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15th Of September 2017 Update

15th Of September 2017 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s
Afghan Whigs “Congregation” (2LP Loser Edition Reissue + D/L)
Afghan Whigs “Up In It” (Loser Edition Reissue)
Allien, Ellen “Nost RMXS 1”
Antibalas “Where The Gods Are In Peace” (+ D/L)
Beastie Respond “Information City”
Beyonce “Lemonade” (180 Gram 2LP Yellow Vinyl + D/L With Film)
Bley, Paul “The Paul Bley Synthesizer Show”
Blockhead “Funeral Ballooons” (2LP)
Blush Response / Alexey Volkov, Years Of Denial “Albedo Edition”
Cloakroom “Time Well”
Cole, Crys & Oren Ambarchi “Hotel Record”
Cosmin TRG “Afterburn / Electra” (SPORTIV-003)
D33J “Death Valley Oasis” (+ D/L)
Dalt, Lucretia “Ou” (2015)
Damu The Fudgemunk “20 Favorite Sample Flips”
Daphni “Hey Drum / The Truth”
Deer Tick “Deer Tick Vol. 1”
Deer Tick “Deer Tick Vol. 2”
Dillon & Diamond D “Black Tie Affair”
Dissecting Table “Zigoku”
DJ Manny “#Greenlight”
False “(Untitled)” (Minneapolis Black Metal)
Fautzi, Lewis “89”
Forced Order “One Last Prayer”
Freeze, The “Live From Cape Cod 1980”
Function “Recompiled I/II” Continue reading 15th Of September 2017 Update

T-USED-DAY Update for September 12th, 2017

T-USED-DAY Update for September 12th, 2017
at Redscroll Records

Here are some of the latest used arrivals at the shop. Keep in mind this doesn’t include any of the CDs or many of the LPs in the general rock/pop/jazz/anything-in-the-back-room that we get in. This list also builds over the course of a week so sometimes some items are no longer in stock by the time this is posted. We try to avoid that, but it happens. Call ahead if there’s a particular release you’re curious about. These are the in-store prices – if you’d like to find any of these online please visit us here:

LPs & 12″s
AC/DC “For Those About To Rock…” $8.00
AC/DC “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” (Club Edition) $7.00
B.G. “Bling Bling” $2.00
Barry, John “The Black Hole” (Canadian Pressing, Soundtrack) $6.00
Beatles, The “The Beatles Box” (16xLP Wooden Box Set – Box Has Busted Corner) $190.00
Beatles, The “Live At The Hollywood Bowl” (Sealed 2016 Edition) $15.00
Black Sabbath “Paranoid” $6.66
Black Sabbath “Paranoid” $10.00
Black Slate “S/T” $6.00
Blake, James “The Colour In Anything” $15.00
Blue Oyster Cult “Secret Treaties” $6.00
Bon Jovi “Slippery When Wet” $9.00
Bon Jovi “Wanted Dead Or Alive” (UK Single) $7.00
Broadcast “Haha Sound” (2015 Reissue) $18.00
Buckley, Tim “Happy Sad” (Sealed, 4 Men With Beards Reissue) $14.00
Butthole Surfers “Rembrandt Pussyhorse” (2013 Reissue) $16.00
Camel “Moonmadness” $9.00
Central Nervous System “I Could Have Danced All Night” (Sealed) $5.00 Continue reading T-USED-DAY Update for September 12th, 2017

8th Of September 2017 Update

8th Of September 2017 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Review
at Redscroll Records

If you haven’t yet checked out our podcast you can always view the latest with that over at

