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27th of April 2012 Update

27th Of April 2012 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s
Amnesty    “Free Your Mind: The 700 West Sessions “
Batoh, Masaki    “Brain Pulse Music! (Masaki Batoh Of Ghost [Folk])”
Blackshaw, James    “Love Is The Plan The Plan Is Death”
Dirty Three    “Toward The Low Sun”
Ebony Rhythm Band    “Soul Heart Transplant: The Lamp Sessions (2LP Gatefold)”
Funkees, The    “Dancing Time: The Best Of Best Of Eastern Nigeria’s Afro Rock Exponents 1973-77 (180 Gram + D/L 2LP Gatefold)”
Hawthorne Headhunters    “Myriad Of Now (2LP)”
K-Holes    “Dismania”
Light Asylum    “Light Asylum”
Lower Dens    “Nootropics”
Noble, Steve & Stephen O’Malley    “St. Francis Duo (2LP)”
Omnivore    “Omnivore (+ D/L)”
Taylor, Ebo    “Twer Nyame”
Various Artists    “Banned In Czechoslovakia: Underground Praha Musical Activism Under Communism, 1975-90 (DG 307, The MCH Band, The Plastic People Of The Universe, Uz Jsme Doma…)”
Various Artists    “Metal Dance Ltd. Edition 12″ Single (John Carpenter, Alan Howarth, The Cage, Shock)”
Yeh / Wesseltoft / Courtis / Lee    “Cold/Burn (Anla Courtis, Okkyung Lee, C. Spencer Yeh, Jon Wesseltoft)”

Hip-Hop 12″s & LPs
Apollo Brown + OC    “Trophies (2LP Gatefold)”
Atmosphere    “Sad Clown Bad Summer Number 9”
Brown, Danny    “The Hybrid”
Brown, Danny    “XXX (+ Bonus XXXapellas 7″)”
Brown, Kev    “Random Joints (Clear Vinyl)”
Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf    “Big Shots (2LP)”
Dibia$e    “Looney Goons”
Sessions, Will    “Bobo Breaks”
Various Artists    “All The Breaks Vol. 1 (100 Breaks)”

Electronic 12″s & LPs
Aeroplane    “We Can’t Fly”
Kavinsky    “Nightcall”
Kwes    “Meantime EP”
Matador    “Spooks EP”
Siriusmo    “Dr. Beak’s Rantanplant”
Soul Clap    “Efunk: The Singles”
Stay+    “Dandelion (10″)”
Traveller, The    “A100 / BER / Bypass”

Brotzmann / Van Hove / Bennink    “FMP S3 / Hanns Eisler Einheitsfrontlied”
Vainio, Mika    “Rasputin 3000 / Devil Arrives To Finspang”

Actress    “R.I.P.”
Drexciya    “Journey Of The Deep Sea Dweller (Deluxe DVD Size Packaging)”
Elzhi And Will Sessions    “Elmatic”
Luckyiam    “Time To Get Lucky”
M.C. Shan    “Q.B. O.G. The Best Of M.C. Shan”
Monolake    “Ghosts”
OvalDNA    “OVALDNA (35 Track Album By Oval + DVD-ROM)”
Reks    “Straight, No Chaster”
Scott-Heron, Gil & Jaime XX    “We’re New Here”
Zomby    “Dedication”
Zorn, John    “The Crucible”


EDM Night People CD/LP

(Western Vinyl)
Formerly known as Early Day Miners, this Bloomington, Indiana-based quartet does a great job of crafting post-rock atmospheres while maintaining a comfortable indie/alt-rock sound. It’s the perfect ambience for spending a mellow night of unwinding after a long day. The rich sounding emotional hooks in tracks like “Hold Me Down” and “Open Bar” are easy to follow and get engrossed in. One of my favorite tracks is the most experimental: the 8-and-a-half-minute “Milking The Moon” builds the most intricate, creative patterns by swirling into elements of post-punk, psychedelic and shoegaze before fading into sharp, wailing feedback. “Stereo/Video” is one of the most interesting standouts, sounding like new wave evolving into robust, modern indie with curious lyrics (“I hear voices on the stereo / I see faces on the video.”) “Temple Bar” is another high point with its male-and-female vocals and warm, passionate sound with corresponding lyrical themes (“you’re safe with me, my word is true / I wouldn’t mislead you.”)
[Reviewer: Mark]

Whitehorse Progression CD

(At A Loss Recordings)
For over seven years, this Melbourne five-piece has been dredging along with its uncompromising brand of ultra-sludgy doom metal. On top of the traditional guttural/screaming vocals and slow-simmered mix of drawn-out guitars and percussion, these guys aren’t afraid to crank up the caustic noise of heavy feedback and various other forms of crusty electronic decay. “Mechanical Disintegration” kicks it off by sounding like a malicious spirit rising from a massive, weathered and creaking machine. “Progression” and “Remains Unknown” transition into more scorched landscapes, backed by what sounds like unidentifiable screeches of tortured souls. “Control, Annihilate” is an interesting transition toward the end, mixing fast speed, slow speed and noise like “Progression” before it. Closing track “Time Worn Regression” has the most memorable, “catchy” melody structure, but layers of heavy static and feedback (most present and the beginning and end, with a constant atmospheric rumble throughout) help make it sound even more menacing. It’s quite a ride.
[Reviewer: Mark]

