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Welcome back to Manic Presents’ weekly Redscroll Blog.  We’re here to give you the latest on new show announcements and upcoming events for the week.

As Halloween approaches, the amount of shows we have this week is a little… spooky. By that, we mean there’s a lot and you should attend them! Tonight (10/24), everyone’s favorite TV dad – Bob Saget is bringing laughs to College Street Music Hall! Meanwhile, Vacationer ~ Wavelengths (Kenny Vasoli of The Starting Line) will be at Space Ballroom being joined by DJ St. Thomas. The Space Ballroom tomorrow night (10/25) is going to be loud, so make sure to bring your earplugs for Fit For An Autopsy, Rivers of Nihil, Lorna Shore, and Dyscarnate. On Saturday (10/26), come hear the music of Billy Joel performed by his band: Mike DelGuidice & Big Shot who are being joined by Alex Shillo at College Street Music Hall! If you’re not a fan of Billy Joel, but you dig indie pop, the Space Ballroom is hosting of Montreal and Locate S,1 that same evening, and there are few tickets left! As a part of our Manic Mondays series, Korean pop singer Katie Kim is coming to Cafe Nine next Monday (10/28) with Brooklyn-based band Little Silver and international band Frogbelly and Symphony. Tuesday night (10/29), another indie pop show is taking over Space Ballroom, Yoke Lore and Future Generations! Last but not least on this week’s calendar, Katie Toupin, formerly of Houndmouth, will be playing in the Space Ballroom Front Room with Grayson Foster next Wednesday, (10/30). Tickets to all of these shows are still available, so grab them on our website now before you can’t anymore!

We’ve announced a ton of shows this week, so hold onto your hats and get excited! First up to bat is an awesome show happening at College Street Music Hall in less than a month: iconic and inspirational pop rock artist Liz Phair on Saturday (11/16)! A few weeks later on Wednesday (12/4), comedian and Tony-nominated actor Stephen Lynch will be bringing laughs to Space Ballroom. The following week, queer punk band GRLwood will be returning to Space Ballroom on December’s Friday the 13th. After hibernating for New Years, we will be back up and running with alternative country artist Rhett Miller (of Old 97’s) at Space Ballroom on Thursday (1/16). GRLwood and Rhett Miller tickets will be on sale tomorrow (10/25) at 10AM on our website! On the internationally recognized official holiday, (3/11), comedian Kyle Kinane is coming to celebrate with us in Hamden at Space Ballroom! Just announced yesterday, political punk band Anti-Flag will be bringing their activist music to Space Ballroom exactly a week after Kyle Kinane, on Wednesday, (3/18). Tickets for Anti-Flag are on sale Friday (10/25) at 10AM on our website! Finishing off this week’s announcements is the Grammy-nominated Swedish electronic band, Little Dragon, who’s playing at College Street Music Hall on Tuesday, (4/21). Tickets for all other shows are available NOW on our website!

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Upcoming Shows

Thursday, October 24th
Vacationer ~ Wavelengths w/ DJ St. Thomas

 $15 / All Ages / Doors at 7:00PM

 Space Ballroom – Hamden, CT


“My memory gets fuzzy when I try to pin down the time of year this began, or which track was the first to come together. Let’s call it 2016. I’d been getting into a habit of home schooling myself in music production. I was compelled to become more self-sustained in my music-making and gratified with the recording quality I could achieve.

My goal was to complete an album at home within my means. I have a modest music room filled with gear and records in various conditions that have accumulated over the years. It’s a stretch to call it a studio, but that’s how I treat it. I overhauled the room’s configuration to accommodate every working instrument and record them at a moments notice.

During this time I was determined to complete writing for the third Vacationer LP, Mindset. Even though I was focused on that task at hand, I had ulterior motives to complete an original instrumental record for many years. So I worked on both projects in tandem.

This is a close personal record for me. It was made for years in one room with all I had at arms length. I want to bring the listener into that room. I want them to smell the cedar planks and weed and feel the click of the tape machines’ record button under their index fingers. I hope they find all the enjoyment.”

