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22nd Of April 2011 Update & Reviews

22nd of April 2011 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records
You might notice that some of the Record Store Day stuff is part of this update.  Yes, that is what we have left.  In some cases we have actually acquired it after Record Store Day.  Some we even traded for with other record stores.  We tried to grab as much as we could of that stuff.  First come, first serve for any of that.  (Note about this: Store prices reflect whatever we have paid for these so some may have gone up and some may have gone down.)

LPs & 12″s
Adkins, Hasil    “The Wild Man”
Agoraphobic Nosebleed / Despise You    “And On And On… (Despise You / Agoraphobic Nosebleed; Color Vinyl)”
Akron/Family    “ (2xLP + D/L)”
An Horse    “Walls”
Barrett, Syd    “An Introduction To Syd Barrett”
Between The Buried And Me    “The Parallax Hypersleep Dialogues”
Black Angels, The    “Another Nice Pair (Record Store Day 2011)”
Black Swan    “The Quiet Divide”
Blake, James    “James Blake (180 Gram)”
Caminiti, Evan    “When California Falls Into The Sea”
Can    “Inner Space”
Clouds    “B Chuggas May Be Logging”
Davis, Miles    “Bitches Brew (2xLP 180 Gram Re-Issue)”
Dio    “Killing The Dragon (PIC Numbered /2500)”
Discordance Axis     “The Inalienable Dreamless (Record Store Day 2011 Repress)”
Ditto, Beth (Of The Gossip)    “Beth Ditto EP”
Earth    “Angels Of Darkness, Demons Of Light (/3000 On Black, 180 Gram 2xLP W/ Etching)”
Esben And The Witch    “Chorea (Ltd. Ed. EP W/ Mogwai Remix)”
Esquerita    “Vintage Voola”
Fitzsimmons, William    “Gold In The Shadow (180 Gram)”
Gnod / White Hills    “Gnod Drop Out With White Hills II”
Gordon, Mike (Of Phish)    “Inside In”
Gorillaz    “The Fall”
Hammond, John    “So Many Roads”
Hawkins, Dale    “Daredevil”
Jones, Glenn / Black Twig Pickers    “Even To Win Is To Fail”
Killing Joke    “Absolute Dissent”
Liturgy / Oval    “Oval / Liturgy”
Manhattan Murder Mystery    “Manhattan Murder Mystery (+ D/L, Stickers, Gum)”
Mastodon    “Live At The Aragon (180 Gram + DVD)”
Menzingers, The    “Chamberlain Waits”
Micachu & The Shapes / London Sinfonietta    “Chopped & Screwed At King’s Place 01-05-10”
Mighty Clouds    “Mighty Clouds (/500 180 Gram + D/L)”
Mississippi John Hurt    “The Immortal”
Mitchell And Manley (Of Earthless & Trans Am)    “Norcal Values (+ D/L)”
Of Montreal    “The Controllersphere (180 Gram + D/L)”
Pantera    “Vulgar Display Of Power (180 Gram)”
Pepper, Dave    “The Ram Project (Paul McCartney’s 1971 Classic Re-Imagined)”
Pulse Emitter    “Spiritual Vistas”
Radiohead    “I Might Be Wrong – Live Recordings”
Residents, The    “Meet The Residents (+ D/L; Re-Issue)”
Righi, Zito… E Seu Conjunto    “Alucinolandia”
Roll The Dice    “Live In Gothenburg August 7, 2010”
Russell, Arthur    “World Of Echo”
Serpent Throne    “White Summer * Black Winter”
Silverstein    “Rescue (Color Vinyl Ltd. Ed.)”
Sonic Youth    “Whore’s Moaning (Oz ’93 Tour Edition)”
Television    “Live At The Old Waldorf, San Francisco, 6/29/78”
Times New Viking    “Dancer Equired! (+ D/L)”
Trap Them    “Darker Handcraft (+ D/L)”
Two Door Cinema Club    “Tourist History (+ D/L)”
Various Artists    “Bugalu Tropical !Gozalo! Vol. 4”
Various Artists    “The Rough Guide To Desert Blues”
Weyes Blood And The Dark Juices    “The Outside Room”

