Hostage Calm "Lens" LP = OUT NOW!

If you pre-ordered this and it hasn’t shown up yet it should be there by the end of the week. If it’s not there by then please let us know. They have all been shipped out.

We can still take orders for anyone that hasn’t yet picked it up. Blue/Gold is sold out, but the other 2 color combos are still available.

Limited to 500 copies total. 3 colors. We are not repressing.

International customers should email us ( for shipping costs before sending money.

Hostage Calm “Lens” LP

4th of March 2009 Update of New and Key Restocks

4th of March 2009 Update of New & Key Restocks
at Redscroll Records

If you did not pre-order and would like a copy we have them in the store now.

LPs & 12″s
Black Moth Super Rainbow “Dandelion Gum”
Chandra “Transportation (+Book)”
Cheap Tragedies “Vol. 1 – Souvenir And…”
City Of Ships “Live Free Or Don’t”
Dead C “Eusa Kills + Helen Said”
Deerhunter “Microcastle (2LP)”
Defeater “Travels”
EDMX “2k3 Beats”
Fear “The Record”
Final “Reading All The Right Signals”
Final Fight “Half Head”
Flagitious Idiosyncracy ITD
Fugazi “Steady Diet Of Nothing”
Hex Machine “Run To Earth (+7″)”
Medusa “En Raga Sul”
Monno (doom band with an extra “n”) “Ghosts”
Mouthpiece “Can’t Kill…”
Nihilist Assault Group “Silent Movie (+DVD)”
NOFX “Punk In Drublic”
Odd Nosdam “T.I.M.E. Soundtrack”
P.O.S. “Never Better”
Robedoor “Rancor Keeper”
Sabretooth Zombie “Midnight”
Slint “Tweez”
Strange Boys “And Girls Club”
Television “Adventure”
Various Artists “Last Kind Words 1926-…”

Amon Amarth “Once Sent (Deluxe)”
Black Lips “200 Million Thousand”
Danzig “Lost Tracks Of…”
Defeater “Travels”
Brian Eno “Ambient 1: Music For Airports”
Faust “C’est Com”
Bruce Haack “Hush Little…”
Harley’s War “HC All Stars”
Hex Machine “Omen Mas”
Ill Bill “Is The Future Vol. 2”
Isole “Silent Ruins”
MassGrave “5 Years of Grinding”
Monno (doom band with an extra “n”) “Ghosts”
Saros “Acrid Plains”
Various Artists “Round Black Ghosts 2CD”

Ash Pool “Saturns Slave”
Dave Bazan “American Flags”
Joey Cape / John Snodgrass
Cold Cave “Painted Nails”
Dead Hearts “All Good: Live”
Last Lights
Prosthetics “Count It”
Social Task

Death In June: Live In Italy
Haxan (Criterion Ed.)
Jam (Sundance Roller Derby Flick)
Ladies And Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains
Secret Chiefs 3: Live At The Great American…

Books & Magazines
Maximum Rock N Roll #310 March 2009
Shindig! Annual #1
Z Gun No. 3

27th of February 2009 Update

25th of February 2009 Update of New and Key Restocks
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s
Amenra “Mass IIII”
Boxcutter / Kinnego “Familiar”
Circle “Latitudes: Tyrant”
Dungen “Ta Det…”
The Fallen Black Dear “Latitudes: Requiem”
Jakes Vs. Joker “3K Lane…”
Kutz “Drums of…”
Kutz “Travelling”
Lunch, Lydia “Master Alchemist”
Massgrave “Massgrave”
Mi Ami “Watersports”
Mochipet / Bloody Snowman
Mountains “Choral (2LP)”
Mr. Bungle “Disco Volante”
Pan American “White Bird”
Plasmatics “Beyond The Valley…”
Q Tip “The Renaissance”
Slint “Spiderland”
Tombs “Winter Hours (180gm)”
Various Artists “Dark Was The Night (3LP)”

Amenra “Mass IIII”
Antigama “Warning”
A Plea For Purging “Depravity”
Black Lips “200 Million Thousand”
Buried Inside “Spoils Of Failure”
Neko Case “Middle Cyclone”
John Coltrane “Standard Coltrane”
Ephel Duath “Through My Dog’s…”
The Fallen Black Dear “Latitudes: Requiem”
Fauna “Rain”
Bela Fleck “Throw Down Your Heart / Tales…”
General Surgery / Butcher ABC (split)
Generichrist “F*ck Ritual”
Group Doueh “Guitar Music”
Guthrie, Woody “This Land Is Your Land”
Iwrestledabearonce “Iwrestledabearonce”
Mountains “Choral”
Marissa Nadler “Little Hells”
Novembre “The Blue”
Pan American “White Bird”
Porcupine Tree “Nil Recurring”
The Prodigy “Invaders Must Die”
Otis, Shuggie “Inspiration”
Revolting Cocks (RevCo) “Sex-O Olympic-o”
Souleyman “Highway Hassake”
Various Artists “Dark Was The Night (2CD)”
Various Artists “Marabi Africa Vol. 1”
Various Artists “Marabi Africa vol. 2”
Various Production “Invisible Lodger”
Waco Jesus “Sex, Drugs & Deathmetal”

The Whip And The Body (w/ Christopher Lee = Tall Man) / Conspiracy of Torture

Books & Magazines
XLR8R #125 March 2009

New Haven Advocate Readers Poll and an Update on Stock for Feb. 22nd

So, currently, the New Haven Advocate is holding its annual Readers Poll. Last year (after being open less than one full year at the time of the poll) we came in 2nd place! We also came in 2nd place in the Hartford Advocate without even campaigning for that or even being in Hartford County (we’ll see if that strategy pays off again this year)! I think that makes us a strong #1 in the heart of CT. Let’s keep that going.

