show up for our 8AM open time. We are asking that you respectfully (of us and our neighbors and yourselves, really) don’t show up before 6AM. No camping. In fact, we feel so strongly about this that if you’re camping we’ll send you to the back of the line. 😮 This is an industrial area and there are tractor trailers that sometimes visit this lot in the middle of the night and it really just is for safety reasons above all else! We want you to live long healthy lives full of great music and we can only provide that latter one and depend on you all to take care of the first couple parts! 🥰

To check out the titles for RSD Drop 2 you can visit their site here:

RSD Drop 1 for June 12th (Record Store Day Part 1 of 2 for 2021)

UPDATE EDIT: As of Now, 7PM, remaining RSD Drop 1 titles can be found on our Discogs page:

(Reminder: if you haven’t been to our store in a while – we moved in November and are now at 69 South Turnpike Road, Wallingford, CT 06492 – in the same building as the Battery Shop.)

RSD Drop 1 is tomorrow and below you’ll find of list of what we’ve accumulated for you all to peruse and purchase. Show up during your assigned time slot between 8AM and 3PM (blog post about time slots here) and if for any reason you need or want to forfeit your slot please give us a call (203 265-7013).

Masks are still required here so please have one at the ready. 

At 3PM we will open up the RSD area to any customers who did not previously sign up for a time slot. Please be respectful of one another’s space and we will do our best to keep it orderly (we are using some sidewalk chalk to map out a line in the lot).

The waiting area for RSD items will be in front of our large bay door. It will be obvious when you arrive, but just to clarify the large bay door is the second bay door to the right of our normal front entrance door.

Parking can be found in the normal area that is painted in our lot and overflow parking is basically in the abutting lots.

We are limiting the amount of people in the store to 15 at a time – RSD items are in a separate area – and will be open at 8AM as well. If/when a line forms for the normal store area we ask to be respectful of space and order in that line as well.

RSD Quantity Disclaimer:
We hope we can please and fulfill the requests of a good deal of you all. As much as we’d like to have every possible thing on hand in quantities exactly matching the demand it just can’t work that way. We order a tremendous amount as do many other stores. We are allocated certain amounts of things and ultimately we get a lot because we put in the leg work. That said, we get less than we order and in some cases we miss out on items completely (trust us, it’s not purposeful by any stretch). We want everyone to be happy in the end so be excellent to each other. And if you have a request for something please let us know next week with an email or phone call and we can check on its availability.

At last count there were 27 titles originally slated for June that are now coming out for Drop 2 on July 17th.  You can check out the list at with the associated dates for each item.

Below is a list of what we will have available. Continue reading RSD Drop 1 for June 12th (Record Store Day Part 1 of 2 for 2021)

Tongue Depressor “In the Quarter Column” LP Out NOW!

Our latest record release is by Tongue Depressor and it’s called In The Quarter Column and it is out today!

We have very limited quantities of this record left for in store sale!

Reception of this record has been incredible and honestly well deserved!

Autumn Records in Vermont runs a subscription service, Outer Sounds, that picked this one up for their June edition! In their write up they say this: It reminds me of a more lo-fi, dissonant version of Oren Ambarchi’s early pointillistic guitar work. A Singing on Side B moves in a more horizontal drone space with microtonal pipe organ and long tone bowed bass layers. Dissonance and beating patterns emerge among the alternate tunings again. Both sides offer up an immersive listening space full of details that reward multiple spins. This isn’t placid, background ambient music, its an enveloping & mildly dissonant world to explore that demands your attention not unlike the music of Alvin Lucier, Tony Conrad, Arnold Dreyblatt, La Monte Young, Phill Niblock, Charlemagne Palestine and more. Step inside and recalibrate your ears! 

High praise! They’ll also have an interview up with Zach and Henry:

You can check out the album via their bandcamp page here (and buy it digitally):

If we run out and the band runs out of copies then there are still a number of shops that have picked up the record. They are:
Annihilvs / Doc Monomer Audio Emporium (NY)
Cabin Floor Records (SC)
Eroding Winds (WI)
Forced Exposure (MA)
Industrial Coast (UK)
Iris Records (NJ)
Midheaven / Revolver (CA)
Records the Good Kind (CT)
Robotic Empire (WA)
Siren Records (Doylestown, PA)
Skeleton Dust Records (OH)
Sorry State Records (NC)
Soundholes (UK)
Tor Johnson Records (RI)
Willimantic Records (CT)