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18th of December 2009 Update

18th of December 2009 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records


LPs & 12″s
50 Lions “Where Life Expires”
60 Watt Kid “We Come From The Bright Side”
Bjork “Greatest Hits”
Blakroc “Blakroc”
Blue Sabbath Black Cheer & Nihilist Assault Group “Planned Obsolescence”
Bonny Billy & The Picket Line “Funtown Comedown”
Cave In “Antenna”
Chinese Stars, The “Heaven On Speed Dial”
Death “Human”
Embrace Of Thorns “Atonement Ritual”
Eskmo “Let Them Sing”
Flaming Lips, The “Embryonic”
Fleshies “Brown Flag”
Forfeit “”The Lower Depths
Gainsbourg, Serge “Du Chant A La Lune V. 1 & 2”
Geiom & Shortstuff “No Hand Signals”
Gemmy “Johnny 5”
Give “Give”
Green Day “Bullet In A Bible”
Guilt Trip! “Outrageous Claims”
Haymaker “Haymaker”
Human Mess “Follow You Home”
Ikonika “Smuck”
Joker “City Hopper”
Lady Gaga “The Fame Monster (PIC)”
Life Of Agony “Ugly”
Mean Jeans “Are You Serious?”
Megadeth “Endgame”
Metallica “Metallica (Black Album; Deluxe Edition)”
Metallica “And Justice (Deluxe Edition)”
Municipal Waste “Massive Aggressive (PIC)”
Nirvana “Live At Reading”
Pavement “Brighten The Corners (Limited Edition 4LP Set)”
Pop, Iggy “Lust For Life”
Porcupine Tree “The Incident”
Public Image Limited “Album”
Rammstein “Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da”
Red Hot Chili Peppers “Mother’s Milk”
Rise And Fall “Our Circle Is Vicious”
Ruiner “Hell Is Empty”
Saint Vitus “Born Too Late”
Simone, Nina “Emergency Ward!”
Six Finger Satellite “A Good Year For Hardness”
Starkey “Ok Luv”
Topaz Rags “Capricorn Born Again”
Various Artists “Soundtrack: The Twilight Saga: New Moon”

Abraxas “Wretched Existence”
Acrimonious “Purulence”
Death In June “Symbols (2CD Box Set)”
Impetuous Ritual “Relentless Execution Of…”
Katharsis “Fourth Reich”
Mean Jeans “Are You Serious?”
Nadja “Belles Betes”
Oh No “Dr. No’s Ethiopium”
Radian “Chimeric”
Soul Control “Involution”
Thor “Unchained”
Tompkins, Paul F. “Freak Wharf”
Troum “Ryna”

Agnostic Front “United…”
Avskum “Crucified By The System”
Bad Seed/War Hungry
Bane “Los Angeles 3.58PM”
Coconut Coolouts “Halloween Party Songs”
Crocodiles/Graffitti/… (Four Way Split)
Drive By Truckers “Dangerous Highway Vol. 2”
Dulli, Greg “Dangerous Highway Vol. 1”
Francis Harold & The Holograms “Mirror Of Fear”
Gorilla Biscuits
Marked Men/This Is My Fist
N.N. “Pasivos…Muertos”
Predator “Honest Man”
Rose, Frankie “Thee Only One”
Sissy Spacek “Fortune”
Sultan, Mark “I Am The End…”
Terrorizer “World Downfall”
Useless Eaters “Sucked In”
UX Vileheads “First EP”

Nirvana Live At Reading
Such Hawks, Such Hounds
Wesley Willis

Book & Magazine
Dance Of Days: DC Punk
Wire #311 Jan. 2010

Gristleism (Chrome)

11th of December 2009 Update

11th of December 2009 Update of New & Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records (