Electronic 12″s
Pinch & Roska    “Broken / Paranormal Activity”
Ramadanman    “WooooGlut (White Label)”
Simko, Kate    “Mind On You”

Datafreq Vs. Danellatron    “Monumental”
Job For A Cowboy    “Ruination 1”
Job For A Cowboy    “Ruination 3
Machine Head    “The Black Procession”
Mumford & Sons, Dharohar Project, Laura Marling And    “Dharohar Project, Laura Marling And Mumford & Sons”
Turner, Frank    “Rock & Roll”

Ettinger, D. “Lion of Judah”
Wet Hair “Radiant Lines”

Daft Punk “Tron: Legacy (O.S.T.)”
Jason Forrest “Everthing…”
Indian “Guiltless”
Pentagram “Last Rites”


Burn 7″
(Revelation Records)
Burn’s first seven inch was released in 1990 on Revelation Records and marked a new era for New York Hardcore. This was way ahead of its time, with unmatched drumming and difficult “90’s” riffs. This is up on my top 5 NYHC releases, and came out when Revelation was straying away from the almost formulaic (but still awesome) hardcore releases and getting into weirder stuff. Up soon after this release was the debut of Into Another, so you get what I mean.

Originally out in 1990 on Black vinyl and limited Pink vinyl (/1000), this has finally been reissued for RECORD STORE DAY. It’s now on Yellow vinyl, and limited to 1000 copies.
[Reviewer: Sean] [Note: We have a very few of these left and when they are gone they are gone for good.]

Discordance Axis The Inalienable Dreamless LP
(Record Store Day Repress On Hydra Head Records)

The name Dave Witte is what will first give you an idea of what this is.  His 2nd great grind band (Human Remains being the first).  Mathematically precise.  Honestly, this is a bench mark and I should be using this as a reference point rather than telling you what other things sound like it.  Every technical grind band that has come after owes a debt to these guys.
[Reviewer: Rick][See note about the Burn 7″.]

Delayed Record Store Day Items

We Just Received Some Delayed Record Store Day Items!
Phish – Two Soundchecks 7″
ZZ Top / Mastodon – Just Got Paid 7″
Off! – Live at Generation Records 7″
Discordance Axis – The Inalienable Dreamless LP
First come, first serve.  We will not be price gouging or throwing these immediately on ebay.  Customers first!

[Update: PHISH is NOW SOLD OUT!!! Seriously quick!]

Record Store Day Update / 15th of April Update

(in addition to the regular update)
15th of April 2011 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records


Record Store Day is now in its 4th year of existence. Conceived in 2007 (when we opened doors!) and then put into action in 2008 for the first time.  It has grown exponentially.  More and more limited releases come out each year. The demand has also increased.  The number of stores taking part has also increased exponentially. The numbers for each release have not increased.  We ordered much more than we received.  We are working to make this as great as possible.  We understand the frustration that comes along with all this.  We can’t fulfill everyone’s desires,but we’re striving to come close.  We hope you appreciate it.  

A few select items will not be available here in time for tomorrow.  The DODOS release was not pressed in time.  The Discordance Axis LP will be in our shop on Monday. The Glassjaw has also reportedly been pushed back for release later. The PHISH Soundcheck release will be in our shop sometime next week (NOT TOMORROW unfortunately). 

The goodie-bags we have came out great and well stocked.  There are a few variety of bags.  First come, first serve. 



