Redscroll Records Update 29 January 2008

Redscroll Records Update 29 January 2008
New and Key Restocks

Compact Discs:
Aleister Crowley “1910-1914 Black Magic Recordings”
Apathy “Hell’s Lost & Found” 2xCD
Kimya Dawson “Knock Knock Who?”
Kimya Dawson “My Cute Friend…”
Dragonforce “Valley of the Damned”
Earthride “Vampire Circus”
Electric Wizard “Witchcult Today”
Eugene S. Robinson “Fight (Audiobook)”
Havohej “Dethrone the Son of God”
Jenny Hoysten & William Elliot Whitmore “Hallways of Always”
Solvent “Demonstration Tape (1997-2007)” 2xCD
Spirit of the Forest “A Brew Of Lightning”
V/A “Tribute to Sarcofago”
Vex’d “De Generate” 2xCD
William Elliot Whitmore “Song of the Blackbird”
Xiu Xiu “Women as Lovers”
YMD “Excuse Me, This is the Yea Mos Def”
Zoroaster / Music Hates You / Christine “3 Way Split”

Apathy “It Takes a Seven Nation Army…” 12″
Blues Control “Puff” LP
Coffins “Mortuary in Darkness” LP
Earthride “Earthride” LP
Serge Gainsbourg “Les Annees” LP
Grey Daturas “Owly Claw Hammer” LP
Magik Markers “Volodor Dance” LP
Thurston Moore, Kevin Sheilds, Barrabarracuda & Men Who Can’t Love “Thrash Sabbatical – Four Way Split” 12″ + 2×7″
Nachtmystium “Eulogy IV” LP
O’Death “Spider Home” 7″
U.S. Christmas “U.S. Christmas” 12″
Warcollapse “Defy” LP

Aleister Crowley “Portable Darkness: An Aleister Crowley Reader” Book
Dalek “A Purge of Dissidents” Book/CD/DVD
DJ Kentaro “Enter the Newground” DVD
“Punk House: Interiors in Anarchy” Book

Redscroll Records New and Key Restocked Items 27 January 2008

Redscroll Records New and Key Restocked Items 27 January 2008

Violent Minds 7″
Wolfdowners “Wolf it Down” LP
Texas is the Reason “Do You…” LP
Final Fight “Under Attack” LP
Drag the River “You Can’t…” LP
Brutal Knights “Living By…” LP
World Burns to Death “Totalitarian…” LP
Every Time I Die “Big Dirty” LP
Living Hell “Pavor Nocturnis” 7″
Get Up Kids “On a Wire” LP
Get Up Kids/Rocket from the Crypt 7″
Envy “Abyssal” CD/LP
Envy “All the Footprints…” CD/LP
Me First & the Gimme Gimmes “Kenny” 7″
Defeatist “Thanatonic” 7″
Rites of Spring “All Thru…” 7″
Sabertooth Zombie/Tiger Uppercut 7″
Saves the Day “Stay What…” LP
Palehorse “Secrets within Secrets” LP
DI “Horse Bites Dog Cries” LP

and thanks to all that came to the in-store performance with C.I.A. and Chris Listorti yesterday!