New & Key Restocks for Feb 27th

New & Key Restocks for Feb. 27th

Goldfrapp – “Seventh Tree”
Mantronix – s/t (deluxe edition)
Sam & Dave – “Best Of…”
V/A – “Don’t Press Your Luck!”

Envy – “Compiled Fragments”
Ill Insanity – “Ground Xero”
Jackson Wanda – “Live At Town Hall Party”
Mewithoutyou – “Brother Sister”
Mum – “Go Go Smear Poison Ivy”
My Morning Jacket – “Chocolate & Ice”
Portishead – “Pnyc:Roseland”
V/A – Juno Soundtrack
Regina Spektor – “Soviet Kitsch”
Vampire Weekend – s/t
Weakerthans – “Reunion Tour”

$100 And A T-shirt
30 Days Of Night
Boy Meets Girl
Cult Classics Collection
Dawn Of The Mummy
Girl Boss Revenge
Oz – Season One
A Song For Martin
Willow (Special Edition)

26 February 2008 Update of New and Key Restocked Items

26 February 2008 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

Bag Raiders “Remix” 12″
Beequeen “Sandancing Demos” 10″
Coki “Spongebob/The End” 12″
Kimya Dawson “My Cute” LP
Kimya Dawson “Knock Knock” LP
Digital Mystikz “Ancient Memories” 12″
Drexciya “Drexciyen R.E.S.T. Principle” 12″
Emeralds/Tusco Terror split LP
Flaming Lips “Oh My Gawd” LP
KLF vs. Glove “Build a Fire” 12″
Loefah “It’s Yours” 12″
Mala “Lean Forward/Learn” 12″
Mala “Changes” 12″
Marlow “Convoy/Scum” 12″
Jim O’Rourke “Eureka” LP
Pocahaunted “Peyote Road” LP
Anthony Rother “Don’t Panic” 12″
School of Language “Sea From ” LP
Scuba/Toasty (SNT 001EP) 12″
Why Sheep? “EarthBorn” 12″

Compact Discs:
Acid Mothers Temple “Magical Power”
Anthony Braxton “Trio”
Atlas Sound “Let the Blind”
Islaja “Blaze Mountain”
Flower Travelin’ Band “Satori”

Update 22 February 2008 New and Key Restocks (We’re snOwPEN)

Update 22 February 2008 New and Key Restocks (We’re snOwPEN) CDs:
Conga Fury – “Never Die”
Paint It Black – “Lexicon”
Reign Supreme – “American Violence”

Atreyu – “Lead Sails, Paper…”
Botch – “Unifying These Redux”
Brain Handle – “s/t”
Dead Boys – “Young Loud And…”
Gehenna – “The War Of The…”
Have Heart – “The Things We Carry”
Paint It Black – “Lexicon”
Weakerthans – “Reunion Tour”

Flogging Molly – “Float”
Reign Supreme – “American Violence”

Story Of Crass

Flipper – “Live Target 80-81”

19 February 2008 Update of New and Key Restocked Items

19 February 2008 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

Compact Discs:
Breakfast “Six Pack Collection”
DJ Blaqstarr “King of Roq”
Gown “For the Maples” LP+CD
Les Savy Fav “3/5”
Mountain High “Wicked Wanderer” LP+CD
Percee P (w/ Madlib) “Perseverence”
various artists “Juice vol. 1”

Citay “Little Kingdom” LP
Citay “Citay” LP
Betty Davis “Betty Davis” LP+7″
Del the Funkee Homosapien (w/ Blockhead) “Workin’ It” 12″
DJ Ayres “I Like Make Dance” 12″
DJ Sega & DJ Blaqstarr “Hollertronix Vol. 8″ 12”
Gown “For the Maples” LP+CD
Graves at Sea “Documents of Grief” LP
Mountain High “Wicked Wanderer” LP+CD
“Movie FX: Hood Classics” (breaks record) LP
O’Death “Spider Home” 7″
Ghislain Poirier “Blazin'” 12″
Scottie B. feat. Chavy “Money Lotion Vol. 5″ 12”
various artists (tittsworth, kid sister, …) “The Chedda EP” 12″

Maximum Rock ‘n’ Roll March 2008 (magazine)
TAD: Busted Circuits and… (DVD)

Feb. 16th New & Key Restocks

Avsky – “Destruction”
Blood And Time – s/t
Danava – “Unonou”
Down To Nothing – “Unbreakable”
Genghis Tron – “Board Up The House”
Grey Daturas – “Dead In The Woods”
Kingdom Of Sorrow – s/t
Miasma – “Manfauna”
Minus The Bear – “Interpretac”
Reign Supreme – “American Violence”
Sewage Sammich – “One Mans Sewage”
Smartbomb – “Chaos & Lawless”
Subzero – “Suffering Of Man”
This Is Hell – “Misfortunes”
V/A – “Drummachinegun”
Xasthur – “A Gate Through…”

7 Seconds – “New Wind”
And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead – s/t
Animal Collective – “Peacebon”
Bayside – “Walking Wounded”
Black Cross – “Severence”
Burial Chamber Trio – “WVRM”
Capitalist Casualties -“Subdivision”
Cast Iron Hike – “Watch It”
Down To Nothing – “Unbreakable”
Dub Trio – “Another Sound Is Dying”
Final Fight – “Under Attack”
Gang Green – “You Got/Olde” 2xlp
Genius / Gza – “Liquid Swords”
Grey Daturas / Monarch – split
Indian – “Slights And Abuse”
Japanther – “Dont Trust Any”
Juliet And The Licks – “Four”
Kingdom Of Sorrow – s/t
Life Long Tragedy – “Runaway”
Minus The Bear – “Interpretac”
Naked Raygun – “Basement”
Saves The Day – “Stay What You Are”
V/A – “Someone Got Their Head”
Amy Winehouse – “Live & Remix”
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Machine” 10″

Dicks – “Hate The Police”
Integrity / Psywarfare – split
Jud Jud – “The Demos”
Germs – “No God/Lions Share”
Look Back And Laugh – “State”
Social Circkle – “I’ve Got…”
Spazz / 25 Ta Life – split
Tsol – “Code Blue”
White Stripes – “Conquest/Cash”
White Stripes – “You Dont Know”

Athiests Bible
Film Posters: Horror
Town Of Hardcore – Zineography
World War Z