13th Of April 2012 Update

13th Of April 2012 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records
We’re gearing up for our sale (sale starts Monday!) and for Record Store Day (next Saturday, April 21st, 2012). We’ve got our goody bags started and there’s a lot of goodness in there and some more yet to come.  One fun thing in there is a ticket good for entrance for 2 people to any Manic Productions show in the next 6 months. There are 10 bags that will get those. We got Mark of Manic Productions to tell you about them himself:
LPs & 12″s
Alabama Shakes    “Boys & Girls (LP+7″ With B-Sides + D/L)”
Alkibar Gignor    “La Paix”
Alligators    “Time’s Up You’re Dead”
Anakrid    “A Monstrous Dose Of Poison”
AU    “Both Lights (+ D/L, Deluxe Jacket + Printed Inner Sleeve)”
Aufgehoben    “Fragments Of The Marble Plan (+ D/L)”
Barwick, Julianna    “Sanguine (Remastered Debut Album)”
Bear In Heaven    “I Love You, It’s Cool (Ltd. Ed. White Vinyl + D/L)”
Bishop, Sir Richard    “The Freak Of Araby”
Black Dice    “Mr. Impossible “
Black Francis (Frank Black)    “The Golem (+ D/L)”
Bola    “Volume 7 (Awesome Tapes From Africa + D/L)”
Breton    “Other People’s Problems (+ D/L)”
Bright Eyes    “Every Day And Every Night (2012 Vinyl Reissue + Full EP On CD)”
Bright Eyes    “Letting Off The Happiness (2012 Vinyl Reissue 180 Gram LP + CD)”
Carter Tutti Void    “Transverse (A Unique & Exclusive Collaboration By Chris Carter, Cosey Fanni Tutti, & Nik Void)”
Choir Of Young Believers    “Rhine Gold (+ D/L)”
Coleman, John Wesley & Morgan Coy    “Nightmare On Silly Street”
Collage Culture    “Examining The 21ST Century’s Identity Crisis”
Control Unit    “The Fugitives”
Crucial Dudes    “61 Penn”
Damages    “Indignation”
Davis, Miles    “Pangaea (180 Gram 2LP Gatefold)”
Demdike Stare / Hype Williams    “Meets Shangaan Electro”
Doom    “Doomed Again”
Earle, Justin Townes    “Nothing’s Gonna Change The Way You Feel About Me Now (+ D/L With Bonus Track)”
Earthless    “Sonic Prayer Jam (Ltd. Ed. Color Vinyl)”
Eye    “Center Of The Sun (+ D/L /500)”
Fake Boys, The    “Pig Factory (Pink Translucent)”
Fields, Lee    “Faithful Man (+ D/L)”
Fireworks    “We Are Everywhere (1st Press W/ Flexi)”
First Aid Kit    “The Big Black & The Blue (180 Gram Vinyl + D/L)”
Ghost Thrower    “10 Songs”
Giana Factory    “Save The Youth (Ltd. Ed. + 20 Track D/L + Poster)”
Grave Babies    “GOTHDAMMIT (+ D/L)”
High On Fire    “De Vermis Mysteriis (2LP Gatefold)”
Hollows    “Vulture”
Iron Maiden    “En Vivo! (Ltd. Ed. Double Picture Disc Vinyl)”
Jones, Norah    “The Fall (Gatefold)”
Joyce Manor    “Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired”
Knapp, Sophia    “Into The Waves”
Krallice    “Orphan Of Sickness (All Songs Written By Orphan; In Memory Of Brendan Majewski)”
Lightships    “Electric Cables (Gerard Love Of Teenage Fanclub; 180 Gram + D/L)”
Lushlife    “Plateau Vision (+ D/L)”
Mad Scene    “Blip (+ D/L)”
Mauser    “Isolation EP”
Menche, Daniel    “Quanta Of Light”
Mickens, Sam    “Slay & Shake”
Midnight Souls    “Going Through The Motions”
Moonbell    “Moonbell (+ D/L With Bonus Track)”
Moonface    “With Siinai: Heartbreaking Bravery (+ D/L)”
Moonrises    “Moonrises”
Neptune    “MSG RCVD (+ D/L)”
Noun    “Holy Hell”
Nurse With Wound / Blind Cave Salamander    “Cabbalism “
Operation Ivy    “Energy (+ D/L)”
Prophecy Of Doom    “Total Mind War”
Radio Moscow      “3 & 3 Quarters”
Radio Moscow / Earthless / Premonition 13    “Radio Moscow / Earthless / Premonition 13: Electric Rock N’ Roll (Ltd. Ed. /1500)”
Rob    “Make It Fast, Make It Slow”
Ruby Fray    “Pith”
Schrader, Ed; Ed Schrader’s Music Beat     “Jazz Mind”
Screaming Females    “Ugly (2LP Gatefold)”
Shiflet, Mike    “Merciless”
Sic    “Thought Noises”
Skeletonwitch    “Beyond The Permafrost (Gatefold Reissue)”
Sparklehorse    “It’s A Wonderful Life (180 Gram + D/L)”
Sparklehorse    “Dreamt For Light Years In The Belly Of A Mountain (180 Gram + D/L)”
Speedwolf     “Ride With Death”
Thieves Like Us     “Bleed Bleed Bleed (+ D/L)”
Torche    “Harmonicraft (Clear Vinyl + Custom Lollipop Slipmat + D/L)”
Toussaint, Allen    “Life, Love And Faith (180 Gram)”
Trampled By Turtles    “Stars And Satellites (180 Gram + D/L)”
U.V. P0P (UV Pop)    “No Songs Tomorrow (+ D/L With 3 Unreleased Songs)”
Various Artists    “Mondo Hollywood: Original Motion Picture Sound Track”
Various Artists    “Hells Angels On Wheels: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”
Various Artists    “Forge Your Own Chains: Heavy Psychedelic Ballads And Dirges 1968-1974”
Various Artists    “Indonesia Screaming Fuzz: Java-Java Garage Stomp Indo-Rock Beat Surf Vol. 2”
Various Artists    “Are You With The Band? A Collection Of Female Fronted Pop-Punk (Black Rainbow, Slingshot Dakota, The Measure, PS Eliot, …)”
Venia    “Frozen Hands”
Votolato, Rocky    “Television Of Saints (Ltd. Ed. Red/Black Vinyl + D/L)”
Ward, M.    “A Wasteland Companion (+ D/L)”
Wexler, Mike    “Dispossession (Ltd. Ed. LP + D/L /1000)”
White Fence    “White Fence & Family/Perfume Vol. 1 (Of 2)”
Williams III, Hank (Hank III)    “Long Gone Daddy (LP + CD)”
Wino & Conny Ochs    “Labour Of Love (Latitudes Series /500)”
Wino & Conny Ochs    “Heavy Kingdom”
Woods / Amps For Christ    “Woods / Amps For Christ Split LP With 1 Collaborative Song (+ D/L)”
Wool     “Lunar Momento Lost Rancho Session I (180 Gram LP + 7″ + D/L)”
Zammuto    “Zammuto (Side Project Of The Books + D/L)”
