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T-USED-DAY Update for April 2nd, 2013

T-USED-DAY Update for April 2nd, 2013
at Redscroll Records


Here are some of the latest used arrivals at the shop. Keep in mind this doesn’t include any of the CDs or many of the LPs in the general rock/pop/jazz/anything-in-the-back-room that we get in.
These are the in-store prices – if you’d like to find any of these online please visit us here:

LPs & 12″s
Acid Reign    “Moshkinstein”    LP        $6.00
Adams, Ryan    “Gold”    LP        $12.00
Adolescents    “The Complete Demos 1980-1986”    LP        $7.00
Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman And Howe    “Long Distance Roundabout”    LP        $10.00
Annihilation Time    “II”    LP        $8.00
ANS    “The Pool EP”    LP        $6.00
ANS     “The Process Of Stoking Out” (#12/50)    LP        $15.00
Bad Antics    “Tour LP”    LP        $9.00
Bad Brains    “Bad Brains”    LP        $9.00
Black Flag    “Damaged”    LP        $8.00
Black Flag    “Jealous Again”    LP        $6.50
Black Leather Jesus / Homopolice    “Black Leather Jesus / Homopolice”    LP        $25.00
Black Uhuru    “Chill Out”    LP        $8.00
Ceremony    “Still Nothing Moves You” (Olive Green)    LP        $10.00
Clusterfuck    “How The West Was Won”    LP        $12.00
Cornerstone    “Beating The Masses”    LP        $10.00
DiFranco, Ani    “Little Plastic Remixes” (Blue)    LP        $4.00
Dread, The    “Can’t Get Away”    LP        $4.00
Drive Like Jehu    “Drive Like Jehu” (White)    LP        $25.00
Embrace    “Embrace” (Red)    LP        $12.00
Ferrante & Teicher    “The Twin Piano Magic Of Ferrante & Teicher”    LP        $4.00
Fugazi    “Fugazi”    LP        $9.00
Gentry, Bobbie    “Fancy”    LP        $4.00
Gentry, Bobbie    “Toch ‘Em With Love”    LP        $5.00
Gianni Rossi (Steve Moore)    “Star Vehicle”    LP        $12.00
Good Girls, The    “All For Your Love”    LP        $3.00
Government Warning    “Paranoid Mess”    LP        $7.00
Grails    “Take Refuge In Clean Living”    LP        $24.00
Green Day    “Kerplunk”    LP        $14.00
Hostage Calm    “Lens” (Gold / Blue /100 No Poster)    LP        $18.00
Iron Butterfly    “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida”    LP        $3.00
Jensen, Dick    “Dick Jensen”    LP        $5.00
King Tuff    “King Tuff”    LP        $12.00
Lovvers    “Think”    LP        $4.00
Minor Threat    “Minor Threat” (Lime Green)    LP        $7.50
Opposition    “Better Days & Bad Advice”    LP        $3.00
Outbreak    “Failure”    LP        $6.00
Pist, The    “Ideas Are Bulletproof”    LP        $6.00
Ramones    “Rocket To Russia”    LP        $10.00
Raspberry Bulbs    “Finally Burst”    LP        $9.00
Rundgren, Todd    “Todd”    LP        $5.00
Russell, Arthur    “Love Is Overtaking Me” (2LP RSD 2009 Release)    LP        $60.00
Seven Sisters Of Sleep    “Seven Sisters Of Sleep”    LP        $9.00
Seven Sisters Of Sleep / Children Of God    “Seven Sisters Of Sleep / Children Of God”    LP        $7.00
Sex Pistols    “Never Mind The Bollocks… Here’s The Sex Pistols”    LP        $14.00
Smith Group, Patti    “Radio Ethiopia”    LP        $6.00
Spitboy    “True Self Revealed”    LP        $4.00
Spits, The    “The Spits”    LP        $15.00
Suicidal Tendencies    “Suicidal Tendencies” (Yellow)    LP        $13.00
T.S.O.L.    “Dance With Me” (Purple Mix)    LP        $7.50
Three Times Dope    “Funky Dividends”    LP        $3.00
Thunders, Johnny & The Heartbreakers    “L.A.M.F. Revisited”    LP        $9.00
Tipper’s Gore”    Tipper’s Gore”    LP        $3.00
Tribe 2    “What I Like”    12″        $1.00
Various    “Who’s Who In The Swinging Sixties” (Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, +)    LP        $5.00
Various    “I’m A Cult Hero” (2LP)    LP        $30.00
Vordul Mega    “Spitamatic B/W Neva Again”    12″        $1.00
War Of The Worlds, The    “The War Of The Worlds – Invasion From Mars”    LP        $3.00
Wavves    “Wavves”    LP        $7.00
Wire    “IBTABA (It’s Beginning To And Back Again)”    LP        $7.00
Youth Of Today     “Break Down The Walls”    LP        $7.50

Blanks 77    “Up The System” (Blue/White)    10″        $6.00
El-P    “Sunrise Over Bklyn”    10″        $2.00
Knaves, The    “Leave Me Alone”    10″        $10.00

