31st Of May 2019 Update

31st Of May 2019 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s

A Sagittariun “Return To Telepathic Heights”
Abstract Orchestra “Madvillain Vol. 2”
Accused, The A.D. “The Ghoul In The Mirror”
Agathocles “Razor Sharp Daggers”
Aggrolites, The “Reggae Now!”
As Sahar “Primitively Eastern Winds ’93”
Blood Feast “Chopped, Sliced And Diced”
Blu & Exile “True & Livin'”
Bongzilla “Gateway” (Green / Standard Black Varieties)
Bongzilla “Stash” (Green / Standard Black Varieties)
Bongzilla “Methods For Attaining Extreme Altitudes” (White/Green & Standard Varieties)
Bongzilla “Live From The Relapse Contamination Festival 2003” (Green/White )
Bongzilla “Amerijuanican” (Clear/Splatter & Standard Varieties)
Brainiac “Hissing Prigs In Static Couture”
Brown, Marion “Three For Shepp”
Bybo Funk “Black Eye Galaxy”
Causa Sui “Summer Sessions Vol. 1”
Causa Sui “Summer Sessions Vol. 2”
Causa Sui “Summer Sessions Vol. 3”
Claim, The “The New Industrial Ballads” (+ D/L)
Coltrane, Alice “Berkeley Community Theatre – 7 /23 / 72”
Combo Chimbita “Abya Yala” (Splatter Vinyl)
Comet Is Coming, The “Prophecy EP” (Debut Reissue + D/L)
Condor “Singles 2017-2018”
Consumer Electronics “Airless Space”
Craft “Fuck The Universe” (Black 2LP /658)
Davis, Gary “A Taste Of Chocolate: The Very Best Of Gary Davis”
Dead “Hardnaked But Dead”
Death Angel “Humanicide” (Purple / Cyan Splatter /700)
Departure Chandelier “Antichrist Rise To Power”
Diplo “Europa” (Splatter Vinyl)
Doc Sleep “Crème Fraiche”
Duncan, John & Joachim Nordwall “Conventional Wisdom”
El Shazly, Nadah “Ahwar”
Fistula / Junkov*en “At War With Pretension” (White Vinyl /250)
Foreign Exchange, The “Leave It All Behind” (180 Gram 2LP)
Fujiya & Miyagi “Flashback” (Red Vinyl + D/L)
Gnoomes “Mu!” (Red Ltd. Ed.)
Guerilla Welfare “The Nature Of Human Nature”
Hancock, Herbie & The Headhunters Band “Flood” (Live In Japan, 2LP Reissue)
Helm “Chemical Flowers”
Hey Colossus “Four Bibles”
HXE (Formerly Hex) “Inds” 10″
Hygiene “Private Sector”
Ixna “Knotpop”
JRJR “Invocations”
Kishi Bashi “Omoiyari”
L.O.T.I.O.N. “World Wide Web”
Landstrumm, Neil “Shitting Diamonds On Jupiter”
LBB “Popped Music”
Lungbutter “Honey”
Maps “Colours. Reflect. Time. Loss.” (White Vinyl Ltd. Ed. + D/L)
Matsui, Hiroshi “So Happy!!”
Meat Beat Manifesto “Opaque Couche”
Moka Only “Patina”
Muraoka, Minoru “Bamboo” (Reissue)
Nekrofilth “Worm Ritual”
Nightmares on Wax “Back To Nature” (Ricardo Villalobos Remixes)
Noriko, Tujiko “Kuro” (Soundtrack)
Padgett, Betty “Betty Padgett” (Reissue)
Parker, Alan & Alan Hawkshaw “Black Pearl” (Reissue)
Perry, Lee Scratch “Rainford” (+D/L)
Puce Mary “The Drought”
Rani, Hania “Esja”
Resina “Traces Remixes”
Sacred Paws “Run Around The Sun” (Peak Vinyl Ltd. Ed. Green)
Samana “Ascension”
Secret Band (Rise Records) “LP2”
Sinkane “Depayse” (Ltd. Ed. Orange Vinyl)
Soft Issues “Soft Issues”
Staples, Mavis “We Get By”
Stereo MC’s “Connected” (Reissue)
Surgeon “Raw Trax 1”
Surgeon “Raw Trax 2”
Takayanagi, Masayuki New Direction Unit “April Is The Cruellest Month” (First Vinyl Edition Of 1975 Album)
Taylor, Ebo / Pat Thomas / Uhuru Yenzu “Hitsville Re-Visited” (Reissue)
Taylor, Gloria Ann & Walter Whisenhunt’s Orchestra “Deep Inside You”
Team Dresch “Captain My Captain” (Blue Vinyl Reissue)
Team Dresch “Personal Best” (Splatter Vinyl Reissue)
This Kind Of Punishment “In The Same Room”
Tuttle, Doug “Dream Road”
Urochromes “Trope House”
Various “Puro Tayta Shanti”
Various “Rare & Unreleased Ska Recordings From Federal Records Vaults 1964-1965”
Various “The Sacred Entertainment: Reak, Ceremonial Horse Trance Music From Priangan”
Various “Par Les Damne-e-s De La Terre: Des Voix De Luttes 1969-1988” (2LP)
Various “Ska From The Vaults Of Federal Records”
Wauters, Juan “Introducting Juan Wauters”
Wauters, Juan “La Onda De Juan Pablo”
Xyn Cabal “Perfect Oracle”
Yano, Akiko “Iroha Ni Konpeitou” (Reissue Of Cult Second Studio Album)