Electronic 12″s & LPs
Coles, Maya Jane    “DJ-Kicks  “
Fluxion    “Traces 2/3
Pillowtalk    “W+L Black Soul Edits”
Lower Dens    “Brains / Propagation / Hours (Ltd. Ed. 10″ + D/L)”
Paisley, Doug    “Golden Embers “
Bad Avice    “Do Not Resuscitate”
Caribbean, The    “The 65 Cent Dinner / Tonight, It’s Over”
Coathangers, The / Davila 666    “Smother / No Crees Que Ya Cansa (/750)”
Conelrad    “Slut & Slobs (Bezoar)”
Constantines / Feist    “Islands In The Stream / Trans Canada”
Copeland, Eric    “Get Along”
Davila 666    “Pa Que Vives”
Enabler / Yautja    “Enabler / Yautja”
Foster The People    “Broken Jaw / Ruby”
Front Line    “Basic Training E.P.”
GG King    “Joyless Masturbation (And Bag)”
Guided By Voices    “Jon The Croc”
High On Fire / Valient Thorr    “Speak In Tongues / Beast With A Billion Eyes (###/1,000 + D/L)”
Kicks    “The Secret”
Kurt Vile & Wino / Jennifer Herrema    “Kurt Vile & Wino / Jennifer Herrema Do Rolling Stones Cover Songs (###/1000 + D/L)”
La Otracina    “Skyblazer”
Newbury, Mickey / Callahan, Bill    “Heaven Help The Child”
Noun    “Noun (I Don’t Love Anybody)”
Parlamentarisk Sodomi / Laserguys    “Parlamentarisk Sodomi / Laserguys”
Stick Together    “Surviving The Times”
Vacuum    “Walking Slow / Born & Bled / Remember Breaking Up / Skulls”
Veronica Falls    “My Heart Beats / Killing Time”
Wymyns Prysyn    “Payday / Cat Pills / John Titors Blues”
Yohuna    “Revery”
Grouper    “A | A (2xCD)”
High On Fire “De Vermis…”
Holter, Julia    “Tragedy”
Ivy League “2009-2011”
Joyce Manor “Of All Things…”
Le Super Borgou “Bariba…”
LHD (Left Handed Decision)    “Even Still (2xCD)”
Machinedrum    “Room(s) Extended (Deluxe 2CD Edition)”
Meshuggah “Koloss”
Night Birds “The Other…”
Occultation “Three And Seven”
Ufomammut “Oro: Opus Primum”
Various Artists    “Orchestre Super Borgou De Parakou: The Bariba Sound 1970-1976”
Various Artists    “Soul Cal: Funky Disco & Modern Soul 1971-1982 (BOOK+CD)”
Vektor “Outer Isolation”
Ward, M. “A Wasteland Companion”
Lee Perry The Upsetter
Carducci, Joe “Life”
Feedback #5 & #9
Maximum RockNRoll #347 (IRON HAND)
Breton Other People’s Problems  CD/LP
 (Fatcat Records)
Breton, a four-piece electronic band from London, has released their first full-length album, Other People’s Problems. This album contains unique orchestral samples from the German composer, Hauschka, which are vigorously chopped up and lined with electronic beats and catchy synthesizer phrases. The lead singer Roman Rappak holds a high energy throughout the LP with a few exceptions on softer tunes, and has a similar sound to the guys from Bloc Party or the Kooks. There are elements of indie rock, hip-hop, and touches of dubstep throughout Other People’s Problems, which keeps the songs diverse, not knowing which kind of tune, will follow the last. Breton has achieved a fun album, with tunes like ‘Pacemaker’, ‘Wood and Plastic’ and ‘Jostle’.
[Reviewer: Kyle]
Ceremony Zoo CD/LP 
 (Matador Records)
Ceremony released their fourth studio album, Zoo, which is their first release with Matador Records. Zoo is quite different from the aggressive and violent material Ceremony has released in the past, which isn’t too surprising. Like their songs, Ceremony can be unpredictable, and their change in style from hardcore to more of an old school punk sound on Zoo seems only natural for the band. While the tempo has been slowed down on the album, there is still a raw energy that is gloomy yet satisfying. Songs like ‘Hysteria’, ‘Brace Yourself’ and ‘Video’ are especially good, although this album is best listened to as a whole. Zoo clocks in just over 35 minutes, and the album only gets better with each listen.
[Reviewer: Kyle]
Youth Lagoon The Year of Hibernation CD/LP
 (Fat Possum)
Boise, Idaho may not be synonymous with gorgeous, ethereal dream-pop, but 22-year-old Trevor Powers certainly helps build the foundation with his project’s debut record. His emotional, yearning and unique-sounding vocals echo in the distance of cozy guitar-and-bass (often blending together with a hypnotic synthesizer/piano) melodies. The sound comes full circle with an essence that glows like warm, fuzzy nostalgia – it’s an excellent example of how lo-fi can achieve beauty that studio-slick production values cannot. I really appreciated the down-to-earth lyrics as well, such as the laid-back assertive attitude in “Cannons” (“I have more dreams than you have posters of your favorite teams / you’ll never talk me out of this.”) The empowering, sunlit “Montana” is another high point – it builds from a dusty piano ambience into a wonderfully memorable crescendo with thoughtful lyrics (“there’s a spirit in Montana and in your chest, a soul / oh, what a soul…”)
[Reviewer: Mark]
Last Friday, April 5th; there was a show at the West Haven American Legion, with performances by Daytrader, Code Orange Kids, Heavy Breath, Pentimento, Full of Hell, Birds in Row, and Night Owls. Bands from all over the place, including NY, PA, France, and of course CT, brought a diverse combination of sounds to the evening. From hardcore and screamo to melodic and pop punk, there was a little something for everyone. All the bands were solid, especially Code Orange Kids, Heavy Breath, and Birds in Row. Keep a look out for any band from this night’s line up, they bring the energy and they all rock. Check out their web pages:
[Show Reviewer: Kyle]

