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RSR PC 025 Mark & Ben from Manic Presents

We talk to Mark and Ben about the history of Manic Presents. We dig into an archived show list and talk about some specific landmark shows and some with fun footnotes and anecdotes.  We talk about how much Manic has grown from its Manic Productions past to its current incarnation as part of Premier Concerts; the journey from booking in small rental halls to currently booking at Cafe 9, Space Ballroom and College Street Music regularly.

Ben (Left) & Mark (Right)

Mark and Ben explain what it takes to run a show from the small rooms to the current big rooms. They explain how bands can get booked. And of course we talk about what we’re listening to!

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RSR PC 024 Sean B. (our first ever employee!)

We talk to Sean B. about his move from Meriden, CT to Austin, Texas 5 years ago and what he’s been doing there – like working at End of an Ear. We also talk some real deep inside baseball centered around a Billboard article that went up July 16th – the day we recorded.

At the end we get real light at the end spitting out suggestions for Top 5 lists and Connecticut in general!


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RSR PC 023 Rick Omonte / Discos Shaki

On this episode of the Redscroll Podcast we talk with Rick Omonte. We brought him on this time (third time!) to talk specifically about his passion project that’s occupied much of the last decade (more accurately about 7 years); it is a compilation entitled “Puro Tayta Shanti” that is now out on Discos Shaki with Little Axe Records.

Rick Omonte holding the new compilation (left) and a particular inspiring LP (right)

Instead of filling this space with the insight Rick Omonte brings to life with his stories and explanations we’ll let you listen. At the end of the talk we briefly cover the other subjects he’s been on the podcast for: the Mountain Movers (and other bands/musical projects) and the State House (still fairly new New Haven set music venue).

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RSR PC 022 Seventh Circle Promotions – Stefan and Dave

Stefan and Dave of Seventh Circle Promotions stopped by. Seventh Circle puts on shows in the area including upcoming shows with Marissa Nadler & Stephen Brodsky and Jesus Piece and Sanction among others.

Dave (L) & Stefan (R)

We talk about all the shows they have coming up, some road-bumps when doing shows in the past, and about lizards and cats and such. Y’know, life.

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RSR PC 021 Kidnapped – Dakota, Danny & Liam

Dakota, Danny & Liam of Kidnapped joined us for this episode of the Redscroll Podcast. We talk about what we’re all listening to before jumping off into the wild world of touring the midwest – in the most broad sense of what that could mean.

Danny gives many shout outs – one of which I back-mask multiple times. Dakota loves the Deftones. Liam and Danny plan a trip to Mexico with a new band that got booked basically before they even had songs (and they play there with CONFLICT!). This episode goes a bit off the rails and there are a ton of sound effects and it’s generally fun. Music too.

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