Annihilation Time    “Cosmic Unconciousness”    7″        $3.00    7″
ANS    “Romancing The Phone”    7″        $2.00    7″
Anti-Dogmatiks    “Anti-Dogmatiks (1984 & 1988 Demos)”    7″        $6.00    7″
Antietam    “Antietam”    7″        $3.00    7″
Baby Gopal    “…Shiva”    7″        $3.00    7″
Bad Antics    “The Wave”    7″        $2.00    7″
Bad Reaction    “Plastic World”    7″        $2.00    7″
Billy, Bonnie ‘Prince’    “Little Boy Blue”    7″        $10.00    7″
Black Flag    “Nervous Breakdown”    7″        $5.00    7″
Bloodshot Hooligans    “Bloodshot Hooligans” (Red)    7″        $3.00    7″
Bouncing Souls    “Johnny X”    7″        $3.00    7″
Brimstone Howl    “Mammon”    7″        $2.00    7″
Burn    “Burn” (Black)    7″        $4.00    7″
C.O.P.    “Ripperside”    7″        $2.00    7″
Cattle Decapitation    “!Decapitacion!”    7″        $6.00    7″
Colin Of Arabia    “Snitch” (Blue/Yellow)    7″        $6.00    7″
Common Enemy    “Groovy!”    7″        $4.00    7″
Computer Cougar    “Computer Cougar”    7″        $1.00    7″
Concrete Facelift    “Concrete Facelift”    7″        $3.00    7″
Concrete Facelift    “Uuaaggghhh”    7″        $1.00    7″
Cursed    “The Last Session”    7″        $5.00    7″
Del Rey, Lana    “Video Games / Blue Jeans” (Picture Disc)    7″        $15.00    7″
Del Rey, Lana    “Born To Die (PDP / 13 Remix) / Blue Jeans (Penguin Prison Remix)”    7″        $7.00    7″
Demon’s Claws    “Weird Ways / 9000 Feets”    7″        $8.00    7″
Direct Control    “Direct Control”    7″        $3.00    7″
Doggy Style    “Work As One”    7″        $6.00    7″
Eat And Run    “American Slob”    7″        $3.00    7″
Enemies For Life    “Enemies For Life”    7″        $3.00    7″
Failures    “Failures”    7″        $5.00    7″
Fastbreak    “Don’t Stop Trying”    7″        $8.00    7″
Fear Tomorrow    “Born In Blood” (Green And Red Copies)    7″        $3.00    7″
Fired Uo    “When The Lights Go Out”    7″        $4.00    7″
German Measles    “Color Vibration”    7″        $2.00    7″
Gorilla Biscuits    “Gorilla Biscuits”    7″        $4.00    7″
Government Issue    “Make An Effort EP”    7″        $2.00    7″
Government Warning    “Executed”    7″        $3.00    7″
Government Warning    “Arrested”    7″        $3.00    7″
Government Warning    “No Way Out EP”    7″        $2.00    7″
Gross Negligence    “Gross Negligence”    7″        $2.00    7″
Hatred Surge    “Hatred Surge”    7″        $3.00    7″
Ill Ease    “The Whole Sha-Bang”    7″        $3.00    7″
Imposters, The    “Pool Maintenance”    7″        $2.00    7″
Integrity    “Integrity” (Clear)    7″        $5.00    7″
Iron Lung / Hatred Surge    “Iron Lung / Hatred Surge”    7″        $20.00    7″
Killin It!    “Party 4 Ever”    7″        $4.00    7″
Kulture Shock    “Holy Shit EP”    7″        $2.00    7″
Le Tetsuo    “Sometimes…”    7″        $3.00    7″
Let Down    “Sacrifice Me”    7″        $2.00    7″
Lewis, Jenny    “Carpetbaggers”    7″        $2.50    7″
Men’s Recovery Project    “Normal Man”    7″        $3.00    7″
Motherspeed / Retard Strength    “Motherspeed / Retard Strength”    7″        $1.00    7″
N/N    “Pasivos Muertos”    7″        $5.00    7″
Naysayer    “No Remorse” (Clear / Red / Green / Silver)    7″        $3.00    7″
Nomos    “Nomos”    7″        $4.00    7″
Psyched To Die    “Sterile Walls”    7″        $2.00    7″
Quasi    “Unto Itself”    7″        $3.00    7″
Rabies    “Disease Core”    7″        $3.00    7″
Roman Solidiers    “Roman Soldiers”    7″        $3.00    7″
Rowdy Ones / Shred Bundry    “Rowdy Ones / Shred Bundy”    7″        $2.00    7″
Scherzo    “Scherzo”    7″        $3.00    7″
Scholastic Deth    “Killed By School”    7″        $5.00    7″
Slackers, The    “Hannukkah” (White / Blue)    7″        $5.00    7″
Supertouch    “Lost My Way” (Blue)    7″        $4.00    7″
Sweet Diesel    “Sweet Diesel”    7″        $2.00    7″
Tear It Up / Down In Flames    “Legless Bull E.P.” (Clear)    7″        $5.00    7″
Threatener    “… And The Bending Of Throats”    7″        $3.00    7″
Tippers Gore    “Unsettling Loss”    7″        $1.00    7″
Tribes Of Neurot / Earth    “The Forest That Shelters / Filament” (Amber Vinyl)    7″        $15.00    7″
Various    “1992 Hardcore (Round 2 In An Endless Fight)”    7″        $8.00    7″
Various    “The Division Has Begun: Connecticut Hardcore” (Clear And White Copies)    7″        $4.00    7″
Wooden Shjips     “Loose Lips / Start To Dreaming”    7″        $4.00    7″

T-USED-DAY Update for March 26th, 2013

T-USED-DAY Update for March 26th, 2013
at Redscroll Records

Here are some of the latest used arrivals at the shop. Keep in mind this doesn’t include any of the CDs or many of the LPs in the general rock/pop/jazz/anything-in-the-back-room that we get in. These are the in-store prices – if you’d like to find any of these online please visit us here:

