Record Store Day Drop 2 Update (9/26/2020 Releases)


Firstly we’ll go over again what our protocol is for tomorrow!

Our shop is still closed for walk-in shopping.

We are doing “curb-side” service – details here:

Record Store Day this year has been split into three RSD DROPS which are happening/happened the last weekend of August, end of September and end of October. The second of those is tomorrow!

There will be no physical line so do not come to the store early to get in line.

The list of available RSD Drop 1 titles is below this explanation. Prices are included this year.

The virtual line started on Monday. Explanation of that in our last post here:

If you are currently in the virtual line and you see that what you are looking for is not here and you’d like to get off the call list please let us know by replying to that email. If there’s any reason at all you’d like to give up your spot in line just email us. (

You are still able to get in line, but keep in mind you will be added to the end of the line and it is a long one right now.

Records that are not claimed or picked up by 6PM tomorrow (RSD Drop 1 Day) will be listed online then.

We look forward to talking to and seeing many of you tomorrow! In the parking lot, wearing a mask with you in your car.

Before the list we’d like to reiterate that these are uncertain times and 2 months ago when we placed the order for these records things were also uncertain so we did not go extremely heavy on ordering – certainly we didn’t order like we would have for a normally scheduled non-pandemic event day. That said, we hope we can please and fulfill the requests of a good deal of you all. And of course, as is the nature of these things, much of what we ordered didn’t make it in time so we’ll post about those as we receive them. And if you have a request for something please let us know next week with an email or phone call and we can check on its availability. All that said, here’s what we will have available…


LPs & 12″s (if crossed out it means that we no longer have it in stock: like this example. I will do my best to keep this updated during the day tomorrow/Saturday)
Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. “Nam Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo” $31.98
Allman Brothers Band, The “Fillmore West 1-31-71” $25.98
Band Of Pain “A Clockwork Orange” (Imaginary Soundtrack) $22.39
Basho, Robbie “Selections From Song of the Avatars: The Lost Master Tapes” $21.98
Big L “The Danger Zone” $24.98
Burke, Solomon “Back To My Roots” $22.98
Chon “Grow” $24.69
Ciani, Suzanne “A Life In Waves” (Soundtrack) $18.98
Clinton, George & P. Funk All Stars “Make My Funk The P-Funk” $19.98
Colon, Willie “Cosa Nuestra” (Canta: Hector La Voe) $22.98
Coolio “Gangsta’s Paradise” $31.39
Curren$y “Pilot Talk” $19.98
Death Piggy “Welcome To The Record” $19.39
Dinosaur Jr. “Swedish Fist (Live In Stockholm)” $32.39
Emerald Web “Valley Of The Birds” $19.98
Feminine Complex “Livin’ Love” $31.39
Fleetwood Mac “The Alternate Rumours” $24.39
Goulding, Ellie “Lights IO” $28.98
Graves At Sea “History of Sickness” $12.98
Gun Club, The “Live In London 1983” $19.98
Hawkins, Screamin’ Jay “… What That Is!” $32.39
Hawkins, Screamin’ Jay “Because Is In Your Mind” $32.39
Jazz Butcher “Condition Blue” $22.69
Jazz Butcher “Cult of the Basement” $22.69
Jazz Butcher “Big Planet, Scarey Planet” $22.69
Jazz Butcher “Fishcoteque” $22.69
Massoni, John / Sonic Boom “The Sundowner Sessions” $27.69
Mosley, Chuck “First Hellos And Last Goodbyes” $26.39
Murs & 9th Wonder “Brighter Daze” $20.39
Nas “God’s Son” $29.39
Night Beats “Sonic Bloom” $20.39
Nocturnal Emissions “Tissue Of Lies” $18.98
Nocturnal Emissions “Drowning In A Sea Of Bliss” $18.98
Pike, Dave “Jazz For The Jet Set” $23.39
Pinhas, Richard / Heldon “Live At The Venue, London 1982” $18.98
Primus “Suck On This” $19.98
Ramones “It’s Alive II” $30.98
Replacements, The “The Complete Inconcerated Live” $38.39
Residents, The “Icky Flix: The Original Soundtrack Recording” $36.98
Snapped Ankles “Hebden Bridge: The Trades Club 12.10.19” $22.69
Spectrum “Forever Alien” $31.98
Tegan And Sara “Tonight In The Dark We’re Seeing Colors” $21.39
Telescopes, The “Altered Perception” $31.98
Theodorakis, Mikis “Serpico” (Soundtrack) $29.98
Various “Nativity In Black: A Tribute To Black Sabbath” $42.69
Various “Hackers” (Soundtrack) $28.98
Various “Hi Tide Groove: DJ’s Choice 1969-1981” $24.39
Wale “Wow… That’s Crazy” (Ltd. Ed. Red) $21.39
Walker, Summer “Last Day Of Summer” $21.98
Waters, Roger “The Wall: Live In Berlin” $22.98

Nahko And Medicine for the People “Take Your Power Back (Live) / 4th Door” (Picture Disc) $14.98

Bayside “Heaven” $7.98
Good Life & The Pauses “Play The Breeders” $9.98
Heart Bones “Hurricane” $9.98
Pooh Sticks / Vaselines “Dying For It” $10.98
Price, Sean & Small Professor “Latoya Jackson” $13.98
Wurm “Poison / Zero Sum” $7.98

Here’s a reminder of where you can shop with us online:

Discogs – This is our main mail order store that hovers in the mid 30,000 item range! Lots to choose from! For those unfamiliar with using Discogs here’s a quick usage tip: if you are on a computer (laptop or desktop) you can find lots of categories on the left-hand side of the screen and if you are on a phone or tablet go all the way to the bottom and click for the desktop view of the site (it’s really a much better way to view the site). Click on “MINT” to view new items for instance and sort by genre, style and whatever your heart desires! [During the time our storefront is closed we will be offering a 10% Discount on everything to make up for shipping and Discogs fees.]

Big Cartel – This is where you can find our record label releases as well as shirts, stickers and patches.

We also have Gift Certificates for use when we re-open the physical storefront.  Scroll to the bottom for that.







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