6th Of April 2012 Update

6th Of April 2012 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

We will be CLOSED on EASTER SUNDAY. Please enjoy the day as suggested in this quick blog entry earlier today.

Quick note about the upcoming Record Store Day (4/21/12) – we’ll be opening early (at 9AM this year) and we’ll have the full list posted the day before (if I can possibly do it earlier I will, but things probably won’t show up until the last minute).  Some releases have already been delayed and a few have been cancelled – that information can be found on the Record Store Day website. We’ll have more announcements and information posted here and through Twitter. Of course, it’s business as usual otherwise and we’re working as hard as ever to keep up and to keep you informed of what we have going on and what’s coming in. On to the update… right after this commercial interruption:

LPs & 12″s
Alligators    “Time’s Up You’re Dead”
AU    “Both Lights (+ D/L, Deluxe Jacket + Printed Inner Sleeve)”
Bear In Heaven    “I Love You, It’s Cool (Ltd. Ed. White Vinyl + D/L)”
Black Dice    “Mr. Impossible “
Bola    “Volume 7 (Awesome Tapes From Africa + D/L)”
Breton    “Other People’s Problems (+ D/L)”
Carter Tutti Void    “Transverse (LP + CD; A Unique & Exclusive Collaboration By Chris Carter, Cosey Fanni Tutti, & Nik Void)”
Choir Of Young Believers    “Rhine Gold (+ D/L)””
Collage Culture    “Examining The 21ST Century’s Identity Crisis”
Damages    “Indignation”
Demdike Stare / Hype Williams    “Meets Shangaan Electro”
Earthless    “Sonic Prayer Jam (Ltd. Ed. Color Vinyl)”
Fields, Lee    “Faithful Man (+ D/L)”
First Aid Kit    “The Big Black & The Blue (180 Gram Vinyl + D/L)”
Giana Factory    “Save The Youth (Ltd. Ed. + 20 Track D/L + Poster)”
Iron Maiden    “En Vivo! (Ltd. Ed. Double Picture Disc Vinyl)”
Marley, Bob    “Lee “Scratch” Perry Masters (Remixed/Remastered)”
Mickens, Sam    “Slay & Shake”
Midnight Souls    “Going Through The Motions”
Moonrises    “Moonrises”
Nurse With Wound / Blind Cave Salamander    “Cabbalism “
Rob    “Make It Fast, Make It Slow”
Sic    “Thought Noises”
Skeletonwitch    “Beyond The Permafrost (Gatefold Reissue)”
Thieves Like Us     “Bleed Bleed Bleed (+ D/L)”
Trampled By Turtles    “Stars And Satellites (180 Gram + D/L)”
U.V. P0P (UV Pop)    “No Songs Tomorrow (+ D/L With 3 Unreleased Songs)”
Various Artists    “Mondo Hollywood: Original Motion Picture Sound Track”
Various Artists    “Hells Angels On Wheels: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”
White Fence    “White Fence & Family/Perfume Vol. 1 (Of 2)”
Wino & Conny Ochs    “Labour Of Love (Latitudes Series /500)”
Zammuto    “Zammuto (Side Project Of The Books + D/L)”

Hip-Hop 12″s & LPs
Cut Chemist    “Outro (Revisited) Featuring Blackbird”
Doomstarks (Doom & Ghostface)    “Victory Laps (Feat. Madvillainz Remix)”
Homeboy “Sandman    “Chimera EP”
Roddy Rod    “Oakwood Grain II (+ D/L For This And Volume One)”

Electronic 12″s & LPs
Burial / Four Tet    “Nova”
Devonwho    “Strangebrew (+ D/L)”
DJ Kaos    “Keep On Movin'”
Dream Continuum    “Reworkz E.P.”
Ekoplekz    “Westerleigh Works EP”
Elephant & Castle     “Transitions (Feat. Tuneyards & Rachel Fannan)”
Eleven Tigers    “Stableface / Stableface (Peverelist Remix)”
Funckarma Vs. Onionboy    “Rusty W / Kokon”
H. Mueller – DJ Stingray    “NRSB-11”
Host, The (Barry Lynn/Boxcutter)    “The Host (+ D/L)”
Ital    “Hive Mind (+ D/L)”
Laid Back    “Cosyland”
Lone    “Crystal Caverns 1991”
Mieux!    “Next Episode”
Parrish, Theo    “Capritarious 7 / Only The Beginning”
Roger, Franck    “Take You Up”
Schlachthofbronx    “Dirty Dancing (2LP + CD)”
Swindle & Silkie    “Unlimited / Pineapple”
Szczepanik, Nicholas    “We Make Life Sad”
Trackman Lafonte & Bonquiqui    “Fortunes Of The Lord / More Than A Cat Has Ever Seen / The Feeling The Force / Fascinating Facts”
Various Artists    “KETA004: Rioteer – Gabberism And The Subcultural Behaviour Pattern Trap”
Various Artists    “San Proper Skudge Silent Running 2012 DMNTL AS-5.4 Rattle (Station 2 Station) Anniversary Series Part 4”
Zundel, Mati    “Amazonico Gravitante”

Best Coast    “Make You Mine (2×7″)”
Git Some (2 Members Of Planes Mistaken For Stars)    “Git Some (+ D/L)”
Hides    “Hides”
King Tuff    “Wild Desire (+ D/L /750)”
Lia Ices    “Wish You Were Here / Late Night”
Noose    “The War Of All Against All”
NY Hoods, The    “Demo 1986”
Oddisee    “Slow It Down / On Standby (Feat. YU) / Slow It Down (Inst.)”
Peace    “Peace”
Rations    “How Much Land Does A Man Need?”
Revenge / Hate Your Guts    “Watch The World Burn”
Schlachthofbronx    “Slowine / Dickie Riddim Feat. Warrior Queen”
Snowing    “Fuck Your Emotional Bullshit”
Title Fight    “Kingston”
White Woods    “Where Did You Go (+ D/L /500)”