LPs & 12″s
2 Live Crew    “Me So Horny”    12″        $1.00
Abbey Road ’78    “The Complete Music From The Movie Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band As Performed By Abbey Road ’78”    LP        $2.00
Adicts, The    “Clockwork Punks Vol. 1 – The Collection” (Picture Disc)    LP        $5.00
Andrew Jackson Jihad    “Holiday Inn Gainesville” (White)    LP        $15.00
Barry, John    “Ian Flemming’s 007: Goldfinger – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”    LP        $4.00
Barry, John    “Ian Flemming’s 007: Diamonds Are Forever – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” (Promotional Copy Sticker On Front)    LP        $4.00
Big Daddy Kane    “All Of Me (Feat. Barry White)”    12″        $1.00
Blackest Curse, The    “01/13/07” (Dwid And Pulling Teeth Doing Integrity Songs)    LP        $30.00
Bolero    “Original Soundtrack”    LP        $5.00
Chicago    “Toronto Rock’N’Roll Revival 1969, Volume I”    LP        $5.00
Citizen Fish    “Thirst”    LP        $5.00
Converge    “Axe To Fall” (Clear/Blue)    LP        $20.00
Cooper, Alice    “Greatest Hits”    LP        $3.00
Cooper, Alice    “Love It To Death”    LP        $5.00
Cult, The    “Sonic Temple”    LP        $8.00
Deep Purple    “Burn”    LP        $3.00
Deep Purple    “The House Of Blue Light”    LP        $4.00
Deep Purple    “Who Do We Think We Are”    LP        $3.00
Deep Purple    “Made In Japan”    LP        $4.00
Deep Purple    “Machine Head” (With Poster)    LP        $4.00
Defiance    “No Future No Hope”    LP        $7.00
Defiance    “Out Of The Ashes”    LP        $7.00
Dirtbombs, The    “Race To The Bottom”    12″        $3.00
Disconcerts    “A. Medic”    LP        $7.00
Doctor Zhivago    “Doctor Zhivago: Original Sound Track Album”    LP        $2.00
Dub, Dave    “The Treatment” (2LP Gatefold)    LP        $9.00
Electricity In Our Homes    “We Agree Completely”    LP        $10.00
Endpoint    “In A Time Of Hate”    LP        $8.00
Gentry, Bobbie    “Ode To Billie Joe”    LP        $4.00
Good Riddance    “A Comprehensive Guide To Moderne Rebellion”    LP        $10.00
Guitar Wolf    “Spacebattleshiplove”    LP        $12.00
Iron Maiden    “2 Minutes To Midnight” (New Zealand Import Single 12″)    12″        $30.00
Iron Maiden    “Live After Death”    LP        $15.00
Kayo Dot    “Coyote”    LP        $20.00
King Khan & BBQ Show, The    “Invisible Girl”    LP        $18.00
Lynyrd Skynyrd    “I’ve Been Your Fool: Two Previously Unreleased Tracks”    LP        $8.00
Me First And The Gimme Gimmes    “Ruin Jimmy’s Bar Mitzvah”    LP        $16.00
Morrison, Jim / The Doors    “An American Prayer”    LP        $8.00
Moving Mountains    “Foreward”    LP        $10.00
Owens, Jimmy    “No Escaping It!!! Jimmy Owens The Quartet Plus”    LP        $13.00
Project: Komakino    “Project: Komakino”    LP        $22.00
Quicksilver Messenger Service    “Quicksilver Messenger Service”    LP        $5.00
Razor    “Violent Retitution”    LP        $12.00
Reverend Horton Heat, The    “The Full-Custom Gospel Sounds Of…”    LP        $28.00
Saddest Landscape, The    “After The Lights” (Clear/Red)    LP        $12.00
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band    “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band: Original Soundtrack Recording”    LP        $2.00
Shadow, The Vol. 2    “The Shadow Original Radio Broadcasts Vol. 2” (Sealed)    LP        $5.00
Shankar, Ravi    “Live At The Monterey International Pop Festival”    LP        $7.00
Side By Side    “You’re Only Young Once…”    LP        $10.00
Slackers, The    “An Afternoon In Dub”    LP        $18.00
Slam  Dance    “Slam Dance Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”    LP        $3.00
Total Chaos    “Anthems From The Alleyway”    LP        $7.00
Trash Talk    “Eyes & Nines”    LP        $16.00
TSOL (T.S.O.L.; True Sounds Of Liberty)    “Hit And Run”    LP        $4.00
United States Of America, The    “The United States Of America” (With Manilla Envelope Outer Sleeve)    LP        $12.00
Various    “Punk And Disorderly III: The Final Solution”    LP        $15.00
Various    “Diesel Smoke, Dangerous Curves And Other Truck Driver Favorites”    LP        $5.00
Various    “Punk And Disorderly: Further Charges”    LP        $14.00
Various    “Fearless’ Punk Bites”    LP        $10.00
Various    “Punk & Disorderly” (Picture Disc)    LP        $8.00
Ventures, The    “Super Psychedelic” (Gatefold)    LP        $12.00
War, Gary    “Horribles Parade”    LP        $6.00
Webb, TK & The Visions    “Ancestor”    LP        $5.00

Integrity    “To Die For” (Blue Cover / Blue Vinyl)    10″        $21.00
Le Tetsuo    “Your Elbow”    10″        $4.00

Alkaline Trio    “Help Me”    7″        $2.00
Bad Brains    “Soul Music For Bad People”    7″        $7.00
Bear Trap    “Nailed Shut”    7″        $4.00
Burn    “Burn” (Yellow)    7″        $6.00
Frostbite    “Frostbite”    7″        $3.00
Holy Fever    “Ghost Story” (RSD /250)    7″        $3.00
NOFX    “Liza And Louise”    7″        $5.00
Pop, Iggy    “Real Wild Child (Wild One)”    7″        $2.00
Pop, Iggy    “Loco Mosquito”    7″        $6.00
Revenge    “Frustrations” (White)    7″        $3.00
Ruiner / Attica! Attica!    “Morning Glory / The State Lottery”    7″        $6.00
Trust Fund Babies    “Up To No Good EP.”    7″        $1.00
Youth Of Today    “Youth Of Today” (Red)    7″        $6.00

