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Black Friday Sale Event Announcement

It’s that time of year – time to get ready for another holiday sale event!

We’ll have DJ’s, Record Store Day Black Friday releases, drinks, snacks & gifts!

Blackout At Sunrise 10
[Click to see bigger image and read details.]
Our 10th annual Blackout At Sunrise Sale! 10! (Expect announcements about 10 Year celebrations early 2017 – we turn 10 April 12th.)

Sale details:
30% Off All Used Merchandise
15% Off All New Merchandise
Spend $100 or more & Get a Free Gift! (to be disclosed closer to event)

Specific day-to-day details:

BLACK FRIDAY (11-25-2016)
8AM-8PM (Special Hours)
DJ Sets starting at Noon (until we close)
Special RSD Black Friday releases
Record Tent in the back
Snacks & Drinks!

Special Saturday (11-26-2016) hours

Special Sunday (11-27-2016) hours

Keep up to date on more details and added bonus deals by following us on our social media pages:

FLASH SALE! August 1st – 14th

Hey! We’ve got a lot of stuff here! We need to make room  for even more stuff!

FLASH SALE! August 1st – 14th

Come into the store for the next 2 weeks and everything with anything other than a green price sticker is 30% OFF!

yellow square
Yellow sticker = 30% OFF
Orange Square
Red/Orange sticker = 30% OFF
Blue Square
Blue sticker = 30% OFF
white square
White sticker = 30% OFF
[And if you find some other odd color that’s not any of the above and also not green = 30% OFF]
Green Sticker - Large
Green sticker = FULL PRICE

Sound System on wheelsOh, but wait, yes, there is, in fact, yes, indeed, you bet, some more!
30% OFF ALL STEREO EQUIPMENT (New and used!) We have more in the shop than we ever planned on keeping in stock and we honestly don’t have room for it. Lots of nice used stuff. Huge nice loud speakers. Receivers. Tape decks. Turntables. Subwoofers. Other things!!! But don’t some of those have green price stickers? Yes, ignore ’em on audio equipment and get 30% OFF!

This is a great time to go through all our new LPs, 10″s, 7″s, CDs and tapes. Pick up those holes in your collection while the getting’s good. Oh, and books and magazines! Almost left those out, but basically if it has a sticker and that sticker is not green it’s on sale!

Used music doesn’t have stickers so you might have guessed it by now: used music is not on sale.

Sale is in store only and does not apply to any online purchases. 

Announcing: 9th Anniversary Sale & Record Store Day 2016

Announcing: 9th Anniversary Sale & Record Store Day 2016

Redscroll-9th-AnniversaryWe turn 9 on April 12th! 
We’ll be holding our annual anniversary celebrating sale from April 9th until April 15th.  A full week of deals in celebration of all of y’all who keep us going. You’re the best.
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SURPRISE! February 6th-14th.
Treat your Valentine to a bouquet of 7″s!
Feb Flash 7inch Sale

We are need of some room and we have way too many 7″s (some of them are 45s, some play at 33 1/3, whatever it is it’s the size the matters).  We’re doing deep discounts!

used 7inches
We have 37 boxes full of 7″s!

60% OFF USED 7″s
30% OFF NEW 7″s

Redscroll 45 Adapter
Buy a bunch and we’ll give you a Redscroll 45 Adapter!

7s Box

Does not apply to Discogs orders placed for pick up!

(Not So) Secret Sale On All Stereo Equipment

(Not So) Secret Sale On All Stereo Equipment
Including Turntables! Also including carrying cases! (Because, that’s why.)
Used Stereo Stuff


Spread the joy of listening to records by turning someone new onto it with good quality cheap equipment; or just upgrade yourself! (I suppose you could upgrade someone else as well.)

Friends Listening To Records

There will be no signage or any sort of mention of this in the store (this is the secret part) so to get this discount you have to say, “Santa says I can please have a discount!”

Santa Stereo Discount

30% Off Whatever New Stuff We Have In Stock (special orders will not apply)
40% Off Used Equipment (all in working order – remember though that used stuff has a no return policy)

5santa-claus-is-comin-to-town-2-636_0This discount starts now and will be in effect until the end of business on January 1st 2016 (We will be open New Year’s Day normal hours).