T-USED-DAY Update for February 25th, 2020

T-USED-DAY Update for February 25th, 2020
at Redscroll Records

Here are some of the latest used arrivals at the shop. Keep in mind this doesn’t include any of the CDs or many of the LPs in the general rock/pop/jazz/anything-in-the-back-room that we get in. This list also builds over the course of a week so sometimes some items are no longer in stock by the time this is posted. We try to avoid that, but it happens. Call ahead if there’s a particular release you’re curious about. These are the in-store prices – if you’d like to find any of these online please visit us here: http://www.discogs.com/seller/Redscroll

LPs & 12″s

AC/DC “For Those About To Rock” $9.00
AC/DC “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” $7.00
AC/DC “Who Made Who” $13.00
AC/DC “Back In Black” $13.00
AC/DC “Flick Of The Switch” $7.00
AC/DC “Flick Of The Switch” $12.00
AC/DC “Let There Be Rock” (Club Edition) $16.00
AC/DC “Fly On The Wall” $8.00
AC/DC “High Voltage” $12.00
AC/DC “If You Want Blood You’ve Got It” (Club Edition) $10.00
Accept “Balls To The Wall” $13.00
Accept “Metal Heart” $6.00
Accept “Breaker” $9.00
Accept “Balls To The Wall” $13.00
Accept “Russian Roulette” $10.00
Adderly, Julian “Cannonball” “& Strings” $4.00
Akbayram, Edip “Edip Akbayram” (Spanish Pressing) $16.00
Albeniz “Iberia” (Spanish Pressing) $5.00
Alcatrazz “Life Sentence No Parole From Rock N Roll” $6.00
Alice Cooper “Greatest Hits” (Club Edition) $6.00
Alice Cooper “Alice Cooper Show” $4.00
Alice Cooper “Killer” $5.00
Alto! “LP3” (Red) $5.00
Animals, The “Greatest Hits Live!” (Club) $8.00
Armstrong, Louis “The Best Of Louis Armstrong” $9.00
Arrested Development “Tennessee” (Check Condition) $1.00
Atriarch “An Unending Pathway” $2.00
Ayers, Kevin / John Cale / Eno / Nico “June 1, 1974” $13.00
Bachman, Daniel “Grey-Black-Green” (White) $9.00
Backwards Sam Firk “The True Blues And Gospel” $16.00
Balfa Brothers / Ardoin Brothers “The Cajuns Volume 1” $6.00
Bellion, Jon “The Human Condition” (Clear) $14.00
Berlin “Love Life” (Club Edition) $5.00
Best Coast “California Nights” $5.00
Birmingham, Bill / Dick Tracy “Rabbits, Rhinos & Reels” $6.00
Black Sabbath “Master Of Reality” $14.00
Black Sabbath “Born Again” $14.00
Blackjacks, The “Dress In Black” $8.00
Blakey, Art Quintet “A Night At Birdland Volume 1” $14.00
Blassie, Fred “Blassie, King Of Men” (Red) $6.00
Blink 182 “California” (Green, Pop Up Sleeve) $35.00
Bloomfield, Mike / Al Kooper / Steve Stills “Super Session” $8.00
Blue Cheer “Blue Cheer” (Promo) $18.00
Blue Oyster Cult “Fire Of Unknown Origin” $8.00
Blue Oyster Cult “Club Ninja” $12.00
Blue Oyster Cult “Agents Of Fortune” $4.00
Blue Rodeo “Outskirts” (Sealed) $8.00
Break Point “First Serving” (German Pressing) $6.00
Bygones “By-” (Yellow) $13.00
Byrd, Donald / John Jenkins “Star Eyes $6.00
Call, The “Red Moon” $6.00
Carroll, Jim Band “I Write Your Name” $5.00
Catholic Girls “Catholic Girls” $5.00
Causa Sui “Vibraciones Doradas” (Mint Green) $30.00
Chalkdust “The Fields Marshall Of The People’s Army” $4.00
