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David Cross at Lyman Center (New Haven) – Win A Pair of Tickets!

David Cross at Lyman Center (New Haven) – Win A Pair of Tickets!

David Cross brings his “Making America Great Again” tour to New Haven on Saturday, April 2nd at 8PM.

First person to come in here and ask us a knock knock joke get to see David Cross’s “Making America Great Again” appearance at the Lyman Center in New Haven on the campus of Southern Connecticut State University.

Tickets are not available in the shop  for this one, but are available online at


Discounted/Win Hannibal Buress Tickets! April 24th in New Haven

Hannibal Buress – The Comedy Comisado Tour
Friday, April 24th at Southern’s Lyman Center in New Haven!

Hannibal Buress is funny. If he had an LP for sale we’d sell it here. If he’d let us release “Gibberish Rap” as a 12″ single we’d do it. For now, all we can do is express how we think he’s funny and help promote this show he has coming up with/at SCSU.

You can get $5 off tickets at the link provided below and laugh along with us. You can also come by the store and enter to win one of 4 (FOUR!) pairs (PAIRS! That’s 2!) of tickets we’re giving away! Come by anytime in the next 10 days (April 11th we’ll pick winners) and enter to win a pair high value (monetary and laugh-etary) tickets.  That’s all there is to that. Come by, enter, possibly win! Whether you win or not you should probably go if you like laughing.

Use coupon code RED at checkout for $5 off tickets here:
[link includes all pertinent information to event as well]

hannibal bieber
[Special Guest?]

Hannibal Buress is a comedian, actor, writer, musician, magician, and poker dealer from Chicago.  He’s appeared on television a lot. At least 10 times. Actually it’s way more than that. He’s the cohost of The Eric Andre Show on Adult Swim. He’s a cast member on Broad City on Comedy Central. He’s had failed tv show deals of his own. He tours regularly doing stand up comedy. There’s other stuff on google that you can find. Have a nice day.

Contest! Win stuff! Help Us Promote!

We’ve got our 8th Annual Blackout at Sunrise Sale coming up.  We want to spread the word to the ends of the earth.


You can help us and in doing so you’ll enter our contest to win a PRIZE PACK!


How do you enter?
Easy! There’s 4 ways!
1. Share the event on Facebook!
2. Re-Blog on Tumblr!
3. Re-Tweet on Twitter!
4. Re-Gram on Instagram!
Always make sure to tag us to make sure we see your entry.
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Tycho “Awake” LP Test Press Give-Away Contest

Quick contest for the upcoming  Tycho “Awake” LP/CD coming out on March 18th.
You can stream the album over at NPR. It’s pretty pretty good. We’ve got it in steady store play rotation now.

Courtesy of Ghostly International and Tycho we received this SIGNED TEST PRESS in the mail today and guess what? We’re giving it away! In a contest. A give-away contest!
Tycho Test Press Give Away

How to enter (super simple):
1. Come to the store
2. Write your name and contact information on a slip of paper
3. Hand that piece of paper back to us where we’ll put it in our entry envelope of mysterious mystery (who will win?!).
4. Wait until March 18th when we’ll pick a winner!