T-USED-DAY Update for March 19th, 2013

T-USED-DAY Update for March 19th, 2013
at Redscroll Records

Here are some of the latest used arrivals at the shop. Keep in mind this doesn’t include any of the CDs or many of the LPs in the general rock/pop/jazz/anything-in-the-back-room that we get in.
These are the in-store prices – if you’d like to find any of these online please visit us here:

LPs & 12″s
Beatles, The    “Beatles For Sale: Original Master Recording” (Reel To Reel Box Set Version)    LP        $40.00
Beatles, The    “The Yellow Submarine: Original Master Recording” (Reel To Reel Box Set Version)    LP        $40.00
Beatles, The    “Help! Original Master Recording” (MFSL 1-105)    LP        $70.00
Beatles, The    “Revolver” (1984 Parlophone Reissue)    LP        $20.00
Beatles, The    “Revolver: Original Master Recording” (MFSL 1-107)    LP        $70.00
Blakroc    “Blakroc”    LP        $20.00
Brain Killer    “Every Actual State Is Corrupt”    LP        $8.00
Clash, The    “Cut The Crap”    LP        $6.00
Cliff, Jimmy    “Struggling Man”    LP        $7.00
Cooper, Alice    “Welcome To My Nightmare”    LP        $4.00
Das Demon    “Das Demon”    LP        $5.00
Das Demon    “Jupiter Eye”    LP        $5.00
Downtown Struts    “Victoria!”    LP        $14.00
Dropkick Murphys    “Do Or Die”    LP        $14.00
Hill, Andrew    “Dance With Death”    LP        $6.00
Osbourne, Ozzy    “Bark At The Moon”    LP        $3.00
Ramones    “Pleasant Dreams”    LP        $5.00
Ringworm    “Stigmatas In The Flesh” (Clear/Black)    LP        $12.00
Spaghetti Western    “Spaghetti Western”    LP        $8.00
UFO    “Obsession”    LP        $3.00
UFO    “Strangers In The Night”    LP        $6.00
Various    “Flash Fearless Versus The Zorg Women Parts 5 & 6”    LP        $6.00
Various    “America’s Hardcore Volume 2” (Clear Blue)    LP        $15.00

Bush, Kate    “Experiment IV”    7″        $1.00
Crusaders Of Love    “She’s A Rebel”    7″        $2.00
Jacuzzi Boys    “Ghost Ghost”    7″        $2.00
Johnny Ill Band    “In The Winter Time”    7″        $3.00
Kitchen’s Floor    “Regrets”    7″        $25.00
Mystery Girls    “Under My Tongue”    7″        $4.00
Teengenerate    “Sex Cow”    7″        $3.00
Teengenerate    “Out Of Sight”    7″        $3.00
Teengenerate    “I Don’t Mind”    7″        $4.00
Teengenerate    “Flyin Over You”    7″        $4.00
Tyler John Tyler    “Separate Issue”    7″        $3.00
UV Race, The    “Malaria”    7″        $6.00
VCR    “Code C”    7″        $3.00

15th Of March 2013 Update

15th Of March 2013 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
at Redscroll Records


