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Holiday Sale Announcement! Black Friday – Sunday

Hey All,
It’s that time of year again! Time to get ready for the annual Holiday Sale that we run from Black Friday through Sunday. If you’ve come before you know what to expect. If you’re coming for special Black Friday releases please line up in the back where we’ll have the tent. If you’re just coming for the sale either door is fine for Black Friday. More logistics below, but first lets get into some fun – like this flyer!

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Gift Ideas For the Holidays

Gift Ideas For the Holidays 
Last year we put together a quick guide of easy suggestions for the music collector. That one surely still applies and can be viewed here: Gifting Holidaze

Please send your loved ones in with a list of desired music and we’ll be happy to help them out. Here’s the expert level to this one (the person giving you the gift would have to be at expert level): have the loved one come in and ask us for a recommendation based on some of what you already have in your collection (expert level is achieved when gift giver knows what you already have in your collection). Of course, returns and exchanges are accepted on all new unused/unopened LPs as well (returns must be accompanied with receipt).

The old stand-by, the Gift Certificate, is a fine choice as well. We can make it out for any amount you’d like (USD only; $55.00 or $55.25 or $50.52 or $2.55 or $5525.00 or anything at all you can think of like $32.00 or $30.20 or $23.00 or $2.30 or $32,000.00 for instance).

If you’re looking for a gift for the vinyl aficionado in your life, but don’t want to risk getting something that person may already have there are always vinyl care materials. No collection is complete without complete care. Plastic sleeves help to keep moisture out and self-wear away.  A record cleaning kit to brush the dust off of any record that has been accumulating a bit of dust. A new slip mat perhaps because the old one has seen it’s fair share of use.

3ML $18.98 4ML $23.98 (100 Pack)

RCA Cleaning Kit $16.98, Slipmat $12.00

Spin-Clean Record Washer MKII $55.00

And we have a nice selection of used and new record players from $65 (a few used ones at this price) to $400 (Rega RP1) and lots in between.

And, of course, who doesn’t love a nice Redscroll Records T-Shirt for $12?!
(Or a Hartford Party Starters Union shirt for $16 or a Needle Drop shirt for $15?!) 

Here’s a picture of our door with the penguin wreath:

 And here’s the books we sell that range from used novels of fiction to Hardcover documentations of specific music scenes/genres/…

And here’s our front counter littered with santa hats: 

Whatever it is you celebrate and whoever you celebrate it with we hope it is a super mega blast! If you don’t celebrate at all we respect that and wish for you a super mega blast to come at no specific time!

Happy Holidaze from Redscroll Records and some of our extended family:
(Left to Right, Front to Back:Sean, Mario, John, Ben, Kevin, Al, Jack, Josh, Rick, Luc; Not Pictured: You! Please insert yourself using blingee! If you actually do that it would rule and please send it to us immediately.)

Closed Easter Sunday

Closed Easter Sunday April 8, 2012
We will be open on Good Friday and Good Saturday.
Redscroll Records will be closed this Sunday, April 8, for Easter Sunday. Enjoy observing the holiday in whatever fashion you choose. Whether that means churning out butter lambs, joyfully whipping your loved ones with colorful braids and wooden spoons, or dressing as witches and lighting bonfires to scare away the ghost of Judas. We hope you have a terrific day! The traditions mentioned are in fact factual. Hey, if you don’t believe us, you’re on the net, go ask Jeeves. 

Manic Hanukkah Holiday Sale

Hanukkah Holiday Sale:

To celebrate the holiday season Manic Productions are offering $2 OFF ALL CONCERT TICKETS starting at sundown on Tuesday, December 20 (1st night of Hanukkah) and ending Tuesday, December 27 (last night of Hanukkah) in person ONLY at Redscroll Records in Wallingford (our official ticket outlet). There will be a 4 ticket per show limit and, as usual, no service fees apply.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!
(via Mark of Manic Productions)

Store Hours:
Monday 12PM/Noon-6PM
Tuesday 12PM/Noon-8PM
Wednesday 12PM/Noon-8PM
Thursday 12PM/Noon-8PM
Friday 12PM/Noon-8PM
Saturday 12PM/Noon-8PM
Sunday 12PM/Noon-6PM

NOTE: Tickets for the Jeff Mangum (Neutral Milk Hotel) show are not available for discount and only on sale online and at the Shubert Theater box office.

Gifting Holidaze

Gifting Holidaze
We’re here in the midst of the holiday season and gifting will be in full force soon enough as we all make preparations.  I hope this wording makes it sound very regimented and official.  The purpose of this post is just to suggest a few easy suggestions for people you might not know exactly what to get, but you know they like this store.  
Also, feel free to give your folks (or friends, acquaintances, etc.) a list that we can help them with.  We promise not to bite them.  In fact, we’ll help them find exactly what it is that’s on the list (or let them know when we can have the item in question in – hurry! We only have a couple more orders coming in before all the exchanges between loved ones goes down.). 
 We just had these new Gift Certificates designed by our friend Todd (Teaessare; the maker of our sign, designer of our stickers and a few shirts).  They came out great.  I think anyone would be psyched to see this (a little more psyched than our old plain old paper ones – of course, if you’re loved ones came in before today they got that so please be extra excited that they planned so far in advance for you. Rule of thumb: be excited about stuff.).
Record cleaning kits are always a nice idea for a new collector or even for an old collector of records who might not have one (or if their old one is now pretty grimey).  We have a couple to choose from.  Right now, this one pictured is the only one in stock.  We’ll have more (of both models we stock) in on Wednesday after 3PM.  
In the spirit of keeping up the maintenance of a record collection we also would suggest Poly Sleeves (bags) for any collection.  Keeping your records bagged is a simple way to keep the outer jackets intact (protection from dust, from friction wear, etc.).  We carry them in 4ML and 3ML weights (4ML being the thicker of the two and what we use to bag all used stuff and any unsealed new stuff).  We are currently out of stock of LP sizes right now (there’s been a big rush lately – perhaps other people knew what we’re telling you now).  We have 7″ bags in stock and we will have more LP sized ones in on Monday after 3PM.  
And second to lastly, we can’t not mention the fact that we sell record players.  Maybe you’re in the market for a new one or you know someone who is.  We sell the Numark TTUSB ($120) which is a great introductory turntable that also can be used to rip vinyl to your computer.  It comes with the software.  Josh owns one of these and likes it a lot.  If you’re looking to move to an introductory audiophile grade turntable we carry the Rega RP1 ($400).  It’s very no-nonsense and straightforward. It plays records and has virtually no mechanical noise to speak of. If you’ve seen the P1 model at the front of our shop (pictured below) and if you’ve heard it you might know exactly why we love it.  The RP1 is the update to the P1 (in case you didn’t get that). 
And books! Books! We carry books dealing in may aspects of music and some that are just left of center and have only tertiary musical connections.  
Happy non-denominational all-encompassing holidays to all!