LPs & 12″s
Adele    “Rolling In The Deep (10″)”
Akron/Family    “
Anberlin    “Cities”
Bad Brains    “God Of Love”
Beach Boys    “Good Vibrations / Heroes & Villains (10″)”
Between The Buried And Me    “Parallax”
Black Angels, The    “Another Nice Pair (First Two Eps)”
Blake, James    “James Blake”
Bouncing Souls, The    “Live At Generation Records, NYC April 10, 2009 “
Circa Survive    “Appendage (Ltd. Ed. Color)”
Clapton, Eric    “Unplugged”
Costa, Matt    “Songs We Sing”
Country Joe & The Fish    “Electric Music For The Mind And Body”
Daft Punk    “Tron Translucence  (10″)”
Dio    “Killing The Dragon (PIC LP)”
Ditto, Beth    “Wrote The Book”
Dom    “Things Change”
Elliott    “U.S. Songs (Gray Vinyl)”
Esben & The Witch    “Chorea (Wih Mogwai Remix)”
Fahey, John    “Requia & Other Compositions For Guitar Solo”
Fitzsimmons, William    “Gold In The Shadow”
Flaming Lips    “Heady Nuggs (Box Set: First Five Warner Bros. Records)”
Fleetwood Mac    “Rumours”
Foo Fighters    “Medium Rare (Covers)”
Gang Gang Dance    “Glass Jar / MindKilla”
Go! Team, The    “Apollo Throwdown (Remixes)”
Gold Panda     “Marriage”
Gordon, Mike    “Inside In”
Gorillaz    “The Fall (Numbered)”
Grateful Dead    “Grateful Dead (180 Gram Mono Ltd. Ed.)”
Hammond, John    “So Many Roads”
Head & The Heart    “Head & The Heart”
Hollywood Undead    “American Tragedy (PIC LP)”
James, Skip    “Today!”
Jimmy Eat World    “Bleed American (Deluxe)”
Job For A Cowboy    “Ruination 3 (10″)”
Job For A Cowboy    “Ruination 1 (10″)”
Job For A Cowboy    “Ruination 2 (10″)”
Jones, Glenn / Black Twig Pickers    “Even To Win Is To Fail”
Kings Of Leon    “Holly Roller (10″)”
Lady Gaga    “Born This Way (PIC LP)”
LaMontagne, Ray    “Live Fall 2010”
Machine Head    “The Black Procession (10″)”
Manhattan Murder Mystery    “Manhattan Murder Mystery”
Mastodon    “Live At The Aragon (+ DVD, 180 Gram)”
Menzingers, The    “Chamberlain Waits”
Micachu & The Shapes    “Chopped & Screwed (With London Sinfonietta)”
Mighty Clouds    “Mighty Clouds”
Mississippi John Hurt    “The Immortal”
Mitchell And Manley (Of Earthless And Trans Am)    “Norcal Values (Guitar Solos)”
Mumford & Sons    “Dharohar (10″)”
Nickel Creek    “Nickel Creek”
Nickel Creek    “This Side”
Nickel Creek    “Why Should The Fire Die”
Oval / Liturgy    “Oval / Liturgy (Split LP)”
Piebald    “Volume 1-3”
Roll The Dice    “Live In Gothenburg August 7, 2010”
Russell, Arthur    “World Of Echo”
Segall, Ty    “Ty Rex”
Sennen    “Age Of Denial”
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin    “Broom (Ltd. Ed. White Vinyl / 500)”
Sonic Youth    “Whore’s Moaning (Oz ’93 Tour Edition)”
Springsteen, Bruce & The E Street Band    “Gotta Get That Feeling / Racing In The Street (10″)”
Television     “Live At The Old Waldorf (180 Gram, White Vinyl)”
Tune-Yards    “WhoKill”
Various Artists    “Guided By Voices Tribute: Sing For Your Meat”
Various Artists    “Follow Me Down “
Various Artists    “Rough Guide To Desert”
Various Artists    “Rough Guide To African Guitar Legends”
Various Artists    “Kill Rock Stars”