LPs & 12″s
Alkaline Trio    “Maybe I’ll Catch Fire”
And So I Watch You From Afar    “All Hail Bright Futures”
Atoms For Peace    “Judge Jury And Executioner” (Embossed Cover)
Banhart, Devendra    “Mala” (Gatefold 2LP + 7″ + Poster + CD)
Bartos, Karl    “Off The Record” (+ CD)
Bedlam    “Demos Anthology 1968-70” (The Cozy Powell Beginnings)
Black Dog, The    “Darkhaus Vol. 1: Council Flat Emptiness”
Black Pus    “All My Relations” (Brian Chippendale Of Lightning Bolt)
Can    “Ege Bamyasi”
Cash, Johnny    “American Rarities: Heart Of Gold” (Fan Club Edition)
Casket Lottery, The    “Real Fear” (+ D/L)
Cro-Mags    “Age Of Quarrel: Before The Quarrel – Recorded November 2, 1984 And February 16, 1985” (Unofficial Version)
Daphni    “Cos Ber Zam – Ne Noya (Daphni Mix) / Yes, I Know / Jiao”
Doors, The    “Lizard In The Studio: First Time Ever, Full Studio Version (Stereo)”
Dub Spencer & Trance Hill    “In Dub Remixes By Victor Rice” (Live)
Fall, The    “1978 Peel Sessions / 1978 Live/Demo” (Fan Club Edition)
Fawn Spots / Cum Stain    “Wedding Dress”
Ferraro, James    “Sushi”
Foals    “Holy Fire”
Foot Village    “Make Memories” (+ D/L)
Function     “Incubation” (2LP)
Gism    “Detestation” (Unofficial Version)
Good For You (Greg Ginn And Mike Vallely)    “Life Is Too Short To Not Hold A Grudge”
Green, Colleen    “Sock It To Me” (+ D/L)
Guru, The    “Native Sun” (Local Boys!)
Hardy, Francoise    “Francoise Hardy”
Haynes, Jim    “The Wires Cracked”
Hazlewood, Lee    “Trouble Is A Lonesome Town” (2LP Gatefold)
How To Destroy Angels    “Welcome Oblivion” (Trent Reznor Of Nine Inch Nails; 2LP Gatefold 180 Gram + 2 Vinyl Exclusive Tracks + CD)
Huckaby, Mike    “The Tresor EP”
Ielasi, Giuseppe / Kassel Jaeger    “Parallel / Grayscale”
KH ( Kieran Hebden aka Four Tet)    “The Track I’ve Been Playing That People Keep Asking About And That Joy Used In His RA Mix And Daphni Played On Boiler Room”
Krallice    “Years Past Matter” (2LP Gatefold)
Kruder And Dorfmeister    “The K&D Sessions ™” (4LP Unofficial Import)
Kyuss / Queens Of The Stone Age    “Kyuss / Queens Of  The Stone Age” (Fan Club Edition)
Led Zeppelin    “Before The West Was Won: Live At The Fillmore West” (Unofficial)
Led Zeppelin    “Riverside Blues” (Fan Club Edition)
Locust    “You’ll Be Safe Forever”
Low    “The Invisible Way” (Produced By Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy; + D/L)
Main    “Ablation”
Melvins    “Electroretard” (Fan Club Edition)
Mercyful Fate    “Walking Back To Hell” (Fan Club Edition)
Monster Magnet    “Powertrip” (2LP Gatefold)
Motion Sickness Of Time Travel    “The Perennials” (Numbered /500)
New Amsterdams, The    “Outroduction”
Palma Violets    “180” (180 Gram + D/L)
Pearl Jam    “The First Coming” (Fan Club Edition)
Pearl Jam    “Self Pollution Radio: D.J. Eddie At The Mic” (Fan Club Edition)
Pearl Jam    “Eddie Sings The Blues (A Collection Of Cover Versions)” (Fan Club Edition)
Primus    “Green Naugahyde” (2LP Green Vinyl 45 RPM + CD)
Riley, Terry    “Terry Riley In C”
Rival Mob, The    “Mob Justice” (Red Vinyl)
Roedelius    “Selbstportrait Vol. III: Reise Durch Arcadien” (180 Gram)
Rolling Stones, The    “On the Rocks (A Night With Jack Daniels)” (2LP Fan Club Edition)
Rolling Stones, The    “From Hillside To Woodstock (We Miss You Bill)”
Rolling Stones, The    “Dancing With Mr. J. Live At Wembley Empire Pool London 10.9.1973 Early Show” (2LP Fan Club Edition)
Rolling Stones, The    “Specialty Of The House” (Fan Club Edition 2LP)
Schnauss, Ulrich    “A Long Way To Fall” (2LP Gatefold + D/L)
Skinny Puppy    “Back And Forth Series Two” (2LP Fan Club Edition)
Skream    “Skreamizm Vol. 7″ (3×12”)
Stern, Marnie    “The Chronicles Of Marnia” (+ D/L)
Stone Roses, The    “The Stone Roses” (Fan Club Edition)
Stornoway    “Tales From Terra Firma” (+ D/L)
Stygian Stride    “Stygian Stride” (Jimy Seitang Of Rhyton And Psychic Ills)
Superdrag    “Regretfully Yours”
They Might Be Giants    “Nanobots”
Tiberio, D.    “Lie EP”
Timberlake, Justin    “The 20/20 Experience” (2LP Gatefold)
Turbonegro    “Apocalypse Dudes” (Fan Club Edition)
Waits, Tom    “The Black Rider” (Fan Club Edition)
We Were Skeletons    “Blame & Aging”
Winehouse, Amy    “Amy Winehouse At The BBC” (Fan Club Edition)
Young, Neil      “On The Beach” (Fan Club Edition)
Zedek, Thalia Band    “VIA”

Vulgar Fashion    “Vulgar Fashion”
LAS    “Zaikedelic / Preaching”

Big Eyes    “Demo 2010”
Black Keys, The / RZA    “The Baddest Man Alive” (The Man With The Iron Fist)
Bridge And Tunnel    “Loss Leaders” (White Vinyl)
Stooges, The    “Down On The Street: I Feel Alright [1970]”
Stooges, The    “1969: Real Cool Time”
Touche Amore / La Dispute    “Searching For A Pulse / The Worth Of The World”

Allien, Ellen    “LISm” (Soundtrack)
Invisible Hands, The    “The Invisible Hands” (Alvarius B / Alan Bishop / Sun City Girls; Egyptian Group)
Kozelek, Mark    “Like Rats”
Proxy    “Music From The Eastblock Jungles” (2CD)
Sun City Girls    “Eye Mohini (Sun City Girls Singles Volume 3)”
Various    “It Came From Connecticut”
Various    “Night Slugs AllStars Volume 2”

Cassette Tapes
Arabian Blade    “Perpetuate Myself” (/100)
Colorguard    “Channels” (/100)
Eriksen, Jon    “The Pale Light” (/100)
Goblin    “Live In Concert / Italian TV Appearances”
Mercyful Fate    “Ancient Evil” (Unofficial)
Merzbow    “Merzbow’s Lost Paradise”
NightBitch    “Peculiar Worship” (Cassette Single Sealed White Case)
Slumber Room    “Slumber Room EP” (Oversize Packaging)
Various    “The Legend Of Hell House 1973: Electric Music And Sound Effects” (Unofficial)
Various    “Goat Worship Compilation: The Gates of Hell Vol. 1”
Various    “Goat Worship Compilation: Black Mass Caroling Vol. 2”
Various    “Giallo… KILLS!” (It’s Exactly What It Sounds Like)
Various    “Main Titles From Unreleased Horror Scores” (It’s Also Exactly What It Sounds Like)
Various    “Wild Things: Jamie Gillis & Traci Lords 1985”

WIRE #350 (With CD) Magazine
The Convivial Hermit Black Metal, Noise And Other… Fan Zine #4-#6


Spazz Dwarf Jester Rising [Reissue]

