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14th of August 2010 Update

14th of August 2010 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

Firstly, I should state that the Arcade Fire “Suburbs” LP should be back in again mid-week.  Give us a call first if you’re coming specifically for that.  We do have it on CD still.  I will most likely tweet about it when it happens (

LPs & 12″s
Ayers, Roy    “Lots Of Love (2xLP)”
Balam Acab    “See Birds”
Benga    “Stop Watching”
Caspa / Emalkay    “Limited P. 1 (Ready Eddy/Critical Hit)”
Chestnut, Vic    “About To Choke (180 Gram)”
Cut Chemist    “The Litmus Test”
Headcoats, Thee    “The Sound Of The Baskervilles (Featuring Thee Headcoatees, 180 Gram)”
Exile    “AM/FM EP”
Gemmy    “Maroon”
Jakes / Darqwan    “Time Ends / JahWan”
Kingdom    “Mindreader (Featuring Shyvonne)”
Komonazmuk    “Dance Too”
M83    “A Guitar And A Heart / Safe”
McBee, Hamper    “The Good Old-Fashioned Way”
Moore, Rudy Ray    “Dolemite (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)”
Mutantes    “Tecnicolor (180 Gram)”
MV & EE    “Liberty Rose”
Nadja / Ovo     “The Life And Death Of A Wasp”
Noah D    “My Vitamin Pillbox Nikes / The Love”
Pansonic / Haino Keiji    “Synergy Between Mercy And Self-Annihilation Overturned”
Radio Birdman    “Radios Appear (180 Gram)”
Skream    “Sweetz (2005 Flex)”
Skream    “Outside The Box (4xLP)”
Szabo, Gabor    “Jazz Raga (Gatefold, 180 Gram)”
Various Artists    “Total 11 (Kompakt 220)”
Various Artists    “The World Ends: Afro Rock & Psychedelia In 1970s Nigeria (Part 1)”
Williams, Lucinda    “Ramblin’ On My Mind “

Grind Crusher / Haemophagus
OneOhTrix Point Never “Returnal Remixes (Antony / Fennesz)”
Topaz Rags “Crown Center”

Actress “Hazyville”
Blind Illusion “Sane Asylum”
Bonded By Blood “Exiled To Earth”
Buzzoven “At A Loss”
Calypso King &… “Soul Strike”
Decrepit Birth “Polarity”
Fleshwrought “Dementia/Dyslex…”
Godflesh “Streetcleaner (Redux)”
Hatred Surge “Collection 2005-2…”
Horseback “The Invisible Mountain”
Koner, Thomas “Nunatak / Teimo / Pe… (3xCD)”
Misiani / Shirati Jazz “King…”
Negura Bunget “Virstele Pamintu…”
Various Artists “Debaa Sufi Women”

Wire #319 Sept. 2010

6th of August 2010 Update

6th of August 2010 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s
Autolux “Transit Transit (+ D/L)”
Black Label Society “Order Of The Black”
Budos Band, The “III (+ D/L)”
Can “Flowmotion”
Common Cause “Statement Of Purpose”
Conifer “Crown Fire”
Cruel Hand “Lock & Key”
Dreamend “So I AT Myself Bite By Bite (PICLP, Hand Numbered /500)”
King Midas Sound “Waiting For You.. (2xLP; 180 Gram)”
Lazer Sword “Gucci Sweatshirt”
Los Cincos / GoGoGoAirheart “Los Cincos / GoGoGoAirheart”
Madlib “Medicine Show No. 7: High Jazz (Deluxe)”
Madlib “Medicine Show No. 7: High Jazz “
N.O.R.E. “Y La Familia”
Obituary “World Demise “
Proper Villians “Big Apple Bounce”
Punch “Push Pull”
Skin Like Iron “Descent Into Light (Mixed Swirl Vinyl; + D/L)”
Sleighs “Treats (PICLP)”
Slowdive “Souvlaki (2xLP)”
Soundtrack “Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)”
This Will Destroy You “Moving On The Edges Of Things (PICLP + D/L)”
Thou / The City Is The Tower “Dwell In The Darkness Of Thought And Drink The Poison Of Life.”

Street Sweeper Social Club “The Ghetto Blaster EP (Tom Morello, Boots Riley)”

Brat, The
California Love “Post…”
Disengage “Look Back”
Integrity “VVe Are The End”
Mind Eraser / Slang
Molested Youth “We’re…”

Arcade Fire “Suburbs”
Black Label Society “Order Of The Black”
Budos Band “III”
Dreamend “So I Ate Myself Bite By Bite”
Exile “AM/FM”
Hostage Calm “Hostage Calm”
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult “Sinister Whisperz V. 1: Wax Trax”
Nadja / Troum “Dominum Visurgis”
Reviver “Potential…”
Street Sweeper Social Club “The Ghetto Blaster EP (Tom Morello, Boots Riley)”
Thou “Summit”
Tigers Jaw “Tigers Jaw”
Wolf City “Unchecked Aggression”