AC/DC    “Shoot To Thrill”
Adams, Ryan    “Class Mythology (2×7″)”
Black Market Baby    “Potential Suicide”
Built To Spill    “Ripple”
Burn    “Burn (Yellow Vinyl)”
Busdriver    “ATM”
Civil Wars    “Dance To Me To End”
CSC Funk Band    “A Troll’s Soiree”
Cults    “Abducted”
DB’s    “Picture Sleeve”
Death Cab For Cutie    “Living”
Deerhunter    “Memory Boy”
Dennen, Brett    “B Side To The D Side”
Derek & The Dominos    “Got To Get Better In A Little While / Layla”
Duran Duran    “Girl Panic”
Frustrators, The    “Griller”
Green Day / Husker Du    “Don’t Want To Know If You Are Lonely”
Hendrix, Jimi    “Fire”
In This Moment    “Promise”
Iron Hand “Usurper Divine” (Numbered /35 Special RSD Rec. Release Cover)
Jackson, Michael    “Hollywood”
Jenny & Johnny / Gram Parsons & The Fallen Angels    “Love Hurts”
Joy Formiddable    “Whirring”
Lower Dens    “Deer Knives”
Luyas / Twin Sister    “Split”
Manchester Orchestra    “Simple Math”
Mastodon / ZZ Top    “Just Got Paid”
Mona    “Listen To Your Love”
My Chemical Romance    “Na Na Na”
New Pornographers, The    “Moves (+ D/L)”
Orbison, Roy    “Only The Lonely”
Osbourne, Ozzy    “Flyin High”
Owen    “O Evelyn”
Pearl Jam / The Frogs    “Immortality / Rear View Mirror”
Queen    “Keep Yourself Alive”
Quicksand    “Quicksand (Blue Vinyl)”
R.E.M.    “R.E.M. Three”
Rateliff, Nathaniel    “Shroud”
Red Hot Chili Peppers / Ramones    “Havana Affair”
Republic Tigers    “No Lands EP”
Republic Tigers    “Merrymake”
Rival Schools    “Wring It out.”
Rolling Stones    “Brown Sugar”
Silverstein    “Support Your”
Skysaw    “No One Can Tell”
Spektor, Regina    “Four From Far”
Steve Gunn / Ilyas Ahmed     “Decline Of The Stiff / Ignored The End”
Tosh, Peter    “Legalize It”
Transit    “Promise Nothing”
Various Artists     “2011 SxSW / RSD 4-Way (Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Mean Jeans, Wrong Words, Jack Oblivion)”
Various Artists     “Parlophone 7″ Box (Blur, Hot Chip, Kylie Minogue)”
William Elliott Whitmore / P.O.S.     “Split”
Young The Giant    “Apartment”
Youth Of Today    “Youth Of Today (Red Vinyl)”

Circa Survive    “Appendage” (CD)
Decemberists    “Live At Bull Moose” (CD)
Erickson, Roky    “Night Of The Vampire (With The Black Angels) (DVD)”
Flaming Lips    “All We Have Is Now” (BOOK)
Frightened Rabbit / The Twilight Sad    “Demos!” (Cassette Tape)
Head & The Heart    “Head & The Heart” (CD)
Hendrix, Jimi Experience    “Fire” (CD)
In This Moment    “The Promise” (CD)
Republic Of Tigers    “No Land’s Man EP” (CD)
Sobule, Jill & Doe, John    “A Day At The Pass” (CD)
Tune-Yards    “Whokill” (CD)
Various Artists    “Guided By Voices Tribute:  Sing For Your Meat” (CD)