Addison Groove    “Transistor Rhythm”
Baker, Aidan    “Green & Cold”
Blood Of Heroes, The    “The Blood Of Heroes”
Bola    “Volume 7”
Borgore    “Borgore’s Misadventures In Dubstep (Various Artists)”
Carter Tutti Void    “Transverse (A Unique & Exclusive Collaboration By Chris Carter, Cosey Fanni Tutti, & Nik Void)”
Com Truise    “Galactic Melt”
Deadmau5 Vs. Melleefresh    “Melleefresh Vs. Deadmau5 At Play”
Dial81    “Boxcar Portal”
Dr. John “Locked Down”
Front 242    “Geography”
High On Fire “De Vermis…”
Host, The (Barry Lynn/Boxcutter)    “The Host”
Les Momies De Palerme “Brulez Ce Coeur”
Lull & Beta Cloud & Andrew Liles    “Circadian Rhythm Reconfigured”
Meshuggah “Koloss”
Oneohtrix Point Never    “Replica”
Porter Ricks    “Biokinetics”
Tape    “Revelationes”
Trust “TRST”
Tycho    “Dive”
Various    “SuperiorBelly (Compilation)”
Various    “Sid Chip Sounds: The Music Of The Commodore 64”


Carter Tutti Void Transverse CD/LP

(Mute)(Buy Online From RSR)
This is a live album without live album trappings (no crowd noise, etc. – taken straight from the sound mix essentially). It’s got the Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti pair (of Throbbing Gristle and their own dealings) and Nik Void (Factory Floor). I was not at the Short Circuit Festival where this was recorded, but I imagine it was even more hypnotic and mesmerizing there and I long to play this at very high volumes so I can try to mock that experience as best I can. The whole thing flows seemlessly and when it ends it feels abrupt (though it is not) to be pushed back into the waking world (or maybe just stare at the cover until you press play again). 
[Reviewer: Rick]

Neptune msg rcvd CD/LP

(Northern Spy)(Buy Online From RSR)
It’s fascinating how musicians can exemplify their sound through the construction of their instruments: for example, classical performers lean toward exquisite designs. Boston’s Neptune represents noise rock’s jagged, rough elements excellently with instruments literally constructed from scrap metal (for example, not many music stores sell amplified gas cans or metal buckets.) The result is a very unconventional, dramatic vocal-laced sound right the beginning with the endlessly piercing build-up of “Luminous Skull.” It’s followed by the cold, nightmarish “Dark Report,” which is loaded with sharp guitars reminiscent of no wave and abrupt blasts of radio static. Another highlight is the eerily atmospheric “Negative Reversal,” complete with the same brand of bizarre poetry found in the earlier tracks (“let’s lift the curtain up / see how he operates / he’s made of medicine / an anesthetic.”) The most “accessible” track would be “Rpr,” with more traditional-sounding noise-rock patterns that wouldn’t sound out of place alongside acts like Sonic Youth and Boredoms. For the most part, though, it’s a very avant-garde journey for those who love challenging music.
[Reviewer: Mark]

Yamantaka // Sonic Titan YT//ST CD/LP

(Psychic Handshake)(Buy Online From RSR)
To put it in the most basic terms, this record comes from an experimental Montreal collective that includes members of Japanese-Scottish (Ruby Kato Attwood) and Chinese-Irish (Alaska B) descent. Their culture-mixing origins translate to their self-categorized “noh-wave” sound (that’s no typo – it refers to Japan’s Noh theater.) They manage to fuse elements from an impressive list of both Eastern and Western genres, including progressive rock, metal, psychedelia, noise, folk, opera and even pop. I was weary about seeing such a broad list, but I was very impressed with how they managed to pull it off in a truly one-of-a-kind rock opera.  I’d love to see the whole thing put to visuals, because it really does sound like an interesting epic. “Reverse Crystal // Murder of a Spider” is an easy choice of a favorite with its fuzzed-out guitar-fueled sound perfect for ascending a mountain. Another standout is “A Star Over Pureland,” which features red-hot Lightning Bolt-comparable shredding. It’s not all about heaviness, though: “Oak of Guernica” relies on gorgeous, mystical dream-pop ambience and “Hoshi Neko” utilizes passionate Japanese vocals, a driving beat and a hypnotic synth hook that all build to a shimmering climax before fading into a cloud of sound.
[Reviewer: Mark]

30th of March 2012 Update

30th of March 2012 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

Visit our new Tumblr ( account! We made one last week, but had to delete that (boring story) and then recreate it. So, it’s up. Do it!

