27th of March 2020 Update (Physical Storefront Closed / Online Store Open)

27th of March 2020 Update
(Physical Storefront Closed / Online Store Open)
at Redscroll Records

As the times are different right now so too will this update be different. We’ll simply go over how you can still find new music from us including some recommendations and how to generally keep supporting the shop & our record label.

The physical store remains closed until further notice. Our online store is still open. We are currently working with a small crew of three and maintaining our web presence from home and at the store using directed precautions to keep the curve flattened.

  • Visit us on Discogs! (our online store)
    This is also the best way to keep up with the newest stuff we’ve gotten in. It default sets to the most recent listings. There are also a lot of other filters you can use. If you just want to see the new items just look for “Mint” listings for instance. [During the time our storefront is closed we will be offering a 10% Discount on everything to make up for shipping and Discogs fees.]
  • Buy a Gift Certificate for use when we reopen! We will be reachable by phone or use the link below. Gift Certificates will be made out and kept on file (not mailed) for you to use when we reopen. [PayPal Button below]
  • Another great way to support us (and the great local bands we work with!) is to buy the releases on our in-house record label! There are two ways to buy those: 1.  through our Big Cartel shop here (which also has T-Shirts and patches available!) and 2. through our Discogs store here using “Redscroll Records” in the search bar!

During our time at home here’s some stuff that’s been getting us through:









Be safe. Take necessary precautions.
Stay healthy and we’ll see you all when times aren’t so dire.

P.S. Here is a very helpful and informative video link:
Covid_19_Protecting_Your_Family_Dr_Dave_Price_3_22_2020 from Mariana Price on Vimeo.
Dr. David Price of Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York City shares information in a Mar. 22 Zoom call with family and friends on empowering and protecting families during the COVID-19 pandemic.