LPs & 12″s
ADN Ckrystall    “Minilab”
Agnostic Front    “My Life My Way”
Alien Skull Paint    “Nobody Dies Twice”
Alps, The    “Easy Action (Ltd. Ed. Pyramid Packaging + D/L)”
Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti 5    “House Arrest (+ D/L)”
B Lines    “B Lines”
Beady Eye    “Different Gear, Still Speeding”
Belong    “Common Era”
Bloodshot Bill    “Thunder And Lightning”
Brain Killer    “Every Actual State Is Corrupt”
Bright Eyes    “The People’s Key (180 Gram + D/L)”
By A Thread    “By A Thread”
By Surprise    “Mountain Smashers”
Car Crash Set    “Join The Car Crash Set”
Caribou    “Andorra (+ D/L)”
Carousell    “Black Swallow & Other Songs”
Cave In    “Tides Of Tomorrow”
Chambers, Paul    “Stations/Absorptions”
Chromagain    “Any Colour We Liked (1982-1985)”
Daybreaker    “The Northbound Trains”
Dream Disco    “Take Me Home”
E-Man    “E-Man”
Earth Crisis    “The Oath That Keeps Me Free”
Ensemble Pittoresque    “For This Is The Past”
Five O’Clock Traffic    “Aside From Dreams And Hallucinations”
Frak    “Love Beyond Synth Saga”
Ghost, The    “When You’re Dead – One Second (Reissue)”
Gilbert, Bruce    “This Way With The Shivering Man”
Gobble Gobble    “Boring Horror”
Grown Ups    “More Songs”
H.P. Lovecraft    “H.P. Lovecraft (Reissue)”
Heidecker & Wood    “Starting From Nowhere”
Hunx and His Punx    “Too Young to Be in Love”
Hurley, Michael    “Snockgrass (180 Gram)”
Hurley, Michael    “Long Journey”
I’m From Barcelona    “Forever Today”
Intelligence Dept.    “Sleeping City”
J. Rocc    “Some Cold Rock Stuff. The Album. (3xLP, Double Gatefold, Poster & Sticker Sheet)”
King Diamond    “Give Me Your Soul Please”
Lake    “Giving & Receiving “
Lau, Eric     “New Territories”
Lecherous Gaze    “Lecherous Gaze”
L’Orchestre Kanaga De Mopti    “L’Orchestre Kanaga De Mopti”
Madlib    “Madlib Medicine Show #11 Low Budget High-Fi Music”
Makina Girgir    “The Spell EP”
Mater Suspiria Vision    “Inverted Triangle (Already Out Of Print – Unfortunately Our Copies Shipped With Bent Corners – I’ve kept it as cheap as I can because of that)”
Mercyful Fate    “In The Shadows (180 Gram Ltd. Ed. Color)”
Motion Sickness Of Time Travel    “Seeping Through The Veil Of The Unconscious”
Neon    “Rituals”Old Calf    “Borrow A Horse”
Norton, Doris    “Personal Computer”
Norton, Doris    “NortonComputerForPeace”
O’Death    “Outside”
Parish, John    “How Animals Move”
Parish, John    “Once Upon A Little Time”
Ponytail    “Do Whatever You Want All The Time (+ D/L)”
Quasimoto    “The Further Adventures Of Lord Quas”
Rise Against    “Endgame (Standard Version)”
Shutdown    “Against All Odds”
Sightings    “Future Accidents”
Sixth June    “Everytime”
Sleep Museum    “Dream Of Waking”
Sonnenbrandt    “Gestern (NLW Label Edition)”
Stay Hungry    “Against The Wall”
Stepkids, The    “Shadows On Behalf / Lala (Multicolored Vinyl)”
Storung    “This Is Future”
Strokes    “Angles”
Suicide Booth    “Aura”
Superchunk    “Here’s Wher e The Strings Come In (180 Gram)”
Television Set    “Normal Day”
Toro Y Moi    “Causers of This”
Usniewicz, King And His Uszniewicztones / South Bay Surfers    “Battle Of The Bands”
Transparent Illusion    “Still Human”
Various Artists    “Musique Fragile 01 (3xLP, 3xCD, 9xArt Cards, 3x Screened Posters, Constellation Records Deluxe Collection /500)”
Various Artists    “The Perfumed Garden Volume 1 (/500)”
Various Artists    “Piccadilly Sunshine Part One: British Pop Psych And Other Flavours 1965-1970 (180 Gram /500)”
Various Artists    “Ruckwarts Im Uhrzeigersinn”
Void Pedal    “Omni Colour”
Watt, Mike    “Hyphenated Man”
Yellow Autumn    “Children Of The Mist (Reissue)”
Yorke, Thom    “Analyse 12”
Young Widows    “In And Out Of Youth And Lightness (Etched Vinyl + D/L)”

Electronic 12″s
Antiserum & Ill Esea & 12th Planet    “Zephyr / Purple & Gold”
Bashmore, Julio    “Batty Knee Dance / Ribble To Amazon”
Falty DL    “You Stand Uncertain”
Hulk    “Booty Clap / Work It”
Ikonika    “Edits”
Mexicans With Guns    “Me Gusto”
SCB (Scuba)    “Loss / (there)”

