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Closed For Easter Sunday

Closed For Easter Sunday

Hey all, we’ll be closed for Easter Sunday – March 31st, 2013.  Please take that day to listen to uplifting or blasphemous records as you see appropriate. I’ll be out with my buds on some wheel-cart apparatus taking olde time-y photographs with loads of sepia tone.

It will also be the last day to enter our contest. We’re giving away four $50 Gift Certificates. Details here: 6th Anniversary Sale Contest

Easter Sunday: We’ll be CLOSED

We’ll be closed this coming Sunday, Easter.
There will be far too many bunnies on the road and I don’t want to endanger any of you by tempting you to come in to the shop that day.  Also, there will subsequently be no parking at all in our lot anyway due to the bunnies’ destination being the church next door to us.

Enjoy your Sunday.