(625 Thrash)
This re-press completes a recent trilogy of Spazz reissues, which started with 1999’s Crush Kill Destroy and then 1997’s La Revancha.  On their 1994 debut full-length, this influential California powerviolence band expectedly showcases their most raw sound (which is, of course, exactly how a hybrid of punk and grindcore should sound.) They maintained a consistent sound throughout their discography, perfecting it to become powerviolence’s most-imitated band: machine-gun drumming, monolithic bass, buzzing guitar and multiple shouted vocals. It also showcases their simultaneously well-written and furious lyrics from the start, with a primary running theme stressing the importance of thinking for one’s self and questioning societal norms. Awesome.
[Reviewer: Mark]

Megafaun Megafaun

On their fourth full-length, this North Carolina-based psych-folk trio plays through a wide tapestry of sound for over an hour. A very laid-back sound dominates the experience, with mellow acoustic instruments and vocals reminiscent of country – particularly on tracks such as opener “Real Slow” and “You Are The Light.” However, they also throw in some unique variety by alternating with several other songs that truly fit the “freak folk” label. The tracks that stand out the most with that quality include the jovial extraterrestrial carnival transitioning into a brief epic in “Serene Return” and the metallic drone/rustic guitar hybrid of “Postscript.” It’s certainly an interesting concoction of both the familiar and the otherworldly.
[Reviewer: Mark]

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T-USED-DAY Update for March 12th, 2013

T-USED-DAY Update for March 12th, 2013
at Redscroll Records

Here are some of the latest used arrivals at the shop. Keep in mind this doesn’t include any of the CDs or many of the LPs in the general rock/pop/jazz/anything-in-the-back-room that we get in.
These are the in-store prices – if you’d like to find any of these online please visit us here:

LPs & 12″s

4 Skins    “The Wonderful World Of The 4Skins”    LP        $15.00
AC/DC    “Flick The Switch”    LP        $5.00
AC/DC    “Highway To Hell”    LP        $6.00
AC/DC    “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap”    LP        $4.00
Adderley, Cannonball    “Cannonball Adderley Presents Soul Of The Bible Narrated By Rick Holmes With The Nat Adderley Sextet”    LP        $22.00
Allen, Tony    “Lagos No Shaking”    LP        $12.00
Animals + Men    “Never Bought Never Sold”    LP        $5.00
Armstrong, Louis    “At The Crescendo Vol. 1”    LP        $5.00
Armstrong, Louis And King Oliver    “Louis Armstrong And King Oliver”    LP        $5.00
Astatke, Mulato    “Mulatu Of Ethiopia”    LP        $10.00
Astatke, Mulato    “New York – Addis – London: The Story Of Ethio Jazz 1965-1975”    LP        $23.00
Autechre    “Quaristice”    LP        $30.00
Autechre    “Move Of Ten Pt. 2″    12”        $10.00
Autechre    “Move Of Ten Pt. 1″    12”        $5.00
Autechre    “Oversteps” (2LP Box Set – Please Ask For This At The Counter)    LP        $38.00
Avett Brothers, The    “The Carpenter”    LP        $16.00
Barbosa, Zelia    “Brazil: Songs Of Protest”    LP        $16.00
Barry, John / Nilsson    “Midnight Cowboy: Original Motion Picture Score” (G Condition)    LP        $1.00
Ben, Jorge    “Forca Bruta”    LP        $14.00
Big Boi    “Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son Of Chico Dusty”    LP        $10.00
Brooks, Cedric Im & The Light Of Saba    “The Magical Light Of Saba”    LP        $20.00
Build An Ark    “Love Part 1”    LP        $26.00
Burdon, Eric    “Eric Burdon Declares WAR”    LP        $6.00
Burial    “Untrue.”    LP        $17.00
Burial    “Burial. HDBLP001”    LP        $15.00
Cary, Tristram    “It’s Time For Tristram Cary: Works For Film, Television, Exhibition And Sculpture”     LP        $12.00
Charles Randolph Grean Sounde, The    “Quentin’s Theme – From The TV Show ‘Dark Shadows'”    LP        $2.00
Cluster    “Cluster”    LP        $8.00
Coleman, Ornette    “Change Of The Century”    LP        $7.00
Coleman, Ornette Double Quartet    “Free Jazz: A Collective Improvisation”    LP        $10.00
Cooper, Alice    “Killer”    LP        $6.00
Costa, Gal    “Gal Costa”    LP        $16.00
Count Five    “Psychotic Reaction” (Unofficial?)    LP        $16.00
Crumar, Phil    “As It Goes” (Sealed)    12″        $2.00
Dam-Funk    “ToEachIzOwn” (5LP Box Set – Please Ask For This At The Counter)    LP        $65.00
Darondo    “Let My People Go”    LP        $14.00
Davis, Miles    “Milestones…”    LP        $12.00
Demdike Stare    “Forest Of Evil”    LP        $35.00
Dopplereffekt    “Gesamtkunstwerk”    LP        $18.00
Dopplereffekt    “Calabi Yau Space”    LP        $25.00
Eddy Current Suppression Ring    “So Many Things”    LP        $12.00
Ekoplekz    “Fountain Square EP”    LP        $8.00
Emeralds    “Does It Look Like I’m Here?”    LP        $25.00
Fall, The    “Middle Class Revolt”    LP        $45.00
Ferrari, Brunhild    “Tranquilles Impatiences”    LP        $14.00
Focus Group, The    “Sketches And Spells”    LP        $22.00
Forward    “Just Go Forward To Death”    LP        $33.00
Gallagher, Rory    “Rory Gallagher”    LP        $8.00
Gas    “Nah Und Fern” (2LP)    LP        $40.00
Golden Boys    “Whiskey Flower” (First Press)    LP        $12.00
Golden Ring, The    “Iranian Styled 60’s Garage & Other Exotic Sounds: Complete Recordings”    LP        $18.00
Gorilla Biscuits    “Start Today”    LP        $12.00
Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five    “It’s Nasty”    12″        $2.00
Hancock, Herbie    “Maiden Voyage”    LP        $8.00
Hancock, Herbie / Thad Jones / Ron Carter / Jerome Richardson / Grady Tate / Jonathan Klein    “Hear, O Israel: A Prayer Ceremony In Jazz”    LP        $20.00
Helix    “No Rest For The Wicked”    LP        $2.00
Helix    “Walkin’ The Razor’s Edge”    LP        $2.00
Her Space Holiday    “The Young Machines”    LP        $15.00
Hocko, Bob And The Swamp Rats    “Disco Still Sucks!”    LP        $12.00
Hot Water Music    “No Division”    LP        $20.00
Hypnotic Brass Ensemble    “Hypnotic Brass Ensemble”    LP        $12.00
Iron Maiden    “Live After Death”    LP        $18.00
Irvine, Weldon    “Liberated Brother”    LP        $9.00
Jed Whitey    “Mongoloid Cage Match”    LP        $19.00
Jed Whitey    “Superfly Big Muff”    LP        $18.00
Jones, Sharon & The Dap-Kings    “100 Days 100 Nights”    LP        $12.00
Kirby, Leyland    “Intrigue & Stuff Vol. 1″ (Clear)    12”        $16.00
Kubisova, Marta    “Ne! The Soul Of Marta Kubisova: 1966-1970 With The Golden Kids, Mefisto And Other Fine Czech Orchestras”    LP        $14.00
MacColl, Ewan / Peggy Seeger    “The Manchester Angel”    LP        $5.00
Margot & The Nuclear So And So’s”    “Rot Gut, Domestic”    LP        $17.00
Mehrpouya, Abbass    “Mehrpouya Sitar”    LP        $40.00
Mobb Deep    “The Infamous” (2LP: Generic Sleeve)    LP        $14.00
Morrissey    “Ouija Board, Ouija Board”    LP        $7.00
Morrissey    “November Spawned A Monster”    LP        $6.00
Morrissey    “Interesting Drug”    12″        $5.00
Motley Crue    “Shout At The Devil”    LP        $10.00
Newworldaquarium    “The Dead Bears”    LP        $22.00
Odetta    “Odetta”    LP        $5.00
Oh Sees, Thee    “Dog Poison”    LP        $12.00
Oh Sees, Thee    “Sucks Blood” (White / Red vinyl)    LP        $10.00
Oneohtrix Point Never    “Zones Without People”    LP        $15.00
Oneohtrix Point Never    “Returnal”    LP        $16.00
Orchestre Poly-Rhythmo De Cotonou    “Echos Hypnotiques: From The Vaults Of Albarika Store 1969-1979”    LP        $22.00
Orchestre Poly-Rhythmo De Cotonou    “The Vodoun Effect: 1972-1975 Funk & Sato From Benin’s Obscure Labels Volume One”    LP        $22.00
Paul Piot Et Son Orchestre    “Dance And Mood Music Volume 4”    LP        $8.00
Peaking Lights    “Imaginary Falcons”    LP        $9.00
Rainbow    “Straight Between The Eyes”    LP        $2.00
Rainbow    “Bent Out Of Shape”    LP        $2.00
Rainbow    “Difficult To Cure”    LP        $5.00
Ramones    “Brain Drain”    LP        $10.00
Ramones    “Too Tough To Die”    LP        $10.00
Ratt    “Invasion Of Your Privacy”    LP        $2.00
Rebel Fenian Men, The    “The Rising Of Ireland”    LP        $8.00
Residents, The    “Hit The Road Jack”    LP        $6.00
Robeson, Paul    “In Live Performance”    LP        $5.00
Salah Ragab And The Cairo Jazz Band    “Egyptian Jazz”    LP        $18.00
Schmidt, Irmin Inner Space Production    “Kamasutra: Vollendung Der Liebe” (Soundtrack)    LP        $16.00
Sex Pistols, The    Never Mind The Bollocks Here’s The Sex Pistols”    LP        $12.00
Shed    “The Traveller”    LP        $18.00
Singh, Charanjit    “Ten Ragas To A Disco Beat”    LP        $30.00
Smith, Sylvia    “Woman Of The World”    LP        $15.00
Smiths, The    “Panic”    12″        $15.00
Spoerri, Bruno    “Extrakugel”    12″        $12.00
Stackridge    “Stackridge”    LP        $10.00
Stott, Andy    “Luxury Problems” (Clear /100)    LP        $60.00
Stott, Andy    “We Stay Together”    LP        $28.00
Sun Ra    “Disco 3000”    LP        $18.00
Sun Ra & His Arkestra    “The Other Side Of The Sun”    LP        $8.00
Sun Ra And His Intergalactic Myth Science Solar Arkestra    “Sleeping Beauty”    LP        $25.00
T.P. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo    “The Kings Of Benin Urban Groove 1972-80”    LP        $18.00
Terveet Kadet    “Mi Enthalvan: TK Historiaan 1980-1984” (Unofficial)    LP        $12.00
Thor    “Keep The Dogs Away”    LP        $14.00
Trunk, Johnny    “Scrap Book”    12″        $12.00
Two Gallants    “The Scenery Of Farewell”    LP        $8.00
Tyler Jon Tyler    “Tyler Jon Tyler”    LP        $7.00
Various    “NRK Sessions: Soul, Afro-Jazz And Latin From The Club 7 Scene”    LP        $20.00
Various    “Super Coool California Soul 2: Raw And Rare Soul From The West Coast, 1966-1982”    LP        $15.00
Various    “Forge Your Own Chains: Heavy Psychedelic Ballads And Dirges 1968-1974”    LP        $13.00
Various    “Marvellous Boy – Calypso From West Africa”    LP        $12.00
Various    “Lagos Chop Up”    LP        $16.00
Various    “Mad Dog’s Hustle: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” (White Vinyl)    LP        $13.00
Various    “G-Spots: The Spacey Folk Electro-Horror Sounds Of The Studio G Library”    LP        $15.00
Various    “Nigerial Special: Volume 2 Modern Highlife, Afro Sounds & Nigerian Blues 1970-6”    LP        $24.00
Various    “Nigeria Afrobeat Special: The New Explosive Sound In 1970s Nigeria”    LP        $26.00
Various    “Beautiful People”    LP        $5.00
Various    “Africa Boogaloo: The Latinization Of West Africa”    LP        $11.00
Various    “The Sound Of Wonder! The First Wave Of Plugged-In Pop At The Pakistani Picture House.”    LP        $35.00
Various    “Porno Groove: The Sound Of 70’s Adult Films” (Pinky Vinyl)    LP        $16.00
Various    “Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas”    LP        $18.00
Various    “Freedom Rhythm & Sound: Revolutionary Jazz & The Civil Rights Movement 1963-82 Volume Two”    LP        $12.00
Various    “Thai Beat A Go-Go: Groovy Sounds From The Land Of Smile!”    LP        $24.00
Various    “Panama! 3: Calypso Panameno, Guajira Jazz & Cumbia Tipica On The Isthmus 1960-75”    LP        $16.00
Various    “Raks Raks Raks: 17 Golden Garage Psych Nuggest From The Iranian 60s Scene”    LP        $15.00
Various    “African Scream Contest: Raw & Psychedelic Afro Sounds From Benin & Togo 70s”    LP        $19.00
Various    “Ghana Soundz Volume 2: Afro-Beat, Funk And Fusion In 70’s Ghana”    LP        $32.00
Various    “Waking Up Scheherazade: Arabian Garage Psych Nuggets From The 60’s And Early 70’s”    LP        $40.00
Various    “The Roxy London WC2 (Jan – Apr 77)”    LP        $8.00
Various    “Deutsche Elektronische Musik Voume 1: Experimental German Rock And Electronic Musik 1972-83”    LP        $18.00
Various    “Lagos All Routes”    LP        $14.00
Various    “Nigeria Special Part 1: Modern Highlife, Afro-Sounds & Nigerian Blues 1970-6”    LP        $18.00
Various    ” Ghana Special: Modern Highlife, Afro-Sounds & Ghanaian Blues 1968-81″ (5LP Box Set – Please Ask For This At The Front Counter)     LP        $44.00
Various    “Pebbles Vol. 8”    LP        $15.00
Viklicky, Emil    “The Funky Way Of Emil Viklicky”    LP        $15.00
Von Oswald Trio, Moritz    “Vertical Ascent”    LP        $12.00
Wareika Hill Sounds    “Wareika Hill Sounds”    LP        $16.00
Wet Hair / Naked On The Vague    “Wet Hair / Naked On The Vague” (Clear Vinyl)    LP        $7.00
Whitesnake    “Whitesnake” (1987)    LP        $4.00
Williams, Edward    “Life On Earth: Music From The 1979 BBC TV Series”    LP        $16.00