Agnostic Front “Victim In Pain”
Animal Collective “Fall Be Kind”
Breakage “Hard”
Brian Jonestown Massacre “One”
Ceremony “Still Nothing Moves”
Devotion “Bastard Son Of Affluence Blues”
Doom “Lost The Fight / Pro-Life Control Sessions”
Einsturzende Neubauten “Zeichnungen Des Patienten O.T. (Drawings Of Patient O.T.)”
Einsturzende Neubauten “Haus Der Luege”
Einsturzende Neubauten “Kollaps”
Einsturzende Neubauten “1/2 Mensch (Halber Mensch)”
Field, The “Yesterday And Today (LP + CD)”
Girl Talk “Night Ripper”
Guilty Simpson “Ode To The Ghetto”
Hatred Surge “Deconstruct”
Her Breath On Glass “What We Left Behind”
Her Breath On Glass “We Aimed Straight Down”
Holcomb, Roscoe “The High Lonesome Sound”
Isis “Panopticon”
J. (Mascis) & Friends “Sing & Chant For AMMA”
J. Mascis & The Fog “Free So Free”
Kraftwerk “Radio-Activity”
Lovvers “Think”
Marlow “Druid”
Mercury Program “Chez Viking”
MK-Ultra “Discography”
Monolake “Silence”
Neon Indian “Psychic Chasms”
Network, The “Bishop Kent Manning”
Polar Bear Club “Chasing Hamburg”
Portraits Of Past “Cypress”
Preston, Joe & Menche, Daniel “Cerberic Doxology”
Pyramids, The “Lalibela”
Ragan, Chuck “Live From Rock Island: The Daytrotter Sessions 10″”
Red Sparowes “Aphorisms”
Religious As Fuck / American Cheeseburger (split)
Rodriguez Lopez, Omar “Xenophanes”
Russian Circles “Geneva (Clear Vinyl; 180 Gram)”
Sacred Shock “You’re Not With Us”
Saddest Landscape, The “All Is Apologized For. All Is Forgiven (2LP + 7″)”
Sea Wolf “Leaves In The River (180 Gram)”
Skelton, Richard “Landings (LP + CD)”
Snoop Dogg “Malice N Wonderland”
Thirty Seconds To Mars “This Is War”
Velvet Underground “Loaded”
Worn In Red “In The Offing”

Blackout Rage “American SxE”
Condominium “Barricade”
Defeater “Lost Ground (2×7″)”
Fired Up “Doomed To Repeat”
Get Destroyed “Burnt Offer…”
Gone But Not Forgotten “Demo”
Like Wolves “Paths”
Lion Of Judah “Number-rology”
Needles “Agujas”
State “Nihil Ex Nihilo”

Karen Dalton “It’s So Hard (CD/DVD)”
King Midas Sound “Waiting…”
Lions Lions “From What…”
Spaceboy “Searching The Stone Library”
Various Artists “Ciao My Shining Star: The Songs Of Mark Mulcahy”
Witchfinder General “Death Penalty”

Burning Fight
Everybody’s Scene
Yeti #8

5th of December 2009 Update

5th of December 2009 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s
Abrasive Wheels “When The Punks Go Marching In!”
Accused, The “The Curse Of Martha Splatterhead”
Asobi Seksu “Rewolf”
Baroness “Blue “
Bravery, The “Stir The Blood
Brown Acid, The “Try Humanity”
Burnt By The Sun “Heart Of Darkness”
Coalesce “OXEP”
Conrad, Tony / P-Orridge, Genesis Breyer “Taking Issue”
Darkstar “Aidy’s Girl Is A Computer”
Dunbar, M. “Bare Feet”
Gray Matter “Take It Back”
Guilty Simpson “Ode To The Ghetto”
Johannsson, J. “And In The…”
Kraftwerk “Autobahn”
Kryptic Minds “Code 46”
Martyn / DOP “Eiden St / Cold World”
Mi Ami “Cut Men”
Mudhoney “Live At El Sol”
Mum “Sing Along To Songs You Don’t”
Muslimgauze “Uzi Mahmood”
Otesanek “Otesanek”
Pearson Sound “Gambetta”
Peverelist “Jarvik”
Pogues “If I Should Fall From Grace With God”
Rage Against The Machine “Rage Against The Machine (180 Gram)”
Ragga Twins “Spliffhead”
Rusko/L-Wiz “Dub Thief RMX”
Scuba “Aesaunic EP”
Sigur Ros “Gobbledigook”
Smog “The Doctor Came At Dawn”
Terminal Lovers “All Eyes Burn Clean”
Themselves “Crowns Down”
Thorr’s Hammer “Dommedagsnatt”
Trans Am “What Day Is It Tonight? Trans Am Live 1993-2008”
Various Artists “Studio One Funk”
Various Artists “Daptone Gold”
Various Artists “Soundtrack: Whip It”
Waits, Tom “Glitter And Doom Live”
Zomby “Digital Flora (10″)”
Zomby “Liquid Dancehall”

