Best of 2009 (Rick)

Best of 2009 (Rick)

One major thing to keep in mind is that if something doesn’t come out on LP/Record/Vinyl/Wax/Plastic/… then there’s a good chance I didn’t give it a full shot. There are also cases of things I just haven’t fully heard yet for one reason or another (Basement Jaxx, Sunn, others… and yea, they are notable). My only claim with this list is that these are the albums (full albums, mind you) that I’ve most enjoyed from the past year. Were I to mention all the singles and EPs that I’ve enjoyed to an equal degree the list would be considerably longer. I’m not going into that though. Enjoy this list. On another day it might find a different order with different content.

1. Fever Ray “Fever Ray”
This is almost cliche, but I think this is the best album of the year. I didn’t think it would be upon initial listen, but I came back to this one time and time again. Melancholy.

2. Cloaks “Versus Grain”
I don’t remember what led me to listen to this – some blog post somewhere. I had ignored their first 12″ on Werk Discs back in 2007 (2008 stateside). I then wrote a love letter via my own blog post this year upon finally giving them a shot (a couple months after their full length actually dropped). To see my full thoughts: HPSU “Dear Cloaks”

3. Iron Age “Sleeping Eye”
4. Hatred Surge “Deconstruct”

#3 & 4 share members so I’m writing this up together. Iron Age takes pieces from a bunch of different psychedelic biker bad ass influences as well as some death metal and hardcore. Nothing is new (ever anywhere) so why not just take parts of things you love and mush them together. Of course, that could be a recipe for disaster. Here it works brilliantly. As for Hatred Surge – short, fast and sweet. It’s like when you want to do a really good belly flop and you do. It hurts and rules.

5. Cathode Terror Secretion “Spectre Of History’s Design”
6. Halflings “Self-Esteem”

These guys are from the same area and released records at the same time on the same label (RRR). It’s noise. It’s power electronics. It’s brutal and it’s a cathartic wash of full body massage (change the settings by adjusting the volume – preferably all the way up).

7. Bill Callahan “Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle”
Here’s another album I wouldn’t have expected to be on this list upon initial listen. Bill Callahan used to record as Smog. This is his third album under his own name. It is his best under his own name by far. If’n you like Mark Kozelek like I do you will enjoy this’n.

8. Kryptic Minds “One Of Us”
Here’s the second album on my list that would fall into the dubstep category. As opposed to Cloaks though this one is very much the definition of dubstep. These fellas have put out the best examples of by the books (not by the numbers) dubstep this year. It avoids cliches and doesn’t come off as being made purely for dance floor fodder. This is worthy listening music (not just atmosphere). It’s a bit dark and minimal. Solid.

9. Royksopp “Junior”
What’s funny about this album is that at one point this is what I would’ve hoped the Fever Ray album would sound like (having just heard that Karen of the Knife was producing a solo effort). I wanted the dancey part of the Knife. Of course, Fever Ray is atop this list. Royksopp is right here. Karen is actually on a couple tracks here too (along with a cast of other guests). Royksopp has been around for a solid ten years (formed 1998, first album in 2001). They produce left of center dance music. This effort is exactly that. It’s happy and fun and seemingly the antithesis of most of my list so it really needs to be on here.

10. Estrogen Highs “Tell It to Them”
Local New Haven based boys playing trashy rock that I enjoy. If you like rock and roll you should check it out.

11. V/A “Hyperdub 5”
Hyperdub is a dubstep label that’s been going on for 5 years now. This double disc set (on CD – a few 12″s with key tracks were also released) full of it’s history and great new tracks. Joker, Zomby, King Midas Sound, many others. Top notch!

23rd of December 2009 Update

24th of December 2009 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

Happy XXXmas everyone. X up to show your spirit.

LPs & 12″s
Arabian Prince “Let’s Hit The Beach”
Billy Bao “May 08”
Blue Sabbath Black Cheer / Penetration Camp “Bleak Village / Mob Rules”
Buckley, Tim “Greetings From L.A.’
Circulatory System ‘Signal Morning’
Distance ‘Clockwork”
DJ/Rupture / Matt Shadetek “Shallows EP”
Dry Spells “Too Soon For Flowers”
Holopaw “Oh Glory Oh Wilderness”
House Boat “The Delaware Octopus”
Jones, Rev. Johnny L. “Hurricane” “Jesus Christ From A To Z”
Laudanum “The Coronation”
Marked Men, The “Fix My Brain”
Mazzy Star “She Hangs Brightly (180 Gram)”
Megasus ‘Megasus”
Mentors “You Axed For It (Pink Vinyl LP+7″)”
MeWithoutYou ‘It’s All Crazy! It’s All False! It’s All A Dream! It’s Alright”
Mudhoney ‘Mudhoney’
Nurse With Wound ‘Chance Meeting On A Dissecting Table Of A Sewing Machine And An Umbrella”
Orchestre Poly-Rythmo De Cotonou “Echos Hypnotiques 1969-1979”
Propagandhi ‘Today’s Empires, Tomorrow’s Ashes”
Segall, Ty & Mikal Cronin “Reverse Shark Attack”
Silk Flowers “As Above So Below’
Six Organs Of Admittance / Mattson, Joseph “Empty The Sun (LP + Book)”
Spits, The ’19 Million A.C. EP CD LP”
Talk Normal “Secret Cog”
Tyvek “Blunt Insturmental EP”
Various Artists “Freedom, Rhythm & Sound (Revolutionary Jazz & The Civil Rights Movement 1963-82) Volume One”
We All Have Hooks For Hands “The Shape Of Energy”