LPs & 12″s
Barrett, Syd    “Scarecrow: Previously Unreleased Recordings (Silk Screen Cover Fan Club Edition)”
Beal, Willis Earl    “Acousmatic Sorcery (+ D/L)”
Black Breath    “Sentenced To Life “
Bull, Sandy & The Rhythm Ace    “Sandy Bull & The Rhythm Ace Live 1976”
Cro-Mags    “Age Of Quarrel (Original Art; Unofficial)”
Damned, The    “Live At CBGB’s 1977: New York 7/4/77 (Unofficial)”
Emeralds    “Does It Look Like I’m Here? (Daphni Mixes)”
Fall, The    “Container Drivers: Early BBC Recordings (Silk Screen Cover Fan Club Edition)”
Gang Of Four    “Entertainment (Unofficial)”
Gism    “Detestation (Unofficial)”
Hellhammer    “Apocalyptic Raids (Unofficial)”
Hunx    “Hairdresser Blues (+ D/L)”
Immortal    “Diobolical Fullmoon Mysticism (Unofficial)”
Iron Maiden    “Roskilde 2003: Live At Roskilde Festival Friday June 27TH 2003 (Unofficial)”
Joy Division    “Live At The Apollo Manchester October 1979 (Unofficial)”
Joy Division    “Closer To The Unknown Treasures Vol. 2 (Unofficial)”
Joy Division    “Hand Of Doom: Live 20TH Feb. 1980 (Unofficial)”
Junior Electronics    “Musostics (CD+LP)”
Kiss    “The Demos Of Rock (Unofficial)”
Last Seen Laughing    “Where We Belong”
Led Zeppelin    “In Through The Outtakes: Unreleased Tracks And Alternate Versions From Mastertapes (Unofficial)”
Led Zeppelin    “The Missing BBC Sessions Tracks (Unofficial)”
Led Zeppelin    “The Golden Unplugged Album (Recorded 1970-1973; Unofficial)”
Led Zeppelin    “In Through The Out Door: The Complete Outtakes And Rehearsals (2LP; Unofficial)”
Led Zeppelin    “Hammer Of The Gods: Live At Le Grand Casino De Montreux 7.3.1970 (2LP; Unofficial)”
Lotus Plaza    “Spooky Action”
Margot & The Nuclear So And So’s     “Rot Gut, Domestic (+ D/L)”
Monster Magnet    “If Satan Lived In Heaven He’d Be Me (Unofficial)”
Narrows    “Painted”
Nico (Nico Schwanengesang)    “Lieder Vom Einsamen Madchen 1968-1985 (Unofficial)”
Nirvana    “Almost Everything – The BBC Sessions (Silk Screen Cover Fan Club Edition)”
Pantera    “I’m Broken: Live At The Dynamo Festival, Eindhoven, Netherlands May 30, 1998 (Unofficial)”
Pink Floyd    “Opening In Philly: Soundboard Recording At The Electric Factory, 26TH September 1970 (2LP; Unofficial)”
Pink Floyd    “An Offer You Cannot Refuse: Live At Wembley Empire Pool, London, 16.11.1974 (Unofficial)”
Radiohead    “Other Colors… BBC Sessions (Silk Screen Cover Fan Club Edition)”
Rage Against The Machine    “Rage Against The Machine (Unofficial)”
Rammstein    “Ein Bisschen Krieg! (Unofficial)”
Ramones    “Return To London: Live At The Lyceum, London. February 25TH 1985 (Unofficial)”
Rise And Fall    “Faith”
Rocket Juice & The Moon    “Rocket Juice & The Moon (Damon Albarn, Tony Allen & Flea With Erykah Badu, Fatoumata Diawara, The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, M.Anifest, & Cheik Tidiane Seck)”
Slayer    “Down Into The Fire: A Collection Of Rare Tracks And Demo Recordings (Unofficial)”
Specials, The     “Demo 1978 (A.K.A. The Coventry Automatics; Unofficial)”
Strummer, Joe    “Nefertiti Rock! Rare And Unreleased Recordings! (Silk Screen Cover Fan Club Edition)”
Velvet Underground, The    “Prominent Men: Demo Recordings For The “Andy Warhol” And White Light, White Heat” Albums (Silk Screen Cover Fan Club Edition)”
Waits, Tom    “Tales From The Underground Vol. 2 (Unofficial)”
Waits, Tom    “Tales From The Underground (Unofficial)”
Weller, Paul    “Sonik Kicks (180 Gram Vinyl + D/L + Bonus Material)”
White Stripes, The    “Walking With A Ghost (Unofficial)”

Hip-Hop 12″s & LPs
Beverly Fre$h    “Bed”

Electronic 12″s & LPs
13TH Hour    “Lithium Project EP”
Abelcain    “Faust EP”
Allien, Ellen    “Galactic Horse”
Aneurysm / Dr. Lefty    “I’ll Care If You Do / Get Mad Now”
Architectural     “Peacetime”
Arjun Vagale & Time Richards    “She Said”
Attanasio, Raffaele    “Blac Bloc Remixes EP.”
Brey    “Brasil EP”
Buch, Chase    “Mombacha”
Burial    “Kindred”
Burial / Four Tet “Nova”
Burrell Brothers, The    “The Nu Groove Years Part 2: 1988-1992”
Clark    “Iradelphic (+ D/L)”
Delien    “Aon EP”
Desto    “No Sleep EP”
Developer    “Trade Beliefs”
Distal    “Stuck Up Money Ft. DJ Rashad”
DRC Music    “Kinshasa One Two (+ D/L For Bonus Tracks; Damon Albarn, T-E-E-D, Dan The Automator, Jneiro Jarel, Richard Russell, Actress, Kwes, Remi Kabaka, Rodaidh McDonald, Alwest, Marc Antoine; All Profits Go To Oxfam’s Work In The Democratic Republic Of Congo)”
DRMCNT    “Work / Oldschool / BDM / Kingdil”
Dusk Creator / Hush / KLB    “Floatin’ / Treasure Isle”
Emmanuel Top    “Le Sous-Sol”
Frak    “Triffid Gossip”
Frozen Border    “Frozen Border 01”
Hardage (Feat. Michael Franti)    “There’s Enough For All Of Us Remixes EP “
Helix    “Drum Track / No Hook No BS Ft. Flirta D (Drum Track Vocal)”
Hunee     “Tide / Minnoch”
Hunt, Gene    “May The Funk Be With You (Original Mix) / (Theo Parrish Mix)”
Ivey, Justin    “Apparition Bay EP”
Jeroen Search & Dimi Angelis    “Execute 1.0 / Monopole / Execute 2.0”
JukJuk    “Unwrap / Fall”
Jules & Moss    “Next Station EP”
Kamphetamine    “Prostitute”
Kero    “Firewire Funk”
KingThing / Jaime Grind    “KingThing / Jaime Grind – EP”
Lando Kal    “TMRW EP”
Legowelt    “The Teac Life (4LP)”
Legowelt    “North Sea Spectrum EP”
Midland    “Placement”
Mo Kolours    “EP2: Banana Wine”
Moodyman    “I Can’t Kick This Feeling When It Hits”
Omar S.    “-998”
Photek    “DJ-Kicks EP”
Photek    “DJ-Kicks LP”
Pig & Dan    “The Onolog Remixes (10″ Red/Clear)”
Pillowtalk    “Strange Love”
Robotalco    “Baby 3000 EP”
Sendai    “Geotope (Gatefold 2LP)”
Stereofunk    “El Patron”
Svengalisghost    “Mind Control”
Ugandan Methods    “Sirth Method”
Various    Artists “We Exist”
Various Artists    “Sandwell District (Sampler Single One)”
Various Artists    “Cabinet Classics 2 (2LP)”
Various Artists    “!Moombah Fiesta! Volume 1”
Various Artists    “Eyepatched Volume 1”
Virgo Four    “Resurrection (2LP)”
Yppah    “Eighty One (Ltd. Ed. + D/L)”
Zannini, Andrea    “Fantasy Dream”

Guitar Wolf    “Jet Satisfaction”

Beverly Fre$h    “!Spill”
Ceremony    “Adult”
Heiress    “Naysayer / Just Throats”
Her Breath On Glass    “Her Breath On Glass”
Mad Men    “Zou Bisou, Bisou / A Beautiful Mine (Theme From Mad Men)”
Nothing…, The    “Scream ‘N’ Cry / Uniformz”
White, Jack    “Sixteen Saltines / Love Is Blindness”

Black Breath “Sentenced To Life”
Dial81    “Boxcar Portal”
Front 242    “Geography”
Mars Volta “Noctourniquet
Regis “1997-1998”
Tape    “Revelationes”
Various    “SuperiorBelly (Compilation)”
Various    “Sid Chip Sounds: The Music Of The Commodore 64”

Slices DVD-Zine (FREE At Front Counter)


The Drift Blue Hour CD/LP

(Temporary Residence Ltd.) (Buy Online From RSR)
On their third widely available full-length, this San Franciscan instrumental post-rock band explores nearly an hour of fascinating emotive atmospheres. This record comes after the loss of bandmate Jeff Jacobs to cancer – he was responsible for horns and electronics, but the others chose not to replace him. Understandably, a somber ambience can be detected throughout: it’s comparable to watching the morning sun faintly glowing through a layer of fog. There’s nothing too complex or technical here. Rather, from the ambitious, moody opener “Dark Passage” to the gorgeous, refreshing closer “Fountain,” there are plenty of repeated, contemplative textures with traditional rock instrumentation. One of the biggest standouts is the beautifully played “Luminous Friend,” with rich guitars and a shimmering keyboard creating a very hypnotic, easy-to-get-lost-in sound.
[Reviewer: Mark]

Beverly Fre$h Bed LP

 (SuperiorBelly) (Buy Online From RSR)

An emcee, artist, and holder of several Guinness World Records including breaking the most eggs on his head, is there anything Beverly Fre$h can’t do? (Besides act normal.) Beverly Fre$h doesn’t live in the world of the ordinary. His album reflects his bizarre behavior by blending hardcore rap, raw humor, strange screams, and a cappella chants. BED is the debut album by Detroit based Beverly Fre$h. Taking hip-hop back to its roots, yet being completely unique, Beverly Fre$h proves that he has a place in the rap game. Songs about heavy drug use, sex, violence, and insanity, BED is very entertaining to say the least. Songs ‘Dead Millionaire’, ‘Animal Skin’, and ‘Half a Haircut’ are especially worth checking out. This album is a vinyl only release, one in the series from sUPERIORbelly Record’s artists. If you’re looking for a fresh sound within the world of hip-hop, pick up the talented Beverly Fre$h’s album.
[Reviewer: Kyle]

Legowelt The Teac Life Free Download/4LP

(Legowelt001) (Buy Online From RSR)
Last year Legowelt let this album out for free. It was honestly one of the best releases of last year, but it couldn’t make it on my list because of my rule about having to actually be a physical release. Well, now it does have a physical release and it’s a full 4 LP release and there is nothing deluxe about the packaging – it’s real nice and minimal (4 LPs in a sleeve with a picture glued on it). It’s not cheap (about 60 bux – imported and all), but I swear it’s worth it. Hell, you probably already knew if you wanted this or not (and if you don’t know yet you can go download the whole thing and then decide). If you’re new to Legowelt he’s a dude who makes elektro muzik (house, techno, etc.) and you should probably check out “Reports From The Backseat Pimp” before you go any further. That one is my island jam (if I could pick one album for the rest of my life…).
[Reviewer: Rick]

 Plus, we have a night of class with Sam McPheeters, Al Burian and Brian Shawn Oakley coming up!

13th of January 2012 Update

13th of January 2012 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s
AC/DC    “From The Vaults (Unofficial)”
Algernon Cadwallader    “Parrot Flies”
Amebix    “Knights Of The Black Sun”
Antisect    “In Darkness, There Is No Choice.”
Aus Rotten    “The Rotten Agenda”
Bass Communion     “Cenotaph”
Big Star    “3RD”
Big Star    “Radio City”
Breakdown    “Blacklisted”
Cage, John / Fox, Terry (John Cage & Terry Fox)    “HIGHFIDELITY (High Fidelity; Artists’ Records In The Marzona Collection)”
Cave, Nick And The Bad Seeds    “Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: Ritz Stockholm, April 23, 1987 (Unofficial)”
Church Of Synth, The    “The Church Of Synth (+ D/L With Bonus Material)”
Cidron, Juan Manuel    “Patagon (Ltd. Ed. /500; Inner Sleeve With Text & Photo)”
Cooper, Alice    “Asesino (Unofficial)”
Cough & The Wounded Kings    “An Introduction To The Black Arts (Gatefold)”
Cut Hands    “Afro Noise 1: Volume 1 “
Doors, The    “Live In Pittsburgh Civic Arena May 2, 1970 (Unofficial)”
Dylan, Bob    “Good As I Been To You (Unofficial)”
Electric Wizard    “Electric Wizard (Gatefold)”
Ericson, Roky (Roky Erickson)    “”Outtakes From” All That May Do My Rhyme”, Arlyn Studios, Austin, Tx., October 1993 – April 1994; Live With The Aliens December 9, 1975, River City, Fairfax, California (Unofficial)”
Esplendor Geometrico    Desarrollos Geometricos (Ltd. Ed. /700; Includes Exclusive Tracks)”
Exodus    “Bonded By Blood”
Haack, Bruce / Miss Nelson    “The Way Out”
Haack, Bruce / Miss Nelson    “The Electronic Record For Children”
Hank III (Hank Williams III)    “Live & In Person With His Damn Band (Recorded Live In St. Petersburg, Florida, US, Oct 22 – 2006)”
Harvey, PJ    “The Peel Sessions 1991-2004 (A BBC Recording)”
Hellacopters, The    “Supershitty To The Max! (Unofficial)”
Hello Fever    “Broken Lines (Debut Full Length)”
Killing Joke    “Extremeties, Dirt, And Various Expressed Emotions (Reissue, Gatefold 2LP)”
Kim Phuc    “Copsucker”
Louvin Brothers    “Tragic Songs Of Life”
McDowell, Fred    “The Alan Lomax Recordings”
Memory As Perfection / Scent Of Human History    “Memory As Perfection / Scent Of Human History”
Mutemath    “Odd Soul”
Neutral Milk Hotel    “Neutral Milk Hotel: NMH Vinyl Box Set”
Sewer Election    “Vittra Sonder”
Thursday    “No Devolucion”
Transit    “Keep This To Yourself”
Tyme. X Tujiko    “GYU”
Various Artists    “Soul Safari Presents Township Jive & Kwela Jazz (1940-1960)”
Various Artists    “Subway Salsa: The Montuno Records Story (Record Mart)”
Venice Dawn (Adrian Younge Presents)    “Something About April”
Young, Neil    “Eldorado”

Hip-Hop LPs & 12″s
Black And Brown    “Black And Brown! Instrumentals”
Blu & Exile    “Below The Heavens: In Hell Happy With Your New Imaginary Friend (Ltd. Ed. Hand Numbered Gatefold 2LP)”
J-88 (Slum Village)    “Best Kept Secret (Produced By Jay Dee / Remixes By Madlib)”
K-Def    “Night Shift”
Madvillain    “Madvilliany Instrumentals”

Electronic 12″s & LPs
Borderline    “Borderline”
Gesaffelstein    “Conspiracy Pt. II”
Hey Today!    “Talk To Me”
Hulkkonen, Jori    “SWOT”
Instinct / Killa & Instinct    “Revolt / Drones Mix”
Kowton V Dusk    “Kowton V Dusk EP”
MIKEQ (Mike Q)    “Let It All Out”
Modeselektor     “Evil Twin (Pic)”
Motor City Drum Ensemble    “Basement L.O.V.E. (DJ-Kicks)”
Ollivierra, Tony    “Nangka EP”
Sei A     “Lazers”
Seiji    “Seiji5: Frustratin / Face Up”
T.O.M. Project    “Renaissance”
Telemachus    “The Sheltering Sky”
Terror Danjah    “U Make”
Twilite Tone, The    “Mean Machine”
Various Artists    “5 Years Compilation (Part Five) “
Various Artists    “5 Years Compilation (Part Four)”
Villa Nah    “Midnight Versions”

Acephalix    “Acephalix”
Against Me!    “Crime As Forgiven By”
Armalite    “Humungous”
Astaroth    “Satanispiritus”
Bare Wires    “Don’t Ever Change”
Big Troubles    “She Smiles For Pictures”
Brain F    “Restraining Order”
Brain F    “So Dim”
Caustic Christ    “No Love”
Cheap Girls / Noise By Numbers    “My Wandering Days Are Over / Between Planets”
Chimp Beams / Marter & Yony    “Lumber / Level 13”
Curmudgeon    “Human Ouroboros”
Cvlts / Virgin Spirit    “Time Debt / Bathed in White”
Discharge    “State Violence State Control”
Discharge    “Realities Of War”
Discharge    “Never Again”
Discharge    “Fight Back”
Discharge    “Decontrol”
Dive    “Human / Big Joke”
Dwarves / Riptides    “Stillborn In The USA”
Evens    “Evens”
Fatal Birth    “Fatal Birth”
Fireworks    “Bonfires”
Girls    “Lawrence (Heartshaped)”
Heavenly Beat    “Faithless”
Joy Division    “An Ideal For Living”
Kidcrash / L’Antietam    “Heavy Nugs And Heady Chugs”
Medicine    “Time Baby 2 / Miss Drugstore”
Mugwumps    “Do Time With”
No Sir    “Holy Land”
Queers / Riptides    “Buy It You Scum”
Self Defense Family    “I’m Going Through Some Shit”
Single Spy, Thee    “Ok Corral / In Clay. In Cloud”
Speak & The Spells    “She’s Dead / Brianna / Caleb Pink”
SSSSnakes / Slow Death    “SSSSnakes / Slow Death”
Trash Talk    “Shame”

Bastard Noise “Our Earth’s Blood” (5xCD)
Ernest Gonzales “Natural Traits”
Andrew Liles “Long Shadows”
Scar Symmetry “Pitch Black”
Tombs “Path Of Totality”

The Primal Screamer


Bringers of Disease Gospel of Pestilence

(Translation Loss / Waylon Recordings)
The members of this Dayton, Ohio metal quintet came together from varying backgrounds, including Mouth of the Architect’s post-metal and Acheron’s straightforward death/black/thrash metal. The latter style is the primary influence audible on this EP. They deliver what one should expect from the genres: screamed vocals, aggressive blast-beats, chords with tremolo picking, and an unmistakable sense of despair throughout. “Doomed To Flames” kicks right into action with high-speed rage, followed by the even more-downtrodden “Your Prayers Remain Unheard;” it starts with a slower, doom-influenced sound, before launching back into intervals with speed ranging from medium to blisteringly fast. “Our Final Reward In Hell” strikes a good balance between the white-hot aggression of the opening track and the more-subdued parts of the second, managing to pull off the record’s most memorable hooks. Closing track “A Plague To End All Plagues” is the longest, trudging through one final wasteland of doom, with an abrupt and brief return to speed halfway through.
[Reviewer: Mark]

Cut Hands Afro Noise 1 Volume 1 LP

(A Dirter Release)
Cut Hands is William Bennett’s (Whitehouse) self described and album titled afro noise project. Volume 1 and Volume 2 are being released currently (we should have vol. 2 shortly) and they are collections of this projects work to this point. Truthfully, it’s not all that noisey considering his past works. It’s welcome. It’s jungle sci-fi soundtrack-type music. Polyrhythms and stabs of dissonance definitely make it more noisey than Fela Kuti for instance and these are not pieces meant for easy digestion by someone looking for afro-funk.  There is no funk here. There is however a mean beat with some meaner instrumentation (non-instrumentation). Foetus might come to mind without the whimsy and plus more afrocentric bases. So, while you won’t find this as the soundtrack to the Venture Brothers (I don’t think it’s a good fit like Foetus is) you might soon find it in an early-John-Carpenter-like jungle sci-fi action adventure movie. Let that movie play in your head.
[Reviewer: Rick]