CLOSED October 29th 2012; Oh, hey Sandy. I heard you were coming.

CLOSED October 29th 2012 
Oh, hey Sandy. I heard you were coming.


Or maybe you prefer to be called Frankenstorm? Is that an admission of guilt by whoever dubbed you that, Sandy? Is that person / Are those persons admitting that the folly of man has created you, Frankenstorm? It’s probably just a play on words because it’s hitting the US East Coast during Halloween time, but maybe you have more insight, Sandy? Anyways, surf’s up. Redscroll will be closed all Monday. We’re hoping to be open Tuesday, but stay tuned and check our twitter for quick updates.

Just to be perfectly clear: Redscroll Records will be closed on Monday, October 29th, 2012. Please check back for future notes on any interruptions to our normal hours of operation.