Eddy current Suppression Ring “Demon’s Demands”
Marked Men / This Is My Fist

Marked Men, The “Fix My Brain”
Various Artists “Thai Pop Spectacular”
Various Artists “Shadow Music Of Thailand”
Villalobos, R. “Alcachofa”

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soapbox
Slices (Free Electronic Music DVD Zine)

18th of December 2009 Update

18th of December 2009 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records


LPs & 12″s
50 Lions “Where Life Expires”
60 Watt Kid “We Come From The Bright Side”
Bjork “Greatest Hits”
Blakroc “Blakroc”
Blue Sabbath Black Cheer & Nihilist Assault Group “Planned Obsolescence”
Bonny Billy & The Picket Line “Funtown Comedown”
Cave In “Antenna”
Chinese Stars, The “Heaven On Speed Dial”
Death “Human”
Embrace Of Thorns “Atonement Ritual”
Eskmo “Let Them Sing”
Flaming Lips, The “Embryonic”
Fleshies “Brown Flag”
Forfeit “”The Lower Depths
Gainsbourg, Serge “Du Chant A La Lune V. 1 & 2”
Geiom & Shortstuff “No Hand Signals”
Gemmy “Johnny 5”
Give “Give”
Green Day “Bullet In A Bible”
Guilt Trip! “Outrageous Claims”
Haymaker “Haymaker”
Human Mess “Follow You Home”
Ikonika “Smuck”
Joker “City Hopper”
Lady Gaga “The Fame Monster (PIC)”
Life Of Agony “Ugly”
Mean Jeans “Are You Serious?”
Megadeth “Endgame”
Metallica “Metallica (Black Album; Deluxe Edition)”
Metallica “And Justice (Deluxe Edition)”
Municipal Waste “Massive Aggressive (PIC)”
Nirvana “Live At Reading”
Pavement “Brighten The Corners (Limited Edition 4LP Set)”
Pop, Iggy “Lust For Life”
Porcupine Tree “The Incident”
Public Image Limited “Album”
Rammstein “Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da”
Red Hot Chili Peppers “Mother’s Milk”
Rise And Fall “Our Circle Is Vicious”
Ruiner “Hell Is Empty”
Saint Vitus “Born Too Late”
Simone, Nina “Emergency Ward!”
Six Finger Satellite “A Good Year For Hardness”
Starkey “Ok Luv”
Topaz Rags “Capricorn Born Again”
Various Artists “Soundtrack: The Twilight Saga: New Moon”

Abraxas “Wretched Existence”
Acrimonious “Purulence”
Death In June “Symbols (2CD Box Set)”
Impetuous Ritual “Relentless Execution Of…”
Katharsis “Fourth Reich”
Mean Jeans “Are You Serious?”
Nadja “Belles Betes”
Oh No “Dr. No’s Ethiopium”
Radian “Chimeric”
Soul Control “Involution”
Thor “Unchained”
Tompkins, Paul F. “Freak Wharf”
Troum “Ryna”

Agnostic Front “United…”
Avskum “Crucified By The System”
Bad Seed/War Hungry
Bane “Los Angeles 3.58PM”
Coconut Coolouts “Halloween Party Songs”
Crocodiles/Graffitti/… (Four Way Split)
Drive By Truckers “Dangerous Highway Vol. 2”
Dulli, Greg “Dangerous Highway Vol. 1”
Francis Harold & The Holograms “Mirror Of Fear”
Gorilla Biscuits
Marked Men/This Is My Fist
N.N. “Pasivos…Muertos”
Predator “Honest Man”
Rose, Frankie “Thee Only One”
Sissy Spacek “Fortune”
Sultan, Mark “I Am The End…”
Terrorizer “World Downfall”
Useless Eaters “Sucked In”
UX Vileheads “First EP”

Nirvana Live At Reading
Such Hawks, Such Hounds
Wesley Willis

Book & Magazine
Dance Of Days: DC Punk
Wire #311 Jan. 2010

Gristleism (Chrome)