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RSR PC 015.5 Special Black Friday Supplemental Edition

If you plan on coming out to our Black Friday festivities you might want to give a quick listen to this quick podcast we did.

NOTE: We are closing early on Wednesday at 6PM. And we will be closed on Thursday/Thanksgiving. 

We talk about the Record Store Day Black Friday releases. We talk about the logistics of showing up here: parking, lining up, traffic flow within the store, what’s on sale (everything), the DJs we have lined up

The music bed on this consists of tracks from our Black Friday Mixtape – details on that here.

We’ll have a full update of titles in stock on Wednesday night (by 8PM).

RSR PC 015 Mountain Movers

This episode is with Dan and Rick of the Mountain Movers who have a new record out on Trouble in Mind.

Mountain Movers: Dan superimposed over Rick, Double Kryssi over Ross

We talk about the new record, Pink Skies. We talk about Dan’s art (which adorns many of the Mountain Movers albums). We talk about music in general and we delve off into different directions here and there.

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On this month’s podcast we talk with Chris Teti. We talk about his beginnings with My Heart to Joy, his first concert before that, his current operations with The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die, Silver Bullet Studios and a lot more.

From mastering (like the recent Fiddlehead record!) to driving all over the country and flying all over the world, we talk about his experiences in Connecticut’s quiet corner and his experiences being flown around Brazil. It’s a wide range of talking points to be sure.

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RSR PC 013 David & Danny of T Wreck

On this month’s episode we talk to David & Danny of T Wreck from New London, CT!

David (Left) & Danny (Right)

T Wreck is a band all of us at Redscroll have been excited about since hearing their first track on Soundcloud sometime last year. We put them on the Black Friday Mixtape we made last year as well.  We talk to David and Danny about their current listening habits as well as ours. We dive deep on T Wreck’s process and individual songs as well as talking about the CT music landscape and various other similar topics (MUSIC!).

T Wreck Bandcamp Page
T Wreck Facebook Page
T Wreck Instagram Page

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RSR PC 012 John Bastone (Record Riots)

On this month’s episode we talk to John Bastone.

If you’ve been to any of the Record Riots (there’s about 8 of them currently – record fairs that occur in Cromwell, New Haven, East Hartford, Trumbull, New Jersey…) then you’ve most likely seen John and very likely heard him. He’s a boisterous personality with a great love for pop rock and music in general. We talk about the stores he once owned, running fairs, trends in the music selling business, and y’know music and stuff. Couple neat anecdotes in the mix – one of which about a burgeoning star that once worked for John.

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