 Thursday, October 24th
Bob Saget w/ Mike Young

 $35 – $50 / All Ages / Doors at 7:00PM

 College Street Music Hall – New Haven, CT

 INFO: Yes, Bob Saget has starred in many successful television shows, including two of the most family-friendly shows network TV has ever produced (“Full House” and “Americas Funniest Home Videos”) but he’s also an out of his mind, Grammy-nominated standup comedian for over thirty years. From his HBO special “That Ain’t Right” to his scene-stealing cameos in “Entourage,” and “The Aristocrats,” it’s always effective as Saget embraces his dark side.

From directing MGM’s cult favorite feature film “Dirty Work,” to directing and producing the highly acclaimed ABC television movie, “For Hope,” to starring in the critically acclaimed, Paul Weitz off-Broadway play, “Privilege, to starring on Broadway in the Tony Award winning “The Drowsy Chaperone,” Bob Saget shows no signs of stopping. Ever.

  Friday, October 25th
Fit For An Autopsy w/ Rivers of Nihil, Lorna Shore, Dyscarnate

 $20 / All Ages / Doors 7:00PM

 Space Ballroom – Hamden, CT

 INFO: Fit For An Autopsy: It seems there’s a new catastrophe hitting the headlines everyday, from corrupt politicians and crooked business people, to criminal mischief and the oppressive renegades within the ranks of those entrusted to protect the people from crime; extreme divides between rich and poor, ideological battles, shrinking resources, the constant threat of war, terror, famine, disease. The problems of the world are every bit as grim, perhaps more so, than during the Cold War, when protest, counterculture, and music from punk to thrash helped give voice to the voiceless.

 Saturday, October 26th
Mike DelGuidice & Big Shot w/ Alex Shillo

 $25-35/All Ages/Doors 7:00PM

 College Street Music Hall – New Haven, CT

 INFO: Front man Mike DelGuidice, living a dream. After 18 years of playing Billy Joel’s music in his band Big Shot, Mike DelGuidice now lives a dream come true. In October of 2013, Billy Joel heard Mike sing, then hired Mike on the spot to join his band full time. And now you can see Mike on tour with Billy Joel all over the US & world in major arenas and stadiums including ever month at the iconic Madison Square Garden.

 Saturday, October 26th
of Montreal w/ Locate S,1

 $25 / All Ages / Doors 7:00PM

 Space Ballroom – Hamden, CT

 INFO: Two important events occurred during the making of White Is Relic/Irrealis Mood. I became “Simulated Reality” paranoid and I fell in LOVE.

Well a lot more happened during the process of writing and recording, but those are the two big ones. I also reached a healthy point of self-forgiveness for my failed marriage and became deeply educated in the lies of America the Great. I feel like a switch was recently turned on in my brain and now I’m beginning to see through the lies that have been fed to me my whole life by the masters of media and by those who control and manipulate the narrative of our cultural identity and social order.

My paranoia began during the presidential election cycle and reached a dangerous peak shortly after the inauguration. In the meantime I watched and read countless works of art in a mad effort to be reminded of how many truly brilliant people there are living/struggling among us and to try to maintain a positive outlook. The works of Angela Davis, Noam Chomsky, Chris Kraus, Ta-Nehisi Coates, and the Autobiographies of Malcolm X and Mark E Smith were all great inspirations, to name a few.

 Monday, October 28th
Katie Kim w/ Little Silver, Frogbelly And Symphony

 Free w/ RSVP ($5 at the Door) / 21+ / Doors at 7:00PM

 Cafe Nine – New Haven, CT

 INFO: Mood is central to the expansive musical landscape of Katie Kim. Darkened corners, icy atmospheres and hypnotic knife edge soundscapes. Piano chords stretch to infinity, silence is employed as devastating punctuation, while the voice, in it’s salience is all the scattered beauty a glimmer of light can illuminate. Cinematic in scope and tectonic in delivery, It’s as deep as you want or need it to be. A slowcore waltz at the bottom of the ocean, steeped in gloomy ambience. Tension tugs at the heart with this euphoric exploration into the depths of darkness and light.“Holding my hand now the tides incoming/Make us a shield so the light won’t get in.”

