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Wednesday Weekly Video Volume 7

Wednesday Weekly Video Volume 7
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True story: I (Rick) went to the Pacific Northwest a couple weeks ago and visited a few spots specifically because of their appearance in Twin Peaks. This week we got in the Eraserhead OST LP put out by Sacred Bones Records. These things are going fast (Sacred Bones already announced a second pressing). Get weird David Lynch style (get it quick though or wait until the 2nd press). [Update: we ran out of these and have an order in currently for the second pressing – we’ll let you know when they’re in.]

Flower Travellin’ Band. Heavy psych that really should be mentioned in the same breath as many of their more well known western contemporaries. This live footage backs that statement fully.

We recently got in some used Pig Destroyer LPs (“Prowler In The Yard” & “Terrifyer”). It got me thinking about how excited I am to see these grindcore legends at Maryland Deathfest next year!

I bought a collection of cool classic rock LPs this morning (Alice Cooper, Bowie, The Who) from a guy who told me his son was Kurt Feldman who plays drums for The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart (As well as in The Depreciation Guild and The Ic e Choir). When I told him I carried their records in my store he got real excited! It was nice watching someone have a proud dad moment. POBPAH play summery feel good indie pop jams. Check out this video for “Say No To Love”.

It’s no secret that I’m a huge Integrity fan & collector. So today is pretty awesome because, the repress (originally on Victory) of their 1995 release,”Systems Overload” on Organized Crime Records arrived. Dwid & Co. have built a 20+ year career out out of making dark and explosive metal influenced hardcore. Check out the video for the title track. Mosh your bedroom. (Josh)

The Codeine discography got the deluxe reissue treatment from the Numero Group recently – done extensively and well. 3 records with plenty of stuffing! (It’s like Thanksgiving.)

“Vee Vee” was the first of the Archers of Loaf CDs/LPs to get the remaster and reissue treatment. We’ve gotten in a couple more since then (still have “Vee Vee” of course, but now also “White Trash Heroes” and “All The Nations Airports”).


We post these videos daily on Please “Like” that page if you are on FB. If you aren’t on Facebook then these are here for you – posted weekly. Music is so extremely important and good.

Give Away Bags Goodie Goodie

Goodie Goodie Give Away Bags
We at Redscroll Records have been hard at work over the last few months, doing our best to piece together awesome give away bags for RECORD STORE DAY. 
More and more fun items keep coming in every day. We’ve got records, cds, stickers, posters, buttons, matches, free tickets, limited zines, etc… you name it! 
Stuff from A389 Records, Top Shelf Records, Safety Meeting Records, Manic Productions, Get Young Records, Sub Pop, Decibel, No Idea, Epitaph, These Are Not Records, Deathwish Inc, and the list goes on & on. 
And last, but not the least of it, our friend DJ Lokash has put together a mix inspired by an exclusive Record Store Day track done for us by Benn Grim.  You can hear the track now.  Get the full mix by coming in (plenty of as yet unreleased tracks and general hotness) on Record Store Day (Saturday).

Benn Grim ft. Dezmatic and Dood Computer “Where We’re From” – Redscroll Record Store Day Exclusive by benngrimcc

Bags are limited to the first few hundred customers, so get here early!

Ultrabunny, Myty Konkeror, F.F.T. 12/19

Sunday, December 19, 2010
All Ages
No Door Charge
If you were wondering what the next event might be at the shop you need wonder no more.  Loud jams coming through.  
Ultrabunny has been pumping the volume to the maximum for the duration of a couple decades.  They have numerous releases – one of their most recent is part of the auspicious Outer Bounds Of Sound series on Noiseville records.  We even carry that one and another released on Mr. Tent’s (pictured in bunny mask) label – TPOS (you very well might also know Mr. Tent as Malcolm from Trash American Style).
Myty Konkeror recently released an album on North Branford’s Twin Lakes Records.  I find it to be a noisy moody record in the most positive of ways.  You can listen to it here:
[Yes, we carry this release too!]
Ferocious Fucking Teeth play heavy stony jams.  They are out of New London, CT which sometimes feels like the other end of the universe, but I assure you these dudes are actually from the other end of the universe (Wait, what? Yea.).  I have yet to actually see this band and am looking forward to it.
Come out and support a bunch of CT bands that don’t play this neck of the Nutmeg very often.