Ensiferum “Victory Songs”
Ensiferum “From Afar”
Ettes “Look At Life Again”
GAS “Nah Und Fern (4CD)”
Helstar “King Of Hell”
Homostupdids (Load)
Johnston, Daniel “Is And Always Was”
Lewis, David “Songs Of David Lewis”
Year Of Our Lord, The “Dead To You (2CD)”

ATP (All Tomorrow’s Parties)
A Boy And His Dog
Altered States
Fangs Of The Living Dead
Flash Gordon
Gozu: Director’s Edition
Return To Oz
Strange Circus
Vampyros Lesbos

XLR8R #130 Nov/Dec 2009
Wire #310 Dec 2009

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25th of November 2009 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

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LPs & 12″s
Apse “Climb Up”
Black Heart Procession, The “Six”
Black Jaspers, The “The Black Jaspers”
Books, The “Thought For Food”
Books, The “Lost And Safe”
Cannabis Corpse “The Weeding E.P.”
Collosloth “Antipathy In Nature”
Dodos “Time To Die”
Doshy “Space Attack 10”
Feist “Open Season (Remixes And Collabs)”
Girls At Dawn, The “The Girls At Dawn”
Jookabox “Dead Zone Boys”
Katatonia “Brave Murder Day” (Purple Vinyl)
Lotus Eaters “Mind Control”
Majeure “Timespan” (A.E. Paterra Of Zombi)
Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, The “Higher Than The Stars Remixes”
Paramore “Brand New Eyes”
Segall, Ty “Ty Segall”
Stevens, Sufjan “The BQE”
Themselves “Crowns Down”
Women “Women”
Yeasayer “All Hour Cymbals”
Yeasayer “Ambling Alp”

Apse “Climb Up”
Battlelore “Last Alliance…”
Bongripper “Hate Ashbury”
Brian Jonestown Massacre “One EP”
Cannabis Corpse “The Weeding E.P.”
Dusk & Blackdown “Redux”
Megasus “Megasus”
Pylong “Chomp More”
Sonic Youth “Silver Session”
Stevens, Sufjan “The BQE” (CD+DVD)
Talk Normal “Sugarland”
Three Mile Pilot “1991-1999 Box Set (6CD)”

Akron/Family “River”
Boris “Japanese Heavy Rock Hits #3”
Christmas Island
Eat Skull / Ganglians
Fresh & Onlys / Dan Melchior
Mayfair Set “Already Warm”
Rose, Frankie “Thee Only One”
Spits “Pain”
Sultan, Mark “I Am The End /…”

The Carter (Lil Wayne)

Gristelism (Yes, that one. This one is the black version.)
Necronomicon (Book)
Satanic Bible (Book)
Sufjan Stevens & Stephen Halker “Super Hooper Heroes” (Comic)

