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RSR PC 018 Rich Martin – Telegraph Recording Company

On this episode we talk to Rich Martin. Rich has been involved in the music and arts of the southeastern corner (Mystic, New London & Old Lyme specifically) of Connecticut since his youth.

Rich Martin / The Telegraph Logo

Rich opened a store, The Telegraph (TelegraphNL on social media),   as an extension of his record label in 2010 in New London. He also currently helps run a jazz club and basically has many burners going with many projects in the works.  We talk about all we can within a reasonable time!

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RSR PC 017 Mikey Daddona – Ratskin Records

This episode brings us to the origins of Redscroll as a label and in general with Mikey Daddona who currently resides in Oakland, CA and runs Ratskin Records – a haven for experimental artists ranging from leftfield pop & soul to harsh noise. Ross Menze also accompanied Mikey on this trip and though he was not the focus of the conversation we didn’t ignore him; Ross plays in Headroom, Mountain Movers, his self-named project and over the years myriad other musical outfits.

Mikey on left and Ross on right

We talk about the early days of Redscroll, Ratskin Records and its roster in general, the Ghost Ship tragedy, San Francisco and Oakland’s changing artistic climate, and various branches from each of these things.

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RSR PC 016 Favorites of 2018 with Caren!

On this episode Josh, Rick and special guest Caren (she works here!) talk about their favorite releases of 2018. The music bed corresponds with what is being talked about at the time.  We also talk about the top sellers in the store OF ALL TIME!*


Below will be each of our lists so if you’d rather listen without spoilers don’t read beyond the embedded podcast.

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RSR PC 015.5 Special Black Friday Supplemental Edition

If you plan on coming out to our Black Friday festivities you might want to give a quick listen to this quick podcast we did.

NOTE: We are closing early on Wednesday at 6PM. And we will be closed on Thursday/Thanksgiving. 

We talk about the Record Store Day Black Friday releases. We talk about the logistics of showing up here: parking, lining up, traffic flow within the store, what’s on sale (everything), the DJs we have lined up

The music bed on this consists of tracks from our Black Friday Mixtape – details on that here.

We’ll have a full update of titles in stock on Wednesday night (by 8PM).

RSR PC 015 Mountain Movers

This episode is with Dan and Rick of the Mountain Movers who have a new record out on Trouble in Mind.

Mountain Movers: Dan superimposed over Rick, Double Kryssi over Ross

We talk about the new record, Pink Skies. We talk about Dan’s art (which adorns many of the Mountain Movers albums). We talk about music in general and we delve off into different directions here and there.

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