30th of July 2010 Update

30th of July 2010 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s
Arcade Fire “The Suburbs”
Best Coast “Crazy For You (+ D/L)”
Digital Mystikz “Return II Space”
Dondero, David “# Zero With A Bullet (+ CD; 180 Gram)”
Fabulous Diamonds “Fabulous Diamonds II (+ D/L)”
Four Tet “Angel Echoes Remixes”
Knut “Wonder”
Lady Gaga “The Remix”
Love Language, The “Libraries (+ D/L)”
Madlib “Medicine Show No. 7: High Jazz (Deluxe)”
Menomena “Mines (+ D/L)”
National, The “The National “
Nurse With Wound “Huffin’ Rag Blues”
Personal And The Pizzas “Raw Pie (+ D/L)”
Poison Arrows, The “Newfound Resolutions (+ D/L)”
P.U.D.G.E. “Idiot Box”
School Of Seven Bells “Disconnect From Desire (+ D/L)”
Stars “The Five Ghosts (180 Gram; + D/L)”
State Lottery, The “When The Night Comes”
Stuck Lucky “Possom Soul”
Television Personalities “A Memory Is Better Than Nothing”
Various Artists “The World Ends: Afro Rock & Psychedelia In 1970s Nigeria (Part 2)”
Wavves “King Of The Beach (+ D/L)”
Young, Matthew “Traveler’s Advisory”

Torche / Boris Chapter Ahead Being Fake

Off With Their Heads / No Friends (6″)
Senders “Recovery”
Byrds Of Paradise “Omega”

Avenged Sevenfold “Nightmare”
El-P “WeAreAllGoingToBurnInHellMegamix”
Madlib “Medicine Show No. 7: High Jazz”
Mt. Kimbie “Crooks & Thieves”
Various Artists “I Love Funky”
Various Artists “Next Stop Soweto (Strut)”

Hills, H. “Astronome (Tzadik)”

Book & Magazines
Callahan, Bill “Letters To Emma Bowlcut”
Wax Poetics #42 (The R&B Issue)
Yeti #9

26th of July 2010 Update

26th of July 2010 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s
Acacia Strain    “Wormwood”
Acid King    “Free”
Adkins, Hasil    “White Light / White Meat “
Bad Brains    “Live At CBGBs 1982”
Blipvert    “Quantumbuster”
Bohren & Der Club Of Gore    “Dolores”
Bonz, Brian     “From Sumi to Japan”
Brian Jonestown Massacre    “Tepid Peppermint Wonderland: A Retrospective Volume 2”
Brian Jonestown Massacre    “And This Is Our Music”
Brown, James    “I Got The Feelin'”
C.I.A.     “God, Guts, Guns”
Cap’n Jazz    “Analphabetapolothology”
Cave In    “Jupiter”
Dangermouse And Sparklehorse    “Dark Night Of The Soul “
Department Of Eagles    “Archive 2003-2006”
Devine, Kevin    “She Stayed As Steam”
Devo    “Something For Everybody”
Drudkh    “Songs Of Grief And Solitude”
Drudkh    “Blood In Our Wells”
Eminem    “Recovery”
Fang Island    “Fang Island”
Funckarma    “Dubstoned 4”
Galaxie 500    “Today”
Galaxie 500    “This Is Our Music”
Git Some    “Loose Control”
Grace Jones    “Twelve Inch Fever”
Grave Maker    “Ghosts Among Men”
High Confessions     “Turning Lead Into Gold”
Iwrestledabearonce    “It’s All Happening”
Jaill    “That’s How We Burn”
Keelhaul    “Triumphant Return To Obscurity”
Koner, Thomas    “Permafrost”
LCD Soundsystem     “This Is Happening”
Lone Wolf    “Devil And I”
Lower Dens    “Twin-Hand Movement”
Mars Volta    “Is Anybody There?”
Meanderthals    “Desire Lines”
Miniature Tigers    “Fortress”
Nurse With Wound    “Huffin’ Rag Blues”
On / Fennesz    “Something That Has Form And Something That Does Not”
Orchestre Regional De Mopti    “Les Meilleurs Souvenirs”
Oriol    “Night And Day”
Oriol    “Coconut Coast”
Overkill    “Ironbound”
Oxbow    “Songs For The French”
Ramesses    “Baptism Of The Walking Dead”
Roska    “Rinse Presents V2”
Sleep Whale     “Little Brite”
Soundtrack    “Brown Bunny”
Terror Danjah    “Power Grid”
Tool    “Aenima”
Twin Sister    “Color Your Life”
Various Artists    “Mask 500 (Gescom, D-Breeze, Post…)”
Various Artists    “I’m Going Where The Water Drinks Like Wine: 18 Unsung Bluesmen 1923-1929”
Wailers    “The Fabulous Wailers”
Washed Out    “Life Of Leisure (Ltd. Ed. 3rd Pressing)”
Weekend Nachos    “Bleed”
Xasthur    “2005 Demo”

Elf Power    “Venus and Mercury (Numbered)”

Blkout “No Justice No…”
Bracewar “Whatever It Takes”
Brutal Truth / Spazz
Contend “In Contempt”
Judas “Dictator”
Maker “I-91”
Mirah “Don’t/The Tears”
Zero Tolerance “Fuel The Fire”

Best Coast “Crazy For You”
Blood Axis “Born Again”
Bong Ra “Monster”
Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult
Department Of Eagles    “Archive 2003-2006”
Die Antwoord “5 – EP”
High Confessions     “Turning Lead Into Gold”
Jorge, Seu “Seu Jorge And Almaz…”
Life Of Agony “River Runs Red: 20 Years Strong (+ DVD)”
Lower Dens    “Twin-Hand Movement”
Major Lazer “Lazers Never Die”
Menomena “Mines”
Mose Giganticus “Gift Horse”
Murder By Death “Good Morning Magpie”
Various Artists “The World Ends (2xCD)”
Various Artists “Anthology Of Noise V.6”

Gothic Horror Collection

The Wire #318 August 2010

16th Of July 2010 Update

16th of July 2010 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s
Barrett, Pastor T.L. And The Youth For Christ Choir    “Like A Ship… (Without A Sail) “
Black Devil Disco Club    “The Strange New World Of Bernard Fevre”
Books, The    “The Way Out (2xLP, One Etched Side)”
Dangermouse And Sparklehorse    “Dark Night Of The Soul”
Dead Luke    “American Haircut”
Defiance, Ohio    “Midwestern Minutes (+ D/L)”
Discharge    “Why (PIC LP)”
Dopamines, The    “Expect The Worst”
Effort, The    “Wartime Citizens “
El Guincho    “Piratas De Sudamerica Vol. I “
Electric Bunnies    “Through The Magical Door”
End Of A Year    “You Are Beneath Me”
Endless Boogie    “Full House Head”
Fear Of Lipstick    “Fear Of Lipstick”
Fraser, Elizabeth (Cocteau Twins)    “Moses”
Gang Gang Dance    “Rawwar”
Green Day    “American Idiot”
Indian Jewelry    “Totaled (+ D/L)”
International Hello    “International Hello (+ D/L)”
Jacuzzi Boys    “Dead Seasons”
Kode 9     “You Don’t Wash Dub (DJ Kicks)”
Kyle Sowashes, The    “Nobody  “
Majeure    “Timespan Remixes (+ D/L)”
Melvins / Isis    “Melvins / Isis”
M.I.A.    “MAYA (2xLP 180 Gram + 4 Bonus Tracks)”
Mystery Jets    “Seratonin (+ D/L)”
Plastikman    “Plasticine”
Red Mass    “Red Mass”
Scott-Heron, Gil    “I’m New Here (+ D/L)”
Secret Cities    “Pink Graffiti (+ D/L)”
Skull Crusher    “Blinded By Illusion (+ D/L)”
Spiritualized    “Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space (180 Gram)”
Steel Nation    “Forever Wounded “
Trash Talk    “Eyes & Nines”
Uffie    “A.D.D. S.U.V. (Feat. Pharrell)”
Vampire Weekend    “Giving Up The Gun (Extended Mix)”
Various Artists    “Welcome Home: Diggin’ The Universe (A Woodsist Compilation)”
Various Artists    “Party Platter”
Various Artists    “Saigon Rock & Soul: Vietnamese Classic Tracks 1968-1974”
Von Oswald, Moritz Trio    “Live In New York (LP + 7″)”
White Fence    “White Fence”
YOB    “Great Cessation”

Bridge And Tunnel    “Indoor Voices (+ D/L)”

Battle! “Closer/Further”
Bear Hug
Beartrap “Fueled By Self…”
Coathangers “143 (Dan Deacon Remix)”
Comadre / Glasses (2×7″)
Crow “Flock”
Crow “Neurotic”
God Help The Girl “Baby You’re Blind”
Ringers / Ampere
Small Black / Washed Out
Tune-Yards “Real Live Flesh”
United Nations “Never…”

Acacia Strain “Wormwood”
Alpha & Omega “Life Swallower”
Books, The    “The Way Out”
Christie Front Drive (CD/DVD)
Current 93 “Baalstorm, Sing Omega”
Early Man “Death Potion”
Hooded Menace “Never Cross The Dead”
Jammer “Jahmanji”
M.I.A. “Maya (Deluxe)”
Mystery Jets    “Seratonin”
Reviver “Potential…”
Scott-Heron, Gil    “I’m New Here”
Secret Cities    “Pink Graffiti”
So Percussion / Matmos “Treasure…”
Various Artists “Cumbia Beat V. 1”
War From A Harlot’s Mouth / Burning Skies

XLR8R #134 July / August 2010
Why Be Something That You’re Not: Detroit Hardcore 1979-1985 (Tony Rettman / Tesco Vee)