21st of November 2009 Update

21st of November Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

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LPs & 12″s
Anarchist Republic Of Bzzz “Anarchist Republic Of Bzzz”
Baker, Aidan / Noveller “Colorful Disturbances”
Bazan, David “Curse Your Branches”
Bird, Andrew “Armchair Apocrypha”
Black Diamond Heavies “Alive As Fuck: Masonic Lodge”
Brimstone Howl “Big Deal. What’s He Done Lately?”
Claypool, Les “Of Whales And Woe”
Claypool, Les – Frog Brigade “Purple Onion”
Coleman, Ornette “The Shape Of Jazz To Come”
Common Enemy “Living The Dream”
Converge “Axe To Fall”
Danko Jones “Never Too Loud”
Dylan, Bob “Christmas In The Heart”
Feelies “Crazy Rhythms”
Fever Tree “Fever Tree”
Fireworks “All I Have To”
Fu Manchu “Signs Of Infinite Power”
Georgia’s Horse “The Mammoth Sessions”
Ghostface Killah “Ghostdini Wizard Of Poetry In Emerald City”
Gov’t Mule “By A Thread”
Hour Of The Wolf “Obsolete” [10″]
Jesu “Opiate Sun”
Kuti, Fela “Beasts Of No Nation”
Liturgy “Renihilation”
Manchester Orchestra “I’m Like A Virgin Losing A Child”
Martyn / DOP “Eiden St / Cold World”
Mercury Program, The “From The Vapor Of Gasoline”
Morrissey “Swords”
Mountain Movers, The “The Day Calls Out For You”
Notwist, The “Music For ‘Storm'”
Os Mutantes “E Seus Cometas No Pais Do Baurets”
Outbreak “Outbreak”
Primus “Frizzle Fry”
Razor “Shotgun Justice”
Razor “Open Hostility”
Real Estate “Real Estate”
RSD “Corner Dub”
Say Anything “Say Anything”
Sex Worker “The Labor Of Love”
Shrinebuilder “Shrinebuilder”
Silkie “Head Butt Da Deck”
Skeletonwitch “Breathing The Fire”
Skinny Puppy “Last Rights”
Skream “Loefah Remixes”
Slackers “Self Medication”
Slew, The “100%” (Kid Koala Presents)
Storm of Light, A “Forgive Us Our Tresspasses”
Them Crooked Vultures “Them Crooked Vultures”
TSOL “True Sounds Of Liberty”
Various Artists “Ghana Special: Modern Highlife, Afro-Sounds, & Ghanaian Blues 1968-81”
Various Artists “African Boogaloo: The Latinazation Of West Africa”
Various Artists “Studio One Roots: The Original”
Various Artists “Living Legends: Legendary Music Volume 1”
Various Artists “Street Bass V4 (Starkey, Dev79)”
Villalobos, Ricardo “Alcachofa”
Wilco “Being There”

108 “Creation Discography”
Abraxis “Abraxis”
Ambarchi / Fennesz… “Tea…”
Bibio “Ambivalence Avenue”
Big Wig “Stay Asleep”
Blink 182 “Buddha (Remixed & Remastered)”
Brian Jonestown Massacre “One EP”
Brown Jenkins “Death Obsession”
Coalesce “OX EP”
Cold As Life “Born To…”
Coltrane, Alice “Transfiguration”
Gun Club “Miami (2CD Deluxe)”
Integrity “Walpurgisnacht”
Krallice “Dimensional Bleedthrough”
Lovvers “OCD Go Go Go Girls”
Man Is The Bastard “Sum Of The…”
Melt Banana “Initial T.” [3″]
Nirvana 2002 “Recordings 89-91”
NOFX “Cokie The Clown”
Orchestre Poly-Rhythmo “Echos…”
Russian Circles “Geneva”
Shrinebuilder “Shrinebuilder”
Sid Vicious “Sid: By Those Who… (+DVD)”
Sonic Youth “Silver Session”
Ten Yard Fight “Only Way”
Terror “Lowest Of The Low”
Tool “Lateralus”
Tool “Undertow”
Ufomammut “Lucifer Songs”
Various Artists “African Boogaloo: The Latinazation Of West Africa”
Various Artists “Freedom, Rhythm & Sound: Revolutionary Jazz & The Civil Rights Movement 1963-82”
Various Artists “5 Years Of Hyperdub (2CD)”
Waits, Tom “Glitter And Doom Live (2CD)”

Benedict Arnold & The Traitors
Day Of The Dead / Ruiner
Flatliners “Cynics”
Lion Of Judah “Number-rology”
Little Francisco Greaves (SNDW7008)
Thee Undertakers “80-82”

Black Soul Dynamite

Audio-Technica AT-LP2D-USB USB Turntable (& Digital Recording Software)
Wire #310 December 2009 Magazine