Cheap Trick “Heaven Tonight” (Promo) $8.00
Chocolat “Rencontret Looloo” $5.00
Clapton, Beck & Page “White Boy Blues” (Club Edition) $7.00
Cold Blood “Thriller” $7.00
Cole, Keith / Ann Marie “How Do You Feel” $5.00
Copper Plated Integrated Circuit, The “Plugged In Pop” $5.00
Cordero, Nelson Con Elegancia “Yo Soy El Varon!!” $5.00
Corporacion Latina “Corporacion Latina” $5.00
Corporation Lounge “Imported From America” (Local Rock) $12.00
Costa Brava “Mision Especial” $5.00
Cray, Robert “Strong Persuader” (Club Edition) $5.00
Crow “Mosaic” (Promo) $7.00
Cult, The “Love” (Club Edition) $18.00
Dance Gavin Dance “Artificial Selection” (Sealed, Beer Color) $39.00
Davis, Miles “Basic Miles” $9.00
Davis, Miles “A Tribute To Jack Johnson” $15.00
De La Soul “Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey)” $6.00
Deep Purple “Made In Japan” $6.00
Deep Purple “Perfect Strangers” $4.00
Deep Purple “In Rock” $8.00
Deep Purple “Deep Purple” $9.00
Deep Purple “Deepest Purple” $8.00
Deep Purple “Deepest Purple” $7.00
Deep Purple “Deep Purple” $9.00
Def Leppard “Pyromania” $8.00
D’Leon, Oscar Y Su Orquesta “Oscar ’86” $6.00
Doors, The “The Soft Parade” (Japanese Import Reissue 1980) $27.00
Dr John “In A Sentimental Mood” $6.00
Dr John “Dr John Plays Mac Rebennack” $13.00
Dylan, Bob “MTV Unplugged” $35.00
Eddie & The Hot Rods “Life On The Line” $9.00
Electronic “Getting Away With It” $5.00
Ever-Green Blues, The “7 Do Eleven” (Promo) $14.00
Farmer, Art “Early Art” $8.00
Fever Tree “For Sale” $7.00
Florence & The Machinee “How Big, How Big, How Beautiful” (Ltd. Ed. Cover) $23.00
Flourgon / Grindsman “Follow Me / Scandal” $2.00
Ford, Lita “Lita” $16.00
Frampton, Peter “Frampton Comes Alive!” (Numbered Picture Disc) $7.00
Frey, Glenn “Soul Searchin” (Club Edition) $6.00
Gardenheads, The “Growing Season” $2.00
Getz, Stan “Stan Getz” $5.00
Getz, Stan / Joao Gilberto “Getz / Gilberto” $11.00
Girlschool “Play Dirty” $7.00
Girlschool “Screaming Blue Murder” (Canadian Pressing) $6.00
Gonzalez, Junior “Mi Estilo * My Style” $8.00
Great White “Recovery: Live!” (Club Edition) $7.00
Grimes “Art Angels” $15.00
Grobe, Klause Johann “Im Sinne Der Zeit” $30.00
Guy, Buddy “This Is Buddy Guy” $13.00
Helix “Long Way To Heaven” $4.00
Helix “Walkin’ The Razor’s Edge” (Club Edition) $5.00
Hendrix, Jimi “The Jimi Hendrix Concerts” (Club Edition) $24.00
Holly, Buddy “Buddy Holly” (Picture Disc) $8.00
Home Body “Spiritus” $14.00
Hopkins, Nicky / Ry Cooder / Mick Jagger / Bill Wyman / Charlie Watt “Jamming With Edward” (Promo) $10.00
Horner, James “Glory” $15.00
Horner, James “Star Trek III: The Search For Spock” $7.00
Horse Jumper Of Love “So Divine” (Gold) $17.00
Horse Thief “Fear In Bliss” (Sealed) $6.00
Houston, Thelma & Pressure Cooker “I’ve Got The Music In Me” $5.00
Hozier “Hozier” $11.00
Icehouse “Man Of Colours” (Club Edition) $6.00
Inmensidad “Inmensidad Cantan Robert Blades Y Yindo Rodriguez” (Check Condition) $8.00
Institutional Church OF God In Christ “Gospel Blessed With Soul” $9.00
Invisible Astro Healing Rhythm Quartet “2” $9.00
