24th of July Update: Label Highlights & Current Operations

We thought we’d take a moment to look at our releases from this year and last. These last months have halted all sort of social assembly of which music thrives on so it’s definitely been a difficult ride for bands. Take a moment with this and check ’em all out and consider buying directly from them via the links. We also have all of these available (some in more limited quantities) via our Big Cartel or Discogs shops.

Regarding our current operations, we have no plans to open up the shop to customers coming inside as it stands now. We will let folks know when that time comes. For now, the best way to keep up with us is by checking out our Discogs shop and/or following us on Instagram (you don’t need an account to view it) and Facebook.  We are also going to be running a contest through our Instagram (and we truthfully post the most on there) tonight so definitely give that a follow if you do have an account.

In July of last year we released a record from Kidnapped and a cassette from Phemale. We are down to very little of the Phemale tape so jump on that if it interests you and Kidnapped is down to double digits as well.

I was hipped to Kidnapped by someone who I would describe as having discerning tastes of the extreme variety. Kidnapped punish their instruments and bodies in a very extreme way too (I’m chugging so many energy drinks thinking about it [/sarcasm]). If you’re into Crossed Out or Infest or one of the other bands they’ve covered either live or on a recording then you owe it to yourself to check it out.

This bandcamp link is just a piece of the puzzle of this album – as noted this album we released is their complete work through 2019.

Phemale put out a full length LP with us way back in 2013, City Silk. I still listen to that album with great affection (I mean I do with all of our releases, but I revisit that one often). Minimal wave synth pop on that album morphed into vocal absent film scoring on the cassette, but not such a departure that it sounds like a different project.

Check the Phemale stuff out at bandcamp – this and more:

And then at the tail end of 2019 we released a tape by one of the absolute most fun dance-punk bands around, Perennial! Fans of early 2000s Dischord, K Records and all in between should give this a shot. Not being able to play live for them is such an odd and uncomfortable thing I’m sure as they always have some shows booked at every and any given time – they truly thrive in the live setting and the energy they create in small halls wherever and whenever they can get to play them!

Reduction Plan‘s (Ae)Maeth was released in September of 2019 and had planned on doing some touring in these warmer months. Instead they get to dwell in the dark space they create on their recordings. I once caught a set of all The Cure covers from a 3 piece version of Reduction Plan and it was really great and as great as that was I’m really looking forward to seeing more of the fully fleshed out band that will someday get to tour and get the darkest dance floors packed! Stadiums! Ok, I’ll slow my roll here. Clubs! That’s certainly where I’ve enjoyed it most.

That brings us to this year, 2020. On March 6th we released Space Camp‘s Overjoyed In This World.  The band wanted to release this on cassette and CD as well as the LP we had proposed. It took us little convincing. We believed and still believe in this record and its ridiculous brilliance. Take a deep dive on this one. Don’t give up on it if it doesn’t find you right away. It takes so many turns and leaps it’s hard to categorize. Experimental without pretension. Intricate without being unapproachable. Bombastic moments and melodic moments. Left is down and right up to the brink we sail without a boat (too far?). Check it out yourself please.

This album was released just about 10 days before we shut down the store. Space Camp had to cancel at least one of their release shows and forego any plans to tour which is a big way that these things get sold and bands in general thrive. So yeah, please do give it a good listen.

Most recently, a week ago, on July 17th we released the Landing and Headroom split LP! It’s been doing pretty well. And Landing took this nice shot of the album that I stole from them so please in kind do visit their bandcamp and check out the C/Site Records link for Headroom. Some of the finest psych going on right now and it is from Connecticut! We are truly honored to release this one.


And there’s some clips from both bands here:


Here’s a reminder of where you can shop with us online:

Discogs – This is our main mail order store that hovers in the mid 30,000 item range! Lots to choose from! For those unfamiliar with using Discogs here’s a quick usage tip: if you are on a computer (laptop or desktop) you can find lots of categories on the left-hand side of the screen and if you are on a phone or tablet go all the way to the bottom and click for the desktop view of the site (it’s really a much better way to view the site). Click on “MINT” to view new items for instance and sort by genre, style and whatever your heart desires! [During the time our storefront is closed we will be offering a 10% Discount on everything to make up for shipping and Discogs fees.]

Big Cartel – This is where you can find our record label releases as well as shirts, stickers and patches.

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