October 5th: Start Appointment Shopping!

Starting on October 5th (one week from today) we will allow up to 3 people in the store at a time by appointment.

You can make an appointment here: 
Redscroll Calendly Appointments

Curbside pick-up is still available and no appointment is necessary for that. Details on that here: https://redscrollrecords.com/2020/05/25th-of-may-2020-update-curbside-pick-up.html

You can book for a 30 minute session. If you’d like more time please do book 2 in a row. 1 hour is the maximum booking time at the moment.

You may bring 1 guest with you. If you are bringing a friend please let us know.

Additionally, if you do not see a time open that you can make please call the store. There still may be room for an additional person or 2 in booked times (if a booked time is not bringing a guest for instance). We will be tracking that separately. 

When entering the store and during your time in the store you must always wear a mask in the proper way (covering your nose and mouth).

The store will be configured slightly differently than normal. The back room will be closed off to customers. Instead we will have a highlighted selection of back room records where the new releases normally are displayed.

Selling music to us will remain by appointment only and we will continue to do that in the back lot on the folding table. You can call us to make that type of appointment – (203) 265-7013.

We’re currently booking from October 5th until November 14th. We hope to have more announcements about further opening beyond that date.

Once again the link to make an appointment is:
Redscroll Calendly Appointments

For those unsure how to make an appointment via Calendly here is a quick run-through:

Appointment Shopping
Step 1: Find a date
Step 2: Find a time
Step 3: Confirm name and if bringing a friend
Step 4: Confirmed. See you then! Book another right after that for a full hour!