Agnostic Front “That’s Life”
Ashley, G. “One Thin”
Broken Patterns
Fight It Out “Depression”
Neo Cons
Raw Radar War “On A Field”
Miret, Roger & The Disasters “We’re…”

Amon Amarth “Surtur Rising”
Atmosphere “Family Sign”
Cavalera Conspiracy “Blunt…”
Strokes “Angles”
Various Artists “Musique Fragile (See LP Description For Further Explanation)”
Young Widows “In And Out Of…”

8th of April 2011 Update

8th of April 2011 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s
Adams, Ryan    “29 (180 Gram)”
Adams, Ryan & The Cardinals    “Jacksonville City Nights (180 Gram + Bonus Tracks)”
Annihilation Time    “II (Valu Pak Series + 7″ = Cosmic Unconciousness)”
Blut Aus Nord    “M.O.R.T.”
Burial Year    “Pesitilence”
Callahan, Bill    “Apocalypse”
Can    “Out Of Reach (180 Gram)”
Clapz II Dogz / Soul Clap    “Clapz II Dogz EP (PIC)”
Cold Cave    “Cherish The Light Years (+ D/L)”
Cosmonauts    “Cosmonauts (/500)”
Craft Spells    “Idle Labor (+ D/L)”
Crowskin / Black Freighter    “Crowskin / Black Freighter”
Cute Lepers    “Adventure Time (+ D/L)”
DJ Shadow    “The 4-Track Era Limited Edition Vinyl: Best Of The Original Productions (1990-1992)”
Feelies, The    Here Before (180 Gram + D/L)”
Fields, Lee & The Expressions    “My World: Instrumentals”
Foo Fighters    “Wasting Light (45 RPM Ed.)”
Gable    “Cute Horse Cut”
Hendrix, Jimi    “South Saturn Delta (180 Gram Rare And Previously Unreleased Recordings)”
Iguanas, The (Iggy Pop’s First Band)    “The Iguanas”
Indian    “Guiltless (Ltd. Ed. Color)”
Ken Mode    “Venerable”
Kuti, Femi    “Africa For Africa”
Low    “C’Mon (+ D/L)”
MC5    “66 Breakout”
MC5    “Kick Out The Jams (2001 180 Gram Reissue)”
Meat Puppets    “Lollipop”
Mercyful Fate    “Melissa (180 Gram Reissue)”
Mirror Mirror    “FRKWYS V5”
Misfits    “I Turned Into A Martian (Unofficial)”
Mummies, The    “Play Their Own Records! “
Nachtmystium    “Instinct: Decay (180 Gram Ltd. Ed. Coloured Vinyl)”
One Am Radio, The    “Heaven Is Attached By A Slender Thread”
Orchestre Poly-Rythmo, Le Tout-Puissant    “Cotonou Club”
Panda Bear    “Tomboy (Ltd. Ed. Clear DMM + D/L)”
Pioulard, Benoit    “Precis * Temper”
Pop, Iggy    “Nuggets (Compilation)”
Quintron    “Sucre Du Sauvage (+ D/L)”
Radio Birdman    “Zeno Beach (180 Gram)”
Rancid    “Let’s Go (PIC LP)”
Red Hot Chili Peppers    “Freaky Styley (Ltd. Ed. 180 Gram Reissue)”
Rosetta    “A Determinism Of Morality”
Ryder, Mitch    “Naked But Not Dead”
Ryder, Mitch    “Detroit With Mitch Ryder: Live At The Hill Auditorium April 1, 1972”
Ryder, Mitch    “How I Spent My Vacation”
Salome    “Terminal”
Schnitzler, Conrad    “Ballet Statique (M=Minimal)”
Shadows Of Knight, The    “Gloria”
Steppenwolf    “Their Great Hits”
Stooges    “Funhouse (PIC)”
Stooges    “Morgan Sound Studios Ypsilanti Michigan March 1973”
Stooges    “Funhouse (Gatefold)”
Stooges    The “Stooges (Gatefold)”
Stooges, Iggy & The    “10/6/73 Michigan Palace”
Stooges, Iggy & The    “Double Danger: Academy Of Music/Latin Casino – Live 1973”
Stooges, Iggy & The    “Open Up And Bleed! The Great Lost Stooges Album”
Stooges, The    “(Out-takes) Box Set (Unofficial) (/1000)”
Stooges, The    “The Stooges (PIC LP)”
Stooges, The    “Detroit Rehearsals Spring 1973”
Various Artists    “Motor City’s Burnin’ (MC5, Stooges…)”
Various Artists    “Motor City’s Burnin’ Vol. 2 (Iggy Pop & James Williamson, ? And The Mysterians…)”
Various Artists    “Princess Nicotine: Folk And Pop Sounds Of Myanmar (Burma) Vol. 1”
Victims    “A Dissident”
Vivian Girls    “Share The Joy (Deluxe Gatefold Ed. /2000 On Teal 180 Gram + D/L)”
Weedeater    “Jason… The Dragon”
Winter    “Into Darkness “
Xander Harris    “Urban Gothic”
Zomes    “Earth Grid”
Zyklon    “Disintegrate”

