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RSR PC 033 Ritual Clearing (Brian & Dan)

On this episode we talk to Brian and Dan of Ritual Clearing. It’s a brief conversation using a proprietary communication software interface (social distance interview). Josh and Rick discuss the music they’re listening to beforehand as well as how the store is currently operating during the pandemic. We talk to Dan and Brian about how they’re coping with the pandemic as well and how that effects releasing music at this time. And some more fun stuff!

Brian (Left) and Dan (Right)

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RSR PC 032 Anxious (Grady, Johnny & Dante)

We talked with Grady, Johnny and Dante of Anxious. Let it be known we talked to them early in the month of March so the ominous cloud of doom and actual anxiety and nervousness of a quarantined society wasn’t on our mind quite so presently as it is now. Escape with us back to a time when we could talk about European tour dates as if they were absolutely happening and not possibly cancelled or postponed (really, anything mentioned that you’re curious about you should check the status of because it’s not a definite).

Dante (Left), Grady (Center), Johnny (Right)

We talked about the formation of the band at a very young age from being heavily influenced early on by Fat Wreck bands and morphing into the band they are today – a band with a couple small (7″ and cassette) releases on Triple-B Records with a full length on the way.  A band that has opened reunion shows for Saves the Day and done sold out gigs with Knuckle Puck.  They have level heads and are really working hard at this with all the youthful energy they can possibly use (have I mentioned how young they are? Dante is finishing his senior year of High School right now!).

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RSR PC 031 Twin Lakes Records (Michael & Jon)

Michael and Jon from Twin Lakes Records join us to talk about their label, their bands and music they love! We talk about their creative process and their day to day.

Jon (left) & Michael (right)

We also talk about the upcoming releases via Twin Lakes including more from More Klementines, Spiral Wave Nomads and Drifting North (the next evolution of No Line North).

Check out Twin Lakes online:

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RSR PC 030 Tongue Depressor (Henry Birdsey & Zach Rowden)

Henry Birdsey and Zach Rowden play together as Tongue Depressor, an experimental duo with various instrumental arrangements, but most often with fiddles. We talk about their music, touring all over the world, composing for dance, working at a music studio and for Anthony Braxton’s archives and much that surrounds all those topics including how they each ended up making New Haven their home.

Henry (left) & Zach (right)

Tongue Depressor are playing at Cafe 9 tonight for the release show for Nobody Knows This Is Somewhere on the C/Site Recordings label.  Also playing are Major Stars and Dirt Pile Family Band (New Haven All-Star Jam).  More information at this link:

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RSR PC 029 CT Verses The Redscroll Favorites of 2019

This is our now annual round up of the year with our staff favorites. They are by no means definitive. They are things we highly enjoyed this year and believe we’ll enjoy them for a long time to come! If you ever wonder what else we might be listening to you can follow #redscrollpicks and of course you might as well follow @redscroll in general on Instagram/Social Media in general.

We also interviewed the dog from CT Verses in this two part epic podcast to start off the new year! Look at this pupper:

The first half of the podcast is unlike our podcasts the rest of the year – it’s chock full o’ music! Caren and Chip join Rick and Josh to talk about all the year favorites. We go two by two through our lists (well, mostly – towards the end it’s more jumbled). [Note: we didn’t make any rules for the lists, but we don’t feel right including our own releases so we didn’t include those – we love them all – and beyond that each of us individually came up with our own ideas of what our own lists should be… you’ll hear.]

Then in part 2 we do a deep dive into the lore of Crag Mask… ok, not really and that is a bit of a joke that only people who already follow CT Verses might get. Never fear, you’ll understand either way very quickly into this conversation. We talk about CT music in general and how CT Verses navigates it and plans to navigate it and the various lists they’ve done for the year in CT music up on their site now. Check that out here (the superlatives are quite fun):

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