 Tuesday, October 29th
Yoke Lore w/ Future Generations

 $12 / All Ages / Doors at 7:00PM

 Space Ballroom – Hamden, CT

INFO: “A ‘yoke’ is something that holds things together. ‘Lore’ means a set of stories or a collection of ideas about an event, time, or culture,” explains Adrian Galvin, when asked about the meaning behind his musical moniker Yoke Lore. New York indie pop project Yoke Lore is the solo musical venture of Adrian Galvin, previously of Yellerkin and Walk the Moon. Yoke Lore layers the harmonies of Panda Bear, the soulful beats of M83, and the modern pop of Blackbird to tell “the stories of how we are bound.” Galvin’s songs combine echoing waves of banjo, vocals, and percussion to create arresting pop music with tactile candor and conviction. Galvin continues, “I want to tell stories about how memories, relationships, apprehensions, and big dreams hold us together. I think that exploring universal experiences both emotional and spiritual are best conveyed through the potency of personal stories. And music wields a power to render the very personal, epic.”


Saturday, November 16th
Liz Phair

 $25-150/All Ages/Doors at 6:00 PM

 College Street Music Hall – New Haven, CT

 INFO: Liz Phair is a Grammy-nominated singer songwriter whose debut album, Exile In Guyville, is considered by music critics to be a landmark of indie rock. She has been a recording artist and touring performer for twenty-five years, paving the way for countless music artists, particularly women, who count her among their major influences. Her deeply clever and often brutally candid songs have been garnering critical praise since she began her career in the early 1990s in Chicago by self-releasing audio cassettes under the name Girly-Sound. The intense viral response to these early tracks led to Phair signing with the independent record label Matador Records.

 Tuesday, December 10th
Stephen Lynch

 $30/All Ages/Doors at 7:00 PM

 Space Ballroom – Hamden, CT

 INFO: Stephen Lynch is an American actor, best known for his roles in The Usual Suspects, Bio-Dome, and The Flintstones: Viva Rock Vegas. He comes from a high-powered showbiz family, which includes brothers Alec, Daniel and wait a minute this is Stephen Baldwin’s bio- oops. My bad. Stephen LYNCH is a songwriter, comedian and Tony award-nominated actor. His songs are known for their haunting melodies, complex and Lord-pleasing chord structures and insightful lyrics, often exploring the universal themes of heartbreak, family strife, and forgetting one’s safeword during a particularly brutal S&M session.

Lynch has released four studio albums, four live albums and two concert specials, including Live at the El Rey in 2004 and his latest, Hello, Kalamazoo! in 2016. His most recent recording, the double live/studio album My Old Heart was released in summer of 2019 and reached the #1 spot on Billboard’s Comedy charts. He also was a contestant on 2013’s All-Star Celebrity Apprentice dammit that’s Baldwin again- sorry.

 Friday, December 13th

 $10/All Ages/Doors at 7:00 PM

 Space Ballroom – Hamden, CT

 INFO: Kentucky-fried queerdos GRLwood are back with their sophomore album I Sold My Soul To The Devil When I Was 12,out now on sonaBLAST! Records. Addressing the well established themes of punk rock such as politics and depression, along with new, much welcomed topics of queerness and sexuality, each song can be viewed as an internal monologue of a 12 year old, a pivotal age that throws a kid into the struggles and confusion of adolescence.

Still fresh faces, Rej Forester (guitar and vocals) and Karen Ledford (drums) are not fresh to the stage. Known for their energetic live performances, since joining forces the two have had a full schedule of shows, travel, and recording. Refusing to be confined by labels, these queerdos are a musical force paving their own path through the music scene.