Iron Maiden “Somewhere In Time” (Check Condition) $12.00
Iron Maiden “Live After Death” $18.00
Iron Maiden “Iron Maiden” $22.00
Itch, The “Tales Of Hard Luck And Woe” $2.00
Jackson, Janet “Control” (Club Edition) $6.00
Jarre, Jean Michel “Equinoxe” $6.00
Jefferson Starship “Dragon Fly” (French Pressing) $5.00
Jones, Grace “Slave To The Rhythm” $5.00
Jose Jose “La Vida De Jose Jose 15 Exitos Mas Grandes” $7.00
Judas Priest “Point Of Entry” $13.00
Judas Priest “Unleashed In The East” $7.00
Judas Priest “Defenders Of The Faith” $11.00
Judas Priest “Sad Wings Of Destiny” (Italian Pressing) $22.00
Keel “The Final Frontier” (Club Edition) $8.00
King, Martin Luther Jr “Free At Last” $4.00
Kinison, Sam “Have You Seen Me Lately?” $4.00
Konitz, Lee “Lone-Lee” $7.00
Konitz, Lee / Red Mitchell “I Concentrate On You” $5.00
Krakatau “Water Near A Bridge” (White) $10.00
Krokus “The Blitz” $3.00
Krokus “Headhunter” $4.00
Lateef, Yusef “In Nigeria” $10.00
Lightnin’ Hopkins “The Roots Of Lightnin’ Hopkins” $11.00
Little Ray Rapper “I’m Little Ray Rapper” (Promo) $5.00
Lord Melody “Mas IS Devil Powers” $7.00
Los Siquicos Litoralenos “Sonido Chipadelico” $10.00
Lunden Reign “Confessions” (Blue) $5.00
M!nes “Just Another Thing That Got Ruined” $5.00
M.C. Hammer “Let’s Get It Started” $2.00
Magone’s, Sandy Concord Junction Golden Redeemer Jazz Band “Saga Of The SS Belle Of The Assabet” $9.00
Make, The “Democracy” $6.00
Martin, Steve “Let’s Get Small” $4.00
Martin, Steve “Lets Get Small” $4.00
Martin, Steve “Comedy Is Not Pretty” $4.00
Mayfield, Curtis “Super Fly” (Soundtrack) $9.00
Mindbenders “A Groovy Kind Of Love” (Promo) $20.00
Ming, Ted “Bermuda Calypso For Collegians” $5.00
Moby Grape “Great Grape” $7.00
Modern English “After The Snow” $6.00
Montgomery, Wes “Road Song” $9.00
Moore, Gary “Corridors Of Power” $4.00
Morricone, Ennio “Chamber Music” $6.00
Mother Night “Mother Night” (Check Condition) $9.00
Motley Crue “Shout At The Devil” $18.00
Mr. Easy “Mary Mary” $2.00
Muddy Waters “I’m Ready” (Promo) $10.00
Nazareth “Snaz” $5.00
Nazareth “Malice In Wonderland” $3.00
Neughborhoods, The “Fire Is Coming” $8.00
Neurosis & Jarboe “Neurosis & Jarboe” (Clear / Gold Splatter) $19.00
New Order “Low-Life” (Sealed) $18.00
Newman, Joe “With Woodwinds” $7.00
No Artist “Environments Disc 1” $3.00
No Artist “Environments Disc 2” $3.00
Notting Hillbillies, The “Missing… Presumed Having A Good Time” $9.00
Olsen, Angel “Burn Your Fire For No Witness” $10.00
Ora Iso “Bathcat” $5.00
Orchestral Manoevres In The Dark “Architecture & Morality” $7.00
Our Love Will Destroy The World “Carnivorous Rainbows” $5.00
Outsets “Outsets” $5.00
Pastorius, Jaco “Invitation” $7.00
Poison Dolls “Poison Dolls” $8.00
Pretenders, The “Get Close” (Club Edition) $5.00
Pretenders, The “Pretenders II” (Club Edition) $5.00
Pretty Maids “Future World” $11.00
Professor Longhair “Live On The Queen Mary” $10.00
Pryor, Richard “Wanted” $4.00
Queensryche “Queensryche” $8.00
Quiet Riot “Condition Critical” $6.00
Quiet Riot “Metal Health” $5.00
