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RSR PC 036 Paul of Undercliff

On this episode of the podcast we talk to Paul of Undercliff, a doom band from right nearby in central CT. We talk about the new record released just about a month ago. We talk about the now torn down facility the band is named after. We talk about Tyvek suits and coping during the pandemic in general.

We once again did this one outside. Paul brought his own mic, stand and chair! Paul also runs PLX-FX – a pedal making venture. We talk about that too (or mostly he does as we know not much of that world). Lots of talking beyond that too.  A good time to be had / was had.


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24th of July Update: Label Highlights & Current Operations

We thought we’d take a moment to look at our releases from this year and last. These last months have halted all sort of social assembly of which music thrives on so it’s definitely been a difficult ride for bands. Take a moment with this and check ’em all out and consider buying directly from them via the links. We also have all of these available (some in more limited quantities) via our Big Cartel or Discogs shops.

Regarding our current operations, we have no plans to open up the shop to customers coming inside as it stands now. We will let folks know when that time comes. For now, the best way to keep up with us is by checking out our Discogs shop and/or following us on Instagram (you don’t need an account to view it) and Facebook.  We are also going to be running a contest through our Instagram (and we truthfully post the most on there) tonight so definitely give that a follow if you do have an account.

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Landing / Headroom LP out today!

Coming to you today with a bright spot in the current murky world we live in! Landing and Headroom have new music for you to hear on a vinyl 12″ record that is out today!

Landing and Headroom split LP

We have it for sale at the store if you’d like to do a curbside pick-up for that (call us at 203 265 7013 or email If you’d like to get it mailed to you you can order through our Big Cartel here:

Check out some quick snippets of songs here:

It should also be streaming on all the basic streaming services soon.

Digitally (and also physically) you can buy either bands’ halves at their pages:
Landing –
Headroom –

Besides us, if you are not nearby and you’d like to pick it up around the world from your  local shop the following spots will have it in stock:
Autumn Records (Vermont)
Bruit Direct (France)
Cloister Recordings  (Colorado)
Discreet Music (Sweden)
End of an Ear Records (Texas)
Feeding Tube Records (Massachusetts)
Grapefruit Record Club (Nebraska)
Iris Records (New Jersey)
Knotwilg Records (Belgium)
Philadelphia Record Exchange (Pennsylvania)
Pleasantly: Peasantries & Pleasantries (Utah)
Record Grouch (New York)
Records The Good Kind (Vernon, CT)
Resurrection Records (Washington)
Revolver / Midheaven (California)
Robotic Empire (Washington)
Siren Records (Pennsylvania)
Stormy Records (Michigan)
Telegraph Records (New London, CT)
Tor Johnson Records (Rhode Island)
Vinyl Conflict (Virginia)
Willimantic Records (Willimantic, CT)

(If you own a store or distro and would like to carry any of our music please do get in touch for wholesale rates –

RSR PC 035 Stone Jaw (Terry)

On this episode of the Redscroll Podcast we talk with Terry of Stone Jaw (and a few other projects). We talk about Dungeons & Dragons and dungeon synth. We talk about getting into noise and the various approaches to it and all the potential people finding it during their time locked in their living quarters. We talk about NPR for some reason.  And we even talk about Stone Jaw as a musical noise project a little.

Terry lets us know how he particularly got into making noise versus the art mediums he was previously into – how his visual works led him down that path. Talk of John Cage and Robert Rauschenberg ensues. Then we bring it all home with sports. How we got there you’ll have to listen.


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Landing / Headroom split LP coming July 17th!

We are pleased to announce that a release we’ve been working on quietly and with heavy anticipation is now readied and can be pre-ordered in our Big Cartel shop here:

It has an official release date of July 17th, 2020.

Check out some snippets here:

Ambient drift rock band Landing formed in 1998 by married couple Aaron and Adrienne Snow, two musicians who met at Brigham Young University and moved to Connecticut after graduating. Landing quickly set about recording their dark, ambient dream pop, resulting in several cassette and EP releases. Their early work was stylistically close to that of contemporaries like Flying Saucer AttackBowery Electric, and Windy & Carl, with buried vocals and washes of noisy texture riding slow, drawn-out rhythms. Following the 2015 EP Body Diffuser on Vast Arc Hues, the full-length Third Sight was released by El Paraiso in 2016, followed shortly by Complekt on These Are Not Records. The Krautrock-influenced Bells in New Towns appeared on El Paraiso in 2018.

Headroom first took flight in 2016 as the solo outlet for New Haven musician  Kryssi Battalene, née of regarded noise project Colorguard & guitarist for psychedelic voyagers, Mountain Movers. Headroom sprung forth from the fertile and underrated New Haven scene – a musical patchwork of punk, hardcore, noise & experimental music all sharing the same stages & DIY spots and creating a musical identity all their own.

Battalene’s talent flourished & soon enough, her signature style of guitar was infiltrating & influencing a new crop of New Haven musicians; part Twisted Village / PSF Records-influenced white noise maelstrom, part nuanced, beautiful six-stringed draperies. Battalene’s talents have graced recordings & stages with Estrogen Highs, Medication, Secret Treaties & Stefan Christiansen & Friends. Headroom have established a strong base of releases on labels Ever/Never, Centripetal Force, C/Site Recordings, and Trouble In Mind. Beyond Kryssi at the center, the band features Rick Omonte and Ross Menze of The Mountain Movers, David Shapiro (Alexander & Kath Bloom live backing), and Stefan Christensen (of C/Site).

We at Redscroll Records believe it was about time these two bands that represent different aspects of psychedelic sounds from our small state of Connecticut combine forces. Here it is, and the tracks do not disappoint.

PRE-ORDER in our Big Cartel shop here: