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Give Away Bags Goodie Goodie

Goodie Goodie Give Away Bags
We at Redscroll Records have been hard at work over the last few months, doing our best to piece together awesome give away bags for RECORD STORE DAY. 
More and more fun items keep coming in every day. We’ve got records, cds, stickers, posters, buttons, matches, free tickets, limited zines, etc… you name it! 
Stuff from A389 Records, Top Shelf Records, Safety Meeting Records, Manic Productions, Get Young Records, Sub Pop, Decibel, No Idea, Epitaph, These Are Not Records, Deathwish Inc, and the list goes on & on. 
And last, but not the least of it, our friend DJ Lokash has put together a mix inspired by an exclusive Record Store Day track done for us by Benn Grim.  You can hear the track now.  Get the full mix by coming in (plenty of as yet unreleased tracks and general hotness) on Record Store Day (Saturday).

Benn Grim ft. Dezmatic and Dood Computer “Where We’re From” – Redscroll Record Store Day Exclusive by benngrimcc

Bags are limited to the first few hundred customers, so get here early!

Ultrabunny, Myty Konkeror, F.F.T. 12/19

Sunday, December 19, 2010
All Ages
No Door Charge
If you were wondering what the next event might be at the shop you need wonder no more.  Loud jams coming through.  
Ultrabunny has been pumping the volume to the maximum for the duration of a couple decades.  They have numerous releases – one of their most recent is part of the auspicious Outer Bounds Of Sound series on Noiseville records.  We even carry that one and another released on Mr. Tent’s (pictured in bunny mask) label – TPOS (you very well might also know Mr. Tent as Malcolm from Trash American Style).
Myty Konkeror recently released an album on North Branford’s Twin Lakes Records.  I find it to be a noisy moody record in the most positive of ways.  You can listen to it here:
[Yes, we carry this release too!]
Ferocious Fucking Teeth play heavy stony jams.  They are out of New London, CT which sometimes feels like the other end of the universe, but I assure you these dudes are actually from the other end of the universe (Wait, what? Yea.).  I have yet to actually see this band and am looking forward to it.
Come out and support a bunch of CT bands that don’t play this neck of the Nutmeg very often.  

SATURDAY: Hip-Hop New Haven

SATURDAY: Hip-Hop in New Haven brought to you by our friend DJ Lokash (Bassment Beats).

You might remember that for our 3rd Anniversary Celebratory week we did a hip-hop show at Cafe 9. It was such a success and great time that Lokash decided to step it up and bring some more hip-hop to the Elm City. Mizery Crew is returning. Choque Kultural, Sketch Tha Cataclysm and YC The Cynic are also bringing it this time around. (There is also a promise of “Special Guests.” More CT locals? Maybe Blitz the Ambassador (Lokash has a cameo in Blitz’s latest video). Maybe Bisco will be back? No matter who they may or may not be this show is already stacked.)

Saturday Night at 9PM $5 21+
DJ Lokash & Bassment Beats present:
Mizery Crew
YC The Cynic
Sketch Tha Cataclysm
Choque Kultural
+ Special Guests
Cafe Nine (250 State Street, New Haven, CT)
(co-sponsored by Redscroll Records and Channel 1)

Get Hype #1: Shangaan Electro

Get Hype #1: Shangaan Electro
(author: Rick)

I’m going to give a quick dissertation on what I intend “Get Hype” to be as a continued series of posts.  Feel free to skip ahead a couple paragraphs to read about this album. 

Every so often a person will ask me what I’m listening to or if I can recommend them anything.  Fact is, most of the time I don’t feel right recommending things to people I’m not intimately familiar with.  This is not to say I always come up empty with recommendations in person, but usually those recommendations are colored by what I might know of the asker’s tastes.  What if this music that I recommend is way off-base with this person’s personal leanings?  What if that discolors everything I say from that point on?  Well, that’d suck at the very least.  However, I’ve come to realize I don’t mind getting excited in general about anything on the internet (where the reader can instantaneously check these things out and make their own mind up).  In “Get Hype” I’ll spoon feed that information over.

I’ve already seen half-year best-of lists.  I think those are pretty silly.  We’ve had a few reviews up on our site lately too.  I might even do one or many in the future.  This doesn’t quite fit in those categories.  Some things just get me excited about music all over again.  Last year’s Cloaks album did that for me (which was on my year-end best-of 2009 list [yes, still silly]).  “Get Hype” is going to be reserved for albums that get me excited and perhaps even challenge my musical sensibilities (I do enjoy a challenge from time to time).  It won’t be a review so much as a general statement of, “Yo, I think this album is the bees’ knees, yo. I can totally jive to this, my doggies!  It is stupid fresh awesome def cool tubular to the max!”  Get it?  Get hype!

Various Artists “Shangaan Electro: New Wave Dance Music From South Africa” (Honest Jon’s Records)

So, here is the record that inspired this post.  Enjoy all the cut up reviews and videos and links.

“On the new compilation Shangaan Electro: New Wave Dance Music From South Africa, you can find 12 songs released by the Nozinja Music Productions studio in Soweto between 2006 and 2009.

Shangaan is dance music. It is electronically music based on the South African traditional music that’s popular in the areas between Johannesburg, Limpopo and Mozambique. It is an extremely fast and energetic hyperactive hybrid of the traditional mbira, or thumb piano, and synthesizers that can reach 180 beats per minute.  This genre is super popular in South Africa and tens of thousands of Shangaan records are sold each year. ” (The Smell Of Music)

“We don’t use the sounds of the hip-hop guys, or the afro-pop, or whatever, we’re using Shangaan sounds. The traditional Shangaan music is fast. You play it slow, they won’t dance.
Firstly it was played with bass and lead guitar. I’m the one revolutionized it, because when I came I didn’t use any guitar or any bass, I just used marimba and the organs. We are not using the live bass, we are using the marimba bass which is played from the organ. A small sample of voices, that’s what I specialize in. We use them in English. Those are the new aspects they never had before. At first people thought I was mad, and now it’s the in-thing” – Richard/Nozinja To Wills Glasspiegel, January 2010. (Honest Jon’s Records)

“The collection – lovingly compiled by Mark Ainley and Mark Ernestus (Rhythm & Sound, Hard Wax) – is hugely entertaining, and a fascinating insight into a musical phenomenon that has, up till now, been little-known outside of South Africa….it’s guaranteed to have you grinning like a loon” (FACT)

(And of course you can find more by clicking on the links in the videos.)

REDSCROLL has this for sale in the store on both LP and CD.

If you’d like to buy it through us online you can buy it on LP here: Shangaan Electro LP. You can buy it on CD from us here: Shangaan Electro CD

Gristleism – Standard/Modified

Gristleism – Standard / Modified

Gristleism. We sell this item. It’s rather cool. It is so neat that I have decided to do a write up on it here. Basically, Throbbing Gristle and FM3 made a loop device together.

The one hitch with it is that there is no jack/output to plug into. If you don’t need that and you just want to listen and bliss out then the standard old Gristleism box will do. ($24.50 for the standard box – as noted by the price tag in the picture.)   If you want to dissect it yourself that is half the fun for some. (Yes, this device has its own site.) even has a diagram for adding your own jack.  As a word of advice – not all of these look the same inside though they all include the same components.

We (Redscroll) recently garnered the help of our friend Donovan (Roman Wolfe) to modify a few of these to sell in the shop with a jack/output. 

Look for these at the front desk / glass case.  $34 (this covers the extra parts and labor involved while not getting too outlandish – at least we think that).   If you’re seeing this from a great distance we will ship them, sure.  Contact us for shipping quotes.

Finally, I submit this (which is a video nabbed from this review that my friend David Abravenel did on the Gristleism; we also sell the Buddha Machine and the Buddha Machine II):