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18th Of March 2016 Update

18th Of March 2016 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
at Redscroll Records

Don’t forget to check out our new shirts here: 

LPs & 12″s
Acid Fast “Last Night On Earth”
Actress “Splazsh” (Repressed Again!)
Actuary / Gnaw Their Tongues “Actuary / Gnaw Their Tongues”
Al Qadiri, Fatima “Brute”
All Time Low “Don’t Panic: It’s Longer Now!” (+ D/L)
Applebim & October “Other Side Of The Sky”
B Boys “No Worry No Mind” (+ D/L)
Bestial Mouths “Heartless”
Bitchin’ Bajas & Bonnie Prince Billy “Epic Jammers And Furtunate Little Ditties”
Body, The “No One Deserves Happiness”
Brett “Mode”
Buckley, Jeff “You And I”
Burroughs, William S. “Call Me Burroughs” (Debut Reissue)
Christ “Tower”
Chrome Over Brass “Chrome Over Brass” (Clear Vinyl + D/L)
Costello, Elvis “Taking Liberties”
Country Teasers “Destroy All Human Life” (+ D/L)
Cromagnon “Orgasm” (#/333)
Dall, Bryin “Deconstructing Hank” (#/333)
Dark Circles “MMXIV” Continue reading 18th Of March 2016 Update

New shirt design in! Candle of the Beast

New shirt design in! Candle of the Beast
RSR Candle of the Beast Shirt - Donovan

You might have heard us say to folks in the store over the past couple months, “Nope, we’re down to just a few smalls and mediums of that shirt, but we’ll have a new design soon enough,” or some variant on that. Welp, we’ve got the new shirts in now!

Based on this painting by Richard Doak:
Candle 3 Eye Beasts
We’ve had requests for more of the larger sizes so we complied and even went beyond and got a grip of XXXL. So, we’ve got Small through Extra-Extra-Extra Large now. $15 in store or you can buy them at the link below (international parties should please email us for a shipping quote).



Redscroll 2015 “Krampus” T-Shirt Now Available To Order

Our sale has been a great success. Thanks to all have come by and taken part!

We’ve given away a good amount of shirts to those buying in good amounts. We’ve run out of the largest of our sizes, but we have Small, Medium and Large T’s left and we are now offering them online to those who wish to have them out of the area.

RSR mock up krampus


(SHIPPING is U.S. First Class. If wanting to purchase Internationally please email for a quote.)

Black Friday Preview Edition: 25th Of November 2015 Update

Black Friday Preview Edition: 25th Of November 2015 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

[Click on picture for the post about the sale and its details.]
This update includes the Black Friday items first and then a regular stock update following that.

ET Christmas

Regarding Black Friday Record Store Day Items:
As much as we’d like to have every possible thing on hand in quantities exactly matching the demand it just can’t work that way. We order a tremendous amount as do many other stores. We are allocated certain amounts of things and ultimately we get a lot because we put in the leg work. That said, we get less than we order and in some cases we miss out on items completely (trust us, it’s not purposeful by any stretch). We’ll also invariably get some things late; we’ll do our best to let everyone know using our social medias about those. We want everyone to be happy in the end so be excellent to each other.

Parking can be an issue as well. If you’re parking in our lot please leave the spaces against the building empty (for the other stores and employees). If your bumper is up against a wall you’re in the wrong spot, basically.  Plenty of parking exists across the lot and in adjacent lots.  Here’s a quick map (there won’t be food trucks so you can also park in that area – this map is from April’s RSD event):

We put a quick Instagram video together about the orientation of the store on Friday (if you’ve been here on any of our previous big events you’ll recognize it. Enter through the back. Exit out  the front.):

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