B.O.M.B.Fest May 30th – Durham Fair Grounds, CT
True story. There is a big music fest going on Memorial Day weekend in CT and it is pretty darn good.

Local favorites M.T. Bearington and Eula are representing New Haven. A slew of other bands from around the tri-state are set to play as well: artist line-up.

As for the headliners there is quite the mix; some bigger college aimed hip-hop acts, some hip indie rock and a veteran emo band. There are also some straight party acts and a cover band. Whatever your vibe is this most likely has at least one thing you enjoy. If you enjoy enjoying things in large groups then super extra bonus plus for you. This is a festival.

It seems there will also be a carousel and big ol’ wheel for ridin’. It’s on the Durham Fair Grounds so that is pretty fitting. I hope, for the sake of all attending, that there will also be a Lyman Orchards booth and some fried dough.

We (REDSCROLL RECORDS, 24 N. Colony Rd., Wallingford, CT 06492) are selling tickets to B.O.M.B.Fest! No service charge.

If you plan on going please stop by and pick up a ticket. They are $50 – considering all that this ticket comes with and goes to, that ain’t bad. By the way, B.O.M.B. = Bring Our Music Back and is also the first four letters in organizer, Frank Bombaci’s last name -> clever and convenient acronym. As an added karmic bonus a portion of the proceeds from this fest will go to some fine charities. “ BRING OUR MUSIC BACK INC. donates over 70% of net proceeds – raised through B.O.M.B. Fests, other fundraising events and individual donations – to select national and local charities.” “Here’s the best part of B.O.M.B. Fest! It’s all about the give back. Part of the money you spend will help kids who don’t have it so good….like the ones at The Hole In The Wall Gang Camp and Connecticut Children’s Hospital.

Edit to bring some bad news: Brand New has dropped off due to some personal issues (I am paraphrasing the announcement – I know nothing beyond this).

UPDATE 5/1/10: 30 Seconds to Mars (Yea, the one with Jared Leto – you know, that guy who gets his face all messed up in Fight Club) is now playing.

27th of April 2010 Update

27th of April 2010 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s
Apples In Stereo “Travellers In Space”
At The Gates “Purgatory Unleashed: Live At Wacken”
Blacklisted “Our Youth Is Wasted”
Bloody Panda “Summon (+ DVD)”
Bullet For My Valentine “Fever”
Candiria “Kiss The Lie”
Circa Survive “Blue Sky Noise”
Comes “No Side”
Dead Meadow “Three Kings (+ DVD; + D/L)”
Decemberists, The “Picaresque”
Deer Tick “Born On Flag Day”
Dinosaur Jr. “Green Mind (180 Gram)”
El Michels Affair “Enter the 37th Chamber”
Faraquet “The View From This Tower”
Fuck Buttons “Olympians”
Fuck The Facts “Disgorge Mexio”
Get Rad “I Can Always Live (+ D/L)”
Hole “Nobody’s Daughter”
Horse Feathers “Thistled Spring (+ D/L)”
Hot Water Music “Fuel For The Hate Game”
Jackson, Michael “This Is It”
Jones, Sharon & The Dap-Kings “I Learned The Hard Way (+ D/L)”
Lawrence Arms, The “A Guided Tour Of Chicago”
Lawrence Arms, The “Cocktails & Dreams”
Mastodon “Blood Mountain (Color)”
McCoy, Mark “Hallow Soundtrack”
MGMT “Congratulations (Ltd. Ed. Scratch Off Cover)”
Mono “Holy Ground: NYC Live With Wordless Music Orchestra (+DVD)”
Morbid Angel “Formulas Fatal To The Flesh “
No Balls “Come Clean”
Over Kill “Iron Bound”
Pack “Pack”
Posehn, Brian “Live In: Nerd Rage (PIC)”
Raw Nerve “Raw Nerve”
Rip Off Artist, The “Pet Sounds”
Sonic Youth “EVOL”
Sonic Youth “Confusion is Sex”
Taylor Bow “Thin Air”
Umberto “From The Grave”
Wolf, Josiah “Jet Lag (+D/L; /1000)”
Wu-Tang Clan “Enter the Dubstep”
Young Livers “Of Misery And Toil (+D/L)”

1349 “Demonoir”
Abscess “Dawn Of Inhumanity”
Devo “Duty Now For The Future”
Fun “Fun Presents: Selected Selections”
Jones, Sharon & The Dap-Kings “I Learned The Hard Way”
Madlib “Medicine Show No. 4: 420 Challice Jamaica”
MGMT “Congratulations (Ltd. Ed. Scratch Off Cover)”
Nada Surf “If I Had A Hi-Fi”
Posehn, Brian “Fart And Weiner Jokes”
Rodriguez-Lopez, Omar “Old Money”
Sick Of It All “Based On A True Story”
Xasthur “2005 Demo”

Record Players / Reduced Price

Recently, Numark reduced the cost of the TTUSB player. We are (upcoming cliche approaching) passing the savings along to you!

We also carry the Numark PT01 which is a portable model. And, finally, we will order upon request the Project Debut III.

The Numark TTUSB has been ol’ reliable here. Josh (one of us 2 owners) has one and uses it and enjoys it often at home. It has a USB output and comes with easy to use software as well. Along with the reduced price of this Numark is offering (for a limited time) a free CX-1 cartridge with purchase of this player.

New Price: $115

The Numark PT01USB also has a USB out and the same software. It is most convenient if you want to use this from place to place. If you are staying stationary with your records I’d recommend the prior model over this, however. The price on this has remained constant.

Numark PT01USB
Price: $99.99

Finally, we are pleased to say that we offer the Project Debut III turntable by request. It is a bit more pricey and a bit more for the audiophile. It is sleek with no frills (no frills = no extra parts to create extra noise). It comes in fun colors though I am not sure of what colors we can get (disclaimer there). This is comparable to the Rega P1 model that we have at the front counter often playing records in the store. I have a Project record player, myself and it is pretty great and highly recommended by me (Rick). Orders of this player would be received within 2 weeks’ time and most likely it would take only 3 days.

Project Debut III
Price: $375

905 Tapes Basement / Record Fair

This week has been crazy good. It has been the kind of week that I will look forward to next year as soon as this one is over. Luckily, it doesn’t end until tomorrow evening. A full week culminates in a massaging wash of noise, drone, ambience,… cathartic walls of sound, etc.

I’m sorry to say that Halflings is not playing as was originally planned. Nor is Poison Fingers. All is well that ends well as the lineup is now:
Roman Wolfe w/ D. Gookin (Collaboration)
Colorguard (Kryssi B.)
and Matt Grem (of Medhammer) possibly?

This is starting at 6PM which is a little early for a show like this, but after this week it’s going to feel like 4AM to me. Don’t go to sleep tonight. Stay up. Forget your first name. Show up and get blissed.

Roman Wolfe has a new tape out on 905 Tapes too. Check it!

In the morning from 11AM-4PM I (Rick) will be at the WESU Record Fair as well. Feel free to come by and join in on that fun too.