Electronic 12″s
Antiserum & Ill Esea & 12th Planet    “Zephyr / Purple & Gold”
Aphex Twin    “Selected Ambient Works 85-92”
Bashmore, Julio    “Batty Knee Dance / Ribble To Amazon”
Falty DL    “You Stand Uncertain”
Ikonika    “Edits”
SCB (Scuba)    Loss / (there)

Bouncing Souls    Complete Control Sessions
Earthlings?    Humalien
Husker Du    Metal Circus

Buzz “Insanity”
Dirty Beaches “True Blue”
Just Urbain “Burning”
Moondogs “Heads I Win”
Starvation “Arm” (6″)
Sundials / Spraynard
Young Identities “Positive Thinking”

Callahan, Bill “Apocalypse”
Crystal Stilts “In Love With Oblivion”
Falty DL “You Stand Uncertain”
Foo Fighters “Wasting Light”
Panda Bear “Tomboy”
Peralta, A. “Endless Planets”
Red Fang “Murder The Mountains”
Sons Of Seasons “Magnisphyricon”
Vintersorg “Jardpulus”
Vivian Girls “Share The Joy”


Trust Candy Walls / Trinity 7″ 
(Sacred Bones Records)

Mastered at 45RPM, this thing is short so this review will be too.  Sweet melancholy jams with a couple extra saccharine synthesized lines.  Solid.
[Reviewer: Rick]

Vaccine Human Hatred  7” 

(Painkiller Records)

Vaccine offers up ten, fast & heavy hate-fueled straightedge powerviolence songs in just over four minutes. The opening track, “Your Life’s A Joke” takes a non sympathetic stance on drug users and perfectly captures the bands overall aggressive attitude. When I hear lines like, “DISGUSTING PIECE OF FUCKING SHIT / HAVE ANOTHER DRINK / BLOW ANOTHER LINE / LEARN TO FUCKING THINK / GROW A FUCKING SPINE”, I want to X up & run into somebody fist-first. In addition to being the bassist of this outfit, Will Killingworth also handled the recording duties at his studio, DEAD AIR. Will is a master of raw-sounding hardcore recordings. The band features members of FAILURES, GLUE, AMPERE, & RELICS.

[Reviewer: Josh]

Xander Harris Urban Gothic LP


If you know me at all (I’m Rick) then you know I have an affinity for soundtracks and specifically the whole Italo-Disco HOrror variety of those (not really like American 80s films, but not necessarily not those either – catch me in the right mood).  Xander Harris (guise of a man from Texas) fills my hunger for exactly that niche.  This is actually titled as a soundtrack to an analogous horror movie with song titles to match the opening and closing credits and scenes in between.  There are moments when he vears towards EBM (samples laid in over them actually remind me of the better parts of Velvet Acid Christ [do yourself a favor and don’t research that]).  This one has actually been in my rotation for a while – he was gracious enough to send me out a CDr and tape late last year. I’m glad Not Not Fun got ahold of this and added some really nice packaging to the deal.  Looks good.  Sounds good.  
[Reviewer: Rick]