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RSR PC 029 CT Verses The Redscroll Favorites of 2019

This is our now annual round up of the year with our staff favorites. They are by no means definitive. They are things we highly enjoyed this year and believe we’ll enjoy them for a long time to come! If you ever wonder what else we might be listening to you can follow #redscrollpicks and of course you might as well follow @redscroll in general on Instagram/Social Media in general.

We also interviewed the dog from CT Verses in this two part epic podcast to start off the new year! Look at this pupper:

The first half of the podcast is unlike our podcasts the rest of the year – it’s chock full o’ music! Caren and Chip join Rick and Josh to talk about all the year favorites. We go two by two through our lists (well, mostly – towards the end it’s more jumbled). [Note: we didn’t make any rules for the lists, but we don’t feel right including our own releases so we didn’t include those – we love them all – and beyond that each of us individually came up with our own ideas of what our own lists should be… you’ll hear.]

Then in part 2 we do a deep dive into the lore of Crag Mask… ok, not really and that is a bit of a joke that only people who already follow CT Verses might get. Never fear, you’ll understand either way very quickly into this conversation. We talk about CT music in general and how CT Verses navigates it and plans to navigate it and the various lists they’ve done for the year in CT music up on their site now. Check that out here (the superlatives are quite fun):

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RSR PC 028 Intercourse (Tarek and Caleb)

This month we talked to Tarek (aka Rick) and Caleb from Intercourse – self-described jocular noisy AmRep loving band. Beyond that, Tarek and his brother took a love for a similar described band from Florida called Load to possibly the highest level – beyond styling the band after them, Tarek and his brother made a documentary about Load. We talk briskly about that. (Link to documentary YouTube page in song details below.)

Tarek (aka Rick) [Left] & Caleb [Right]
We talk about 4 day tours. We talk about bodily fluids… yep, if that kind of thing makes you queasy let it be know that towards the end there is a robotic voice that will warn you it is coming up (yikes, PUNishing). Oh yeah, and general music talk as it goes.

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RSR PC 027 Paul (Howling Frequency / Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean)

Paul from crushing doom metal band Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean and killer D.I.Y. style record label Howling Frequency talks to us about our interstate beef! It’s actually pretty much mutual admiration and shared vision so we talk about that and tease about possible collaboration! We talk music in general as usual – what we’re listening to etc.

Paul talks about his general philosophy with bands as monoliths versus individuals, crushing the D.I.Y. packaging game, touring, picking adventurous cover songs and we all go on in different directions, but somehow on this episode we don’t really talk about food (weird!).

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RSR PC 026 Mineva (Sean & Pete)

Sean & Pete of Mineva joined us to talk about their band and food and lists of favorites. Yep, that pretty much covers it.

Sean (Left) & Pete (Right) of Mineva

There’s talk of milk alternatives, the amount of guitar pedals they have in their home, some bad experiences on tour and a bunch of sound clips are meshed into this one (including a fun Simpsons reference that almost became their band name).  Plus we drop some quick knowledge involving our label and their next record (you might be able to guess from this sentence, but act surprised when it comes up).

Mineva links:
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RSR PC 025 Mark & Ben from Manic Presents

We talk to Mark and Ben about the history of Manic Presents. We dig into an archived show list and talk about some specific landmark shows and some with fun footnotes and anecdotes.  We talk about how much Manic has grown from its Manic Productions past to its current incarnation as part of Premier Concerts; the journey from booking in small rental halls to currently booking at Cafe 9, Space Ballroom and College Street Music regularly.

Ben (Left) & Mark (Right)

Mark and Ben explain what it takes to run a show from the small rooms to the current big rooms. They explain how bands can get booked. And of course we talk about what we’re listening to!

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