21st of February 2020 Update

21st of February 2020 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s

Agnosy “When Daylight Reveals The Torture”
Angelic Process, The “Weighing Souls With Sand” (James Plotkin 2018 Mastered Reissue)
Armon-Jones, Joe “Starting Today” (Reissue With Picture Sleeve)
Banoffee “Look At Us Now Dad” (Ltd. Ed. Color)
Bardo Pond “Adrop / Circuit VIII” (Silver)
Barnett, Courtney “MTV Unplugged: Live! In Melbourne Australia On Tuesday 22nd October 2019” (Aqua)
BBC Radiophonic Workshop “Fourth Dimension”
Bedouin Soundclash “Mass”
Best Coast “Always Tomorrow”
Big Star “Radio City” (180 Gram Reissue)
BiYong, Franck Feat. Cristina Violle “Trouble”
Califone “Echo Mine” (Indie Exclusive Color)
Daisies “Cherries”
Dare, Douglas “Milkteeth”
Downcast “Tell Me I’m Alive”
Einhorn, Richard “Don’t Go In The House” (Soundtrack)
Eluvium “Virga I” (Clear)
FaltyDL “Flechazo”
Foon, Rebecca “Waxing Moon”
Frimpong, K & Super Complex Sounds “K Frimpong & Super Complex Sounds”
Fruit Bats & Vetiver “In Real Life / Live At Spacebomb Studios”
Gall, France “1968” (Third Man Records Reissue)
Gall, France “Baby Pop” (Third Man Records Reissue)
Gall, France “Poupee De Cire, Poupee De Son” (Third Man Records Reissue)
Golczewski, Wojciech “Tonight She Comes” (Soundtrack)
Grimes “Miss Anthropocene” (Pink)
Grind, Joel “Echoes In A Crystal Tomb”
Guided By Voices “Surrender Your Poppy Field”
Hara, Masumi “4 X A Dream”
Homesick, The “The Big Exercise”
Howell, Peter & The Radiophonic Workshop “Through A Glass Darkly” (Clear)
King Krule “Man Alive (Red)
Lightning Bolt “Ride The Skies” (Baby Blue)
Manfredini, Harry “Friday The 13th Part VI: Jason Lives” (Soundtrack)
Mhysa “Nevaeh”
Nebraska “Y’Miss Me Baby?”
Oneness Of JuJu “Chapter Two: Nia” (Now-Again)
Osbourne, Ozzy “Ordinary Man” (+ D/L & Contest Entry)
Penate, Jack “After You”
Possessed “Revelations Of Oblivion” (Clear/Red/Black)
Prophet “Don’t Forget It” (Yellow)
Purr “Like New”
Ranaldo, Lee / Paul Refree “Names Of North End Women” (White Vinyl)
Raspberry Bulbs “Before The Age Of Mirrors”
Rateliff, Nathaniel “And It’s Still Alright” (180 Gram Coke Bottle Clear)
Scott, Travis “Rodeo”
Scott, Travis “Birds On The Trap Sing McKnight”
Six Organs Of Admittance “Companion Rises”
T. Rex “The Slider” (180 Gram Clear)
Too Free “Love In High Demand”
Valle, Marcus & Azymuth “Fly Cruzeiro (Brazil By Music)”
Various “Studio Ponoc: Ponoc Short Films Theatre – Volume 1 Modest Heroes” (Soundtracks)
Various “Pacific Breeze: Japanese City Pop, AOR and Boogie 1976-1986” (Indie Retail Color Vinyl)
Various “Apala: Apala Groups In Nigeria 1967-70” (Soul Jazz Records)
Various “Verotika” (Soundtrack, Purple Vinyl)
Velocette “Discotheque Saudades”
White Heaven “Out” (Black Editions)
Williams, Shina & His African Percussions “Shina Williams”
Wilsen “Ruiner” (+D/L)
Wrekmeister Harmonies “We Love To Look At The Carnage” (Orange)
Zyanose “Total End Of Existence”


Ability “Fight For Lights”
Johnny’s Uncalled Four “Please Say”


Barnett, Courtney “MTV Unplugged: Melbourne”
Califone “Echo Mine”
Gang Of Four “Entertainment!”
Grimes “Miss Anthropocene”
Ihsahn “Telemark”
King Krule “Man Alive”
Lurker Of Chalice “Tellurian Slaked Furnace”
Osbourne, Ozzy “Ordinary Man”
Ranaldo, Lee / Raul Refree “Names Of North End Women”
Raspberry Bulbs “Before The Age Of Mirrors”
Sightless Pit “Grave Of A Dog”
Zorn, John “Virtue”


Sadistik Exekution “30 Years Of Agonizing The Dead”

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