 Thursday, January 16th
Rhett Miller

 $25-$25/All Ages/Doors at 7:00PM

 Space Ballroom – Hamden, CT

 INFO: “This has been a hell of a year,” Rhett Miller says. “I turned 48 in September and I’m still surprising myself.” After more than two decades as founding member of the venerable Old 97’s and acclaimed singer–songwriter in his own right, Rhett Miller has crafted a trio of new projects that see him pushing his creative energies in hitherto untraveled directions. Among them are two utterly unique new albums – one solo, the other as part of Old 97’s – as well as his first ever book, a collection of subversive kids’ poems.

THE MESSENGER, Miller’s eighth solo album, is perhaps his most unflinchingly personal collection of songs to date. Recorded over five spring days at The Isokon in Woodstock, NY with producer/musician Sam Cohen (Kevin Morby, Benjamin Booker), THE MESSENGER sees Miller playing it faster and looser than perhaps any other time in his quarter century career, instilling songs like the first single, “Total Disaster,” with a groovy limberness that belies the reflective darkness within. Backed by a white hot backing combo comprised of Cohen (Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Pedal Steel Guitar, Keys), Brian Betancourt (Bass), and Ray Rizzo (Drums), Miller worked quickly and with purpose, fast-tracking four or five “keepers” each day.

 Wednesday, March 11th
Kyle Kinane

 $25/All Ages/Doors at 7:00 PM

 Space Ballroom – Hamden, CT

 INFO: Kyle Kinane is an internationally touring comedian who has appeared on “Drunk History”, “@Midnight,” “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,” “Conan,” “Workaholics,” “This Is Not Happening,” “Not Safe with Nikki Glaser” and “Comedy Bang! Bang!” He is featured in Season 2 of Netflix’s “The Standups” released in February 2018. He invented science. He has ESP. He is a recurring character on Netflix’s “Love” created by Judd Apatow. He let someone else write most of this bio. He can swim backwards. He has released three Comedy Central specials “Kyle Kinane: Loose in Chicago”, “I Liked His Old Stuff Better” and “Whiskey Icarus”. Also, farts.

 Wednesday, March 18th
Anti-Flag w/ Grade 2, Doll Skin

 $18-20/All Ages/Doors at 7:00 PM

 Space Ballroom – Hamden, CT

 INFO: Making their debut at a local Pittsburgh radio station in 1993, Anti-Flag got together for the sake of responding to their disgust with religion, nationalism, and fascism. Justin Sane (vocals/guitar), Andy Flag (bass/vocals), and Pat Thetic (drums) bopped around their hometown much to the dismay of skinheads while recruiting a following who proudly wore torn-up upside-down flags as patches. In 1997, after releasing a handful of singles, opening for their idols the U.K. Subs, the Exploited, and the Circle Jerks, and briefly touring the East Coast — which led to the departure of Andy Flag — Die for the Government was released, and 20,000 copies, four bassists, and four North American tours later, Anti-Flag gained their reputation for recapturing the old-school ethics of punk: fast, loud, obnoxious, and anti-everything that ends with an “ism.”

 Tuesday, April 21st
Little Dragon

 $29.50/All Ages/Doors at 6:00 PM

 College Street Music Hall – New Haven, CT

 INFO: Grammy-nominated Little Dragon have announced their long-awaited new album Season High, out now digitally on Loma Vista Records (CD + LP in stores May 5th). This is the first new music from the electro-pop band since they released their acclaimed 2014 album, Nabuma Rubberband. Season High was produced by Little Dragon, with co-production and mixing by James Ford, in their hometown of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Discussing the process behind recording Season High, Yukimi muses, “We have grown through the years but the making of this album has been a struggle. As much as our band is based on a deep friendship we are four strong wills who find it really frustrating to compromise. We have gotten better at that though, but it’s still a real battle. It gets harder and harder for us to make records but we still love it. Sometimes it feels like we have 100% passion and life or death emotions yet there’s a pointlessness with everything. We want to exist in our own bubble where we can stay curious about sounds. The magic feeling that sounds can sprinkle over any boring day is what got us all hooked. That feeling of escapism …maybe because Gothenburg is a grey place for most of the year, our curse and blessing is that we never quite succeed.”

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