Quiet Riot “QR III” $5.00
Rainbow “Bent Out Of Shape” $4.00
Rainbow “Bent Out Of Shape” (Club Edition) $4.00
Rainbow “Difficult To Cure” $8.00
Rainbow “Jealous Lower” $3.00
Ratt “Ratt” (Club Edition) $9.00
Ratt “Invasion Of Your Privacy” $6.00
Ratt “Dancing Undercover” (Club Edition) $7.00
Ratt “Out Of The Cellar” $6.00
Raven “Stay Hard” (Club Edition) $4.00
Richman, Jonathan & The Modern Lovers “Back In Your Life” (Promo) $13.00
Rogers, Anthony W. “Wrong” (Sealed) $6.00
Rogers, Anthony W. “One Day (A Journal)” (Sealed) $4.00
Ross, Diana & The Supremes “Anthology” $7.00
Roth, David Lee “Eat ‘Em And Smile” (Club Edition) $6.00
Rough Cutt “Wants You” (Club Edition) $8.00
Ruiz, Frankie “Historia Musical De Frankie Ruiz” $8.00
Rush “Signals” (Club Edition) $9.00
Safes, The “Record Heat” (White) $8.00
Sanders, Pharoah “Live At The East” $16.00
Santiago, Eddie “… Sigo Atrevido!” $6.00
Sesto, Camilo “Agenda De Baile” $5.00
She & Him “Volume One” $9.00
Sims, Zoot Quartet “Zoot At Ease” $12.00
Sleep “Leagues Beneath” (Sealed) $8.00
Sleep “Dopesmoker” (2018 Pressing) $22.00
Sleep “Sleep’s Holy Mountain” (Purple) $17.00
Snake Oil “Snake Oil” $7.00
Soft Walls “No Time” (Green) $12.00
Starz “Attention Shoppers” (Canadian Pressing) $6.00
Steel Pulse “True Democracy” $12.00
Stirling, Lindsey “Warmer In The Winter” (Sealed, Silver Vinyl) $13.00
Stryper “The Yellow & Black Attack” (Club Edition) $9.00
Stryper “Soldiers Under Command” $9.00
Stryper “To Hell With The Devil” (Club Edition) $8.00
Sugarhill Gang “8TH Wonder” $9.00
Sunwatchers “II” $9.00
Super Choucoune “Myrtho” $20.00
Swamp Dogg “Rat On!” $18.00
Tangerine Dream “Stratosfear” $5.00
Thin Lizzy “Bad Reputation” $10.00
Tove Lo “Lady Wood” (Silver Marble) $20.00
Tradewinds, The “Excursions” (Promo) $6.00
Traffic “The Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys” (Club Edition) $8.00
Tristano, Lennie “Lennie Tristano” $17.00
Troller “Graphic” $6.00
Turner, Frank “Positive Songs For Negative People” (Picture Disc) $11.00
Turner, Ike & Tina “Outta Season” $9.00
Tygers Of Pan Tang “The Cage” $5.00
Tygers Of Pan Tang “Wild Cat” $10.00
UFO “No Place To Run” $5.00
UFO “Misdemeanor” $5.00
UFO “Live In Japan” (UK Pressing) $6.00
UFO “Lights Out” $5.00
Ultra Vivid Scene “Special One” $2.00
Unknown Artist “Folk Music Of The USSR – Middle East Asia” $20.00
Unknown Artist “Industrial Volume 6” $5.00
Unknown Artist “Songs Of The Road” $7.00
Uriah Heep “The Magician’s Birthday” $5.00
Valle, Joe Con Anibal Herrero Y Su Orquesta “Ayudame Dios Mio” $5.00
Valoy, Cuco & Los Virtuosos “Sonero Y Merenguero” $6.00
Van Halen “1984” (Club Edition) $8.00
Van Halen “II” (Club Edition) $7.00
Van Halen “Women And Children First” $7.00
Vandenberg “Alibi” (Club Edition) $5.00
Vangelis “Opera Sauvage” $4.00
Various “Dudes” $5.00
Various “Castle Donnington – Monsters Of Rock” $3.00
Various “Platoon” $5.00
Various “Less Than Zero” $8.00
Various “The Best Of Metal Blade Volume 1” $18.00
Various “Top Gun” $7.00
Various “Ladies Sing The Blues Volume 2” $8.00
Various “Designer Records Presents: Together” (Sealed) $7.00