Help us out by visiting, click on the “Vote Here” box and in the category Books, CDs, DVDs and in the sub-category of Independent CD/Vinyl Store please put REDSCROLL RECORDS!

We are doing our best to be the best we can be. If ever you see some room for improvement please let us know – another pair of eyes with another point of view is always welcome. All this said, vote vote vote, tell your friends and enemies to do the same, vote vote and vote! Thank you. We also have some big things in the works for this coming year and we will show you how much all of you mean to us = appreciation of you!

24th of February Update of New and Key Restocks
at Redscroll Records

Andrew Jackson Jihad “Only… (10″)”
Appleseed Cast “Sagarmatha (2LP)”
Atmosphere “God Loves Ugly (2LP+DVD)”
Cure “Head On The Door (180gm)”
Cure “Standing On A Beach: Singles”
Ergs “Hindsight is 20/20”
Final Fight “Half Head..”
Kayo Dot “Blue Lambency Downward”
Lamb Of God “Wrath (+DNLD)”
Mouthpiece “Can’t Kill…”
Murder City Devils “Empty Bottles, Broken Hearts”
Murder City Devils “In Name And Blood”
Murder City Devils “Thelema”
Murder City Devils “Murder City Devils”
Naked Raygun “All Rise (Numbered)”
Panic At The Disco “Pretty.Odd”
TV On The Radio “Dear Science”
Frank Zappa “Hot Rats (200gm)”

Cloak Dagger (Untitled)
Disco Assault “Saturday…”
Eating Glass “Feed Them To..”
Groinoids “Radiobeat Sessions”
Integrity “Walpurgisnacht”
Internal Affairs “Evil Egy”
Mind Eraser “Prodigal Son”
Various Artists “Mercy For None (Reaper Rec’s)”

And Then There Were None “Who Speaks For Planet Earth?”
Blut Aus Nord “Memoria Vetusta II – Dialogue”
Lamb Of God “Wrath (2CD)”
Thursday “Common Existence”
Steve Turner “Searching For Melody”
Victims “Killer”
Within The Ruins “Creature”
John Zorn “Filmworks XXIII El General”

Four Flies On Grey Velvet (Dario Argento)

Adult Crash (+7″)

18th of February 2009

18th of February 2009 Update of New and Key Restocks
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s
Apse “Eras”
Azita “How Will You?”
Beirut “March Of The Zapotec”
Bone Awl “Meaningless Leaning Mess” (Grey or Black)
Captain Beefheart “Trout Mask Replica (Color)”
Mike Bones “Fool For Everyone”
The Dodos “Visiter”
dDamage “100% Hate”
D. Rider “Mother Of Curses”
Dirty Three “She Has No Strings Apollo”
Hunches “Exit Dreams”
J.T. IV “Cosmic Lightning (LP+DVD)”
Landing “Gravitational IV”
Mr. Bungle “Disco Volante”
Polvo “Celebrate The New Dark Age (180gm)”
Polvo “Exploded Drawing (2LP)”
Screeching Weasel “My Brain Hurts”
Sum One “Oblivion”
Villains “Drenched in the Poisons”
The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band “Together”
Woolfy “(whatever/whatever remixes)”
Wu-Tang Clan “Legend Of The …”

Bone Awl “Night’s Middle”
Deathevokation / Graveyard (Split)
Pansy Division (w/ Jello Biafra) “Average Men”

Azita “How Will You?”
Beirut “March Of The Zapotec”
Blasphemophagher “Nuclear Empire of Apocalypse”
Blood Ceremony “Blood Ceremony”
Damaar “Triumph Through Spears of Sacrilege”
Dead Congregation “Graves of the Archangels”
Embrace of Thorns “…For I See Death In Their Eyes…”
Karlheinz Stockhausen “Adventures In Sound”
Lolita Black “Inside The Wasteland”
Midnight “Complete and Total Fucking Midnight”
Midnight “Farewell to Hell”
Odd Nosdam “T.I.M.E. Soundtrack”
Perversor “Cult of Destruction”
Sole And The Skyrider “Remix Album”
Various Artists “Tigerbass Vol. 1”
Various Artists “Disco Italia: Essential…”
Wild Classical Music Ensemble “Music In The Margins”
Witchtrap “Witching Metal”

Budo: The Art Of Killing
Haxan (Criterion)
Hommage Au Sauvage – A Portrait Of Henri Pousseur
I Never Promised You A Rose Garden (David Toop)

Elder Utah Smith “I Got Two Wings (book w/ CD)”