Radiohead    “King Of Limbs (Newspaper Album)” (Deluxe 2×10″)    10″        $40.00

Adkins, Hasil    “Boo Boo The Cat”    7″        $3.00
Anals, The    “Commando Of Love”    7″        $3.00
Awakening, The    “The Burning Wind”    7″        $3.00
Balance    “Why Answer Is Still Missing”    7″        $20.00
Box Elders    “Hole In My Head”    7″        $4.00
Cut The Shit    “Bored To Death EP”    7″        $6.00
Flat Duo Jets    “Jet Set”    7″        $4.00
Forward    “Act Then Decide” (Pink)    7″        $10.00
Gris Gris    “For The Season”    7″        $3.00
Krysmopompas    “Krysmopompas”    7″        $2.00
Mustang    “Mustang”    7″        $20.00
Nothing People    “Army Of Ideal” (Purple)    7″        $4.00
Offenders    “We Must Rebel”    7″        $4.00
Ponys    “Pop Culture” (144/199)    7″        $25.00
Project X    “SXE Revenge”    7″        $4.00
S.I.D.S.    “Sudden Infant Death Syndrome” (Red)    7″        $3.00
Sic Alps    “L. Mansion” (Pink)    7″        $4.00
Smith, Elliott    “Needle In The Hay”    7″        $5.00
Spread Eagles, The    “Don’t Be A Drag”    7″        $5.00
Spread Eagles, The    “Don’t Talk To The Narc”    7″        $2.00
Television Ghost    “Atomic Rain / Bird Flu”    7″        $4.00
Twerps    “Black Eyes”    7″        $4.00
Weirdos, The    “Destroy All Music”    7″        $7.00

Cassette Tapes
Heathen Hoof    “Promo Tape 2004”    used    Nuclear War Now    Cassette        $3.00
Parabellum    “Sacrilegio” (Metal Hecho En Medellin Colombia)    used    Madre Muerte    Cassette        $5.00
Sargeist    “Tyranny Returns” (#56/222)    Used    Warmoon    Cassette        $5.00
Segall, Ty    “$ingles” (#97/100)    used    Psychic Snerts    Cassette        $25.00
Woollen Kits    “22/09/11”    used    FDR-032    Cassette        $4.00