LPs & 12″s

AJJ “The Bible 2”
Alvvays “Antisocialites” (180 Gram Yellow Vinyl + D/L)
Antwood “Sponsored Content”
Arch Enemy “Will To Power” (Gatefold 180 Gram + CD)
Beaches “Second Of Spring” (Deluxe Gatefold + D/L)
Bonaventure “Free Lutanga”
Boogarins “Manual” (+ D/L)
Brown, Zac Band “Welcome Home” (+ D/L)
Burn “Do Or Die”
Cameron, Alex “Forced Witness” (White Vinyl + D/L)
Cave In “Perfect Pitch Black” (Remastered Reissue /1200)
Coles, Maya Jane “Take Flight” (3LP Box)
Comeback Kid “Outsider” (Clear Vinyl /700)
Corrupted / Noothgrush “Noothgrush / Corrupted”
Dalek “Endangered Philosophies” (2LP)
Death From Above 1979 “Outrage! Is Now” (+ Flexi 7″ While They Last)
Deerhoof “Mountain Moves” (Blue Swirl Vinyl + D/L)
Diet Cig “Over Easy” (Fried Egg Colored Vinyl + D/L /1000)
Dinner “New Work” (+ D/L)
DJ Shante & Haircules “Vol. 1”
Fox, Greg “The Gradual Progression” (+ D/L)
Gogol Bordello “Seekers And Finders”
Goo Goo Dolls “You Should Be Happy” 10″
Helpless “Debt”
Holy Circle, The “The Holy Circle” (Orange)
I Speak Machine “Zombies1985”
Indian Wells “Where The World Ends”
L.A. Witch “L.A. Witch” (Translucent Pink + D/L /1500)
Laraaji “Essence / Universe” (Reissue)
Laraaji “Celestial Music 1978-2011” (+ D/L)
Laraaji “Sun Gong” (Ltd. Ed. Clear)
LCD Soundsystem “LCD Soundsystem”
LCD Soundsystem “45:33”
LCD Soundsystem “Sound Of Silver”
LCD Soundsystem “This Is Happening”
Livanskiy, Kedr “Ariadna” (+ D/L)
Low Life “Dogging”
Master “On The Seventh Day God Created… Master”
Material Girls “MG VS IQ”
Midnight Sister “Saturn Over Sunset” (Ltd. Ed. Blue Vinyl)
Moebius / Story / Leidecker “Familiar” (+ CD)
Mount Kimbie “Love What Survives” (White Vinyl + D/L)
Negro, Joey & Sean P “The Best Of Disco Spectrum”
Nosaj Thing “Parallels”
O Yuki Conjugate “Tropic” (Milky Clear)
Odesza “A Moment Apart” (Deluxe Edition With Bonus 2LP Green Vinyl + 7″ + D/L)
Palmbonen II “Palmbonen II” (+ D/L)
Paradise Lost “Medusa” (Purple Vinyl /700) Continue reading 8th Of September 2017 Update

1st Of September 2017 Update

1st Of September 2017 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Review
at Redscroll Records

Including Monday 12-6PM.
Happy Labor Day Weekend!

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LPs & 12″s

20 Guilders “2” (Tokyo Psych!)
21 Savage & Metro Boomin “Savage Mode”
3TEETH “3TEETH” (3rd Pressing)
A Lot Like Birds “DIVISI” (Ltd. Pressing Black, Pink & Blue Splatter)
Actress X LCO “Audio Track 5”
Battery “For The Rejected By The Rejected” (Ltd.Ed. Color)
Berrocal, Jac “La Nuit Est Au Courant”
Bicep “Bicep” (2LP 180 Gram + D/L)
Bley, Paul “Improvisie” (Feat. Annette Peacock, Reissue)
Blondes “Warmth” (Red Vinyl Ltd. Ed.)
Christensen, Stefan “Shake Off The Village” (Local, Check out our interview with Stefan on our brand new podcast!)
City Of Caterpillar “Driving Spain Up A Wall”
Coil “A Cold Cell In Bangkok” (Single Sided)
Couch Slut “Contempt” (+ D/L)
Curve “Cuckoo” (Reissue)
DJ Hell “Anything Anytime”
Fader “First Light”
Fifteen “Buzz” (Maroon Vinyl /1000)
Friendship “I & II”
Gaslamp Killer, The “Instrumentalepathy” (2×10″ Gatefold, 2nd Edition + D/L)
Impaled Nazarene “Ugra-Karma”
Kool G Rap “Return Of The Don” (Produced By MoSS)
Lanark Artefax “Whities 011”
LCD Soundsystem “American Dream” (NOTE: All of our copies came with a bent corner. If you’d like one we are selling them at a discounted price this weekend. We are sending any that don’t sell back as damaged and then we have to wait for them to restock. We’re selling them for 24.98 this week. They are normally 29.98 so if you don’t mind a dinged corner please take advantage of it while you can.) Continue reading 1st Of September 2017 Update

25th Of August 2017 Update

25th Of August 2017 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s

A Giant Dog “Toy” (+ D/L)
All Out War “Give Us Extinction” (Ltd. Ed. Color + D/L)
Armstron, Craig / Scott Fraser “Rosa Morta”
Arnalds, Olafur “Eulogy For Evolution”
Attic “Sanctimonious” (180 Gram White Vinyl)
Audioslave “Audioslave” (2LP + D/L)
B12 “(Electro-Soma)” (1993 Album Repress + D/L)
B12 “(Electro-Soma II)” (Repress + D/L)
Bullion “Blue Pedro”
Cage The Elephant “Unpeeled” (+ D/L)
Captain, We’re Sinking “The King Of No Man” (Color Vinyl + D/L)
Carlton Melton “Hidden Lights”
Castle, Lynn “Rose Colored Corner”
Chaos U.K. “One Hundred Percent Two Fingers In The Air Punk Rock”
Cheap Trick “We’re All Alright!” (Deluxe Version)
Chilton, Alex “A Man Called Destruction” (Blue Vinyl + D/L)
Connors, Loren “Angels That Fall”
C-Schulz “10. Hose Horn” Continue reading 25th Of August 2017 Update