New Store Location Coming Soon!

Projected opening on the new store is November 27th, 2020.

For now, we are CLOSED while we move.

You can visit our online shop in the meantime. Details below.

We’ll keep y’all up to speed as soon as we know that opening is written in stone and we’ve triple checked everything that needs to happen.

For now, thanks for the 13 and a half years at 24 N. Colony and we look forward to many more in the new location!

Here’s a reminder of where you can shop with us online:

Discogs – This is our main mail order store that hovers in the mid 30,000 item range! Lots to choose from! For those unfamiliar with using Discogs here’s a quick usage tip: if you are on a computer (laptop or desktop) you can find lots of categories on the left-hand side of the screen and if you are on a phone or tablet go all the way to the bottom and click for the desktop view of the site (it’s really a much better way to view the site). Click on “MINT” to view new items for instance and sort by genre, style and whatever your heart desires! [During the time our storefront is closed we will be offering a 10% Discount on everything to make up for shipping and Discogs fees.]

Big Cartel – This is where you can find our record label releases as well as shirts, stickers and patches.

We also have Gift Certificates for use when we re-open the physical storefront.  Scroll to the bottom for that.







Be safe. Take necessary precautions.
Stay healthy!