Various “Maple Leaf RagL Ragtime In Rural America” $6.00
Various “Aqui Esta… El Merengue!” (Dominican Republic) $4.00
Various “Quadrophenia” (Soundtrack) $5.00
Various “Footloose” (Soundtrack, Picture Disc) $5.00
Various “Dance Craze: The Best Of British Ska… Live!” (Soundtrack) $8.00
Various “Extremely Rare Accapellas Volume 2” (White) $5.00
Various “2001: A Space Odyssey” $5.00
Various “The World Of Private Music” $4.00
Various “Batman” (Sealed) $10.00
Various “Keep On Struttin’: Imitations, Interpolations And The Inspiration Of The Meters” $8.00
Various “Remolino De Oro Coastal Cumbias From Colombia’s Disco Fuentes 1961-1973” $15.00
Various “Live And Heavy” (Irish Pressing) $3.00
Vincent, Vinnie Invasion “Vinnie Vincent Invasion” (Club Edition) $8.00
Vincent, Vinnie Invasion “Vinnie Vincent Invasion” $10.00
W.A.S.P. “The Last Command” (Club) $14.00
W.A.S.P. “W.A.S.P.” $18.00
Waldeck “Defenceless” $2.00
Walsh, Joe “You Bought IT – You Name It” (Club Edition) $8.00
Warrior “Fighting For The Earth” $10.00
Watson, Ed & Brass Circle “Just A Little Bit” $7.00
Wet Willie “Drippin’ Wet Live” $5.00
White Lion “Pride” (Club Edition) $11.00
Whitesnake “Slide It In” (Club Edition) $7.00
Who, The “Who’s Missing” $6.00
Who, The “The Kids Are Alright” $5.00
Wild, Jack “Everything’s Coming Up Roses” (Promo) $12.00
Wilkins “Una Historia Importante” $11.00
Williams, Hank JR “Hank Live” (Club Edition) $7.00
Williams, John “E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial” (Picture Disc) $9.00
Wishgift “Wishgift” $8.00
Wonder, Stevie “Signed, Sealed & Delivered” $7.00
Y&T “Down For The Count” $5.00
Young, Jesse Colin With The Youngbloods “Two Trips” (Promo) $7.00
Young, Neil “Landing On Water” (Club Edition) $11.00
Young, Neil & Crazy Horse “Life” (Club Edition) $8.00
Young, Neil & The Bluenotes “The Note’s For You” (Club Edition) $8.00
Youngs, Richard “Summer Through My Mind” $5.00
Zappa, Frank “Hot Rats” $26.00
ZZ Top “After Burner” (Club Edition) $6.00


Pile Of Kittens “Don’t Trust” $4.00
Rogers, Maggie “Now That The Light Is Fading” $7.00
Yes “Owner Of A Lonely Heart” (Shaped Picture Disc) $5.00


Apartment 213 / Thug “Apartment 213 / Thug” $5.00
Crom-Tech “Xmas” (Red) $3.00
Groundwork “Groundwork” $1.00
Serial Killing 101 “Tri State” $1.00
Spitboy “Spitboy” $1.00
Syzslak “I Am Misery” (Red) $2.00
United Blood “United Blood” $1.50
Various “Anatomy Of A…” $3.00
Volture “Volture” $2.00
Wrecker “Gladiator School” $1.00

Cassette Tapes

A Perfect Circle “Mer De Noms”
Bloodshot Hooligans “Demo”
Deep Frosty “Blues Band”
Def Leppard “Pyromania”
Dire Straits “Dire Straits”
Dorji, Tashi & Frank Meadows “Tashi Dorji & Frank Meadows”
Fleetwood Mac “Fleetwood Mac”
Gore, Lesley “It’s My Party”
Kansas “Live At The Whisky”
Madonna “True Blue”
O’Jays “Greatest Hits”
Police, The “Synchronicity”
Police, The “Zenyatta Mondatta”
Police, The “Ghost In The Machine”
Sheila E. “Sheila E.”
Springsteen, Bruce “The Wild, The Innocent And The E Street Shuffle”
U2 “Live – Under A Blood Red Sky”
U2 “Achtung Baby”