DJ Babu “Super Duper Duck Flips Vol. 2”
Francis, Neal “These Are The Days”
Kero Kero Bonito “Swimming”
New Mastersounds, The “Shake It / Permission To Land”
Team Dresch “Hand Grenade”
True Loves “Famous Last Words”
Wives “Waving Past Nirvana”


Amyl & The Sniffers “Amyl And The Sniffers”
Blood Feast “Chopped, Sliced And Diced”
Departure Chandelier “Antichrist Rise To Power”
Eluvium “Pianoworks”
Ghostface Killah “Twelve Reasons To Die II” (Adrian Younge Presents)
Helm “Chemical Flowers”
Kishi Bashi “Omoiyari”
Lucier, Alvin “Still Lives”
Noriko, Tujiko “Kuro” (Soundtrack)
Puce Mary “The Drought”
Rallizes Denudes, Les “France Demo Tapes”
Sinkane “Depayse”
Takayanagi, Masayuki New Direction Unit “April Is The Cruellest Month”
Team Dresch “Captain My Captain”
Team Dresch “Choices, Chances, Changes”
Team Dresch “Personal Best”


Bofale, Christelle “Swim Team” (FD084)
Herxheim “Cultivating Throne Of Fur”
Sabbat “Sabbat”
Sabbat “The Seven Deadly Sins”
Team Dresch “Choices, Chances, Changes” (JB-177)
Team Dresch “Personal Best” (JB-175)
Team Dresch “Captain My Captain” (JB-176)



Bad Religion
Age of Unreason
It’s been almost forty years since this iconic Los Angeles punk band formed, and they’ve somehow managed to make their seventeenth full-length record yet another great one. Even with the six-year gap between this and previous effort True North, Age of Unreason eloquently picks right back up with Bad Religion’s well-established style: punchy melodic punk flowing swiftly with intellectual lyricism (most of the album was written entirely by guitarist Brett Gurewitz and frontman Greg Graffin.) Unsurprisingly, the contemporary political landscape influenced the album, with ideas presented abstractly as usual: the soaring “My Sanity” is an instantly memorable classic with its radiant harmonies, while the slower-tempo but potent “Candidate” takes the satirical perspective of a blunt, obtusely-speaking villain seeking power.
[Reviewer: Mark]

 This Mess Is A Place
(Sub Pop)
On their fourth full-length album, this Seattle indie-punk quartet aims for a fun and uplifting party atmosphere through their peppy, melodic instrumentation and socially conscious lyricism. Single “Grains of Salt” is jangly power-pop / dance-rock number with an irresistibly festive vibe and lyrics promoting self-confidence. The shimmering “Rose-Colored Sky” is a favorite too, about taking chances and wondering about those who never put forth effort in life’s challenges.
[Reviewer: Mark]

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