8 February 2008 Update New and Key Restocked Items

8 February 2008 Update New and Key Restocked Items
We’ve got ten copies of the autobiography of John Joseph, “The
Evolution Of A Cro-Magnon”. These are going to go fast so get down
here and pick one up!

Other new stuff in today:

Final Fight “Under Attack” LP
Foundation “Foundation” 7″
Hot Snakes “Suicide Invoice” LP
Scream “Still Screamig” LP
Warwolf “Warwolf” 7″
Drug Test / R’n’R 7″
Fuck This / State 7″
Forfeit “Visions” 7″
Needles “Needles” 7″
The Loved Ones “Build and…” LP
Birds of Maya “Vol. 1” LP
the Bug “Poison Dart 1″ 12”
the Bug “Poison Dart 2″ 12”
Capsule “Blue” LP+CD
Clockcleaner “Frogrammer” 7″
Kimya Dawson “Remember that I Love You” LP
Grey Daturas “Owly Claw Hammer” LP
No WTO Combo “Live from the Battle…”LP
Shitmat & Friends “Gary’s Gruesome Remixes” 12″

Compact Discs:
Stick to Your Guns “For What…”
Life Long Tragedy “Runaway”
Staring Problem “You’ll…”
Buzz*oven “Welcome to Violence”
Maserati/Mercury Program “Confines of Heat” CD+DVD
MF Doom is Viktor Vaughan “Vaudeville Villain”

John Joseph “Evolution of a Cro-Magnon” Book

6 February 2008 Update of New and Key Restocked Items

6 February 2008 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

Rock Records:
Matt Costa “Unfamiliar Faces” 2xLP
The Flaming Lips “At War with the Mystics (180gram)” 2xLP
Gogol Bordello “Gypsy Punks Underdog World” 2xLP
Radiohead “Jigsaw (single)” 7″
Scream “Still Screaming (White)” LP
Wu-Tang Clan “Enter the…” LP

Electronic Jams:
Bong-Ra (Soothsayer001) 7″
Infamy/Fanu (SSoo5) 12″
ASC “Distress Signal (SS007)” 12″
Current Value/Dub.One (SS008) 12″
Infamy/Spektrum (SS009) 12″
Alpha Omega “Mind Rage (SS010)” 12″
DJ Hidden (SubVersion010) 12″
NSF/Sumone/Loetech (Dubplatelet001) 12″
Nkogliaz/Craveone/Loetech (Dubplatelet002) 12″

Compact Discs:
Anaal Nathrakh “Hell is Empty and All the…”
Can “Edge Bamyasi”
Can “Tago Mago”
Nick Cave & Warren Ellis “Assassination of Jesse James (Sdtrk.)”
Dead Meadow “Old Growth”
Horrorpops “Kiss Kiss Kill Kill”
Isis “Holy Tears”
Life Long Tragedy “Runaways”
Patton Oswalt vs. Zach Galifianakis “Pattan vs. Alcohol vs. Zach vs. …”
Subtle “Yell and Ice”
Vampire Weekend “Vampire Weekend”

Digital Video Discs:
The Abyss (Special Edition)
Anthony Bourdain Collection 2
Bullet Ballet
The Church
Class of Nuke ‘Em High
Dead Man’s Shoes
Euro Trash Triple Feature (Bad Inclination, Faceless and Witchery)
Fatal Contact
The Great Yokai War
Homestar Runner: Everything Else Volume 3
Island of Dr. Moreau
Latitude Zero
Perfect Strangers Seasons 1&2
Post Apocalyptic Survival Kit
Roger Rabbit
Snake of June
Taxi Driver
The Wasp Woman

Update 5 February 2008 Key Restocks and New Items

Update 5 February 2008 Key Restocks and New Items
at Redscroll Records


Dinosaur Jr. “Dinosaur Jr.” LP
Dinosaur Jr. “You’re Living All Over Me” LP
Dinosaur Jr. “Bug” LP
Midnight Juggernauts “Road to Recovery” 12″
Various Artists “Deep City (Numero007)” 2xLP
Digital Mystikz/Kode9 (SJR172) 12″
Sound Dimension “Mojo Rocksteady Beat” 2xLP
Monks “Black Time” LP
Godspeed You Black Emperor “Lift Your Skinny Fists…” 2xLP
Various Artists “Sounds Superb Vol. 1 (CRE016)” 12″

Compact Discs:

Boris “Mabuta No Ura (Original Sound Track)”
Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy “Wilding in the West”
Various Artists “Brazil 70 (SJR164)”
Sound Dimension “Mojo Rocksteady Beat”
Bill Dixon with Exploding Star Orchestra (Thrill192)
School of Language “Sea From Shore”
Principles of Geometry “Lazare”
Various Artists “New Orleans Funk (SJR047)”
Bruce Haack “Electric Lucifer”

new & key restocks for Feb 1st

Redscroll Records Update 1 February 2008
New and Key Restocked Items

Compact Discs:
Black Mountain “In Future..” 2xCD
Ghastly City Sleep “s/t”
Mum “Yesterday Was Dramatic”
Lee Perry and the Upsetters “14 Dub Blackboard Jungle”
Plague Bringer “Life Songs”
Plague Bringer “As The Ghosts Collapse”
Toog “Le Entendue”

All Out War “For Those Who” LP
Atreyu “Curse” LP
Bayside “Walking Wounded” LP
Blood For Blood “Spit My Last Breath” LP
Bloodlet “Seraphim Fall”LP
Bloodlet “Entheogen” LP
Bloodlet “Eclectic” LP
Brand New “Deja Entendu” 2xLP
Buried Alive “Death Of Your Perfect” LP
Cast Iron Hike “Watch It” LP
Catch22 “Keasby Nights” LP
Catch22 “Alone In The Crowd” LP
Catch22 “Washed Up” 7″
Clash “s/t” picdisc
Coke Bust “Fuck Bar Culture” 7″
Darkest Hour “Deliver Us” LP
Don Caballero “American”2xLP
Earth Crisis “Slither” LP
Fennesz “Transition” 7″
GYBE “Lift Your Skinny” LP
GYBE “Slow” LP
GYBE “Yanquiuxo” LP
Hawthorne Heights “Silence” LP
In Cold Blood “Hell Earth” LP
Integrity/Lockweld split 7″
Mum “Yesterday Was Dramatic” 2xLP
Sic Alps “The Soft Tour” LP
Terror “Rhythm Amongst” 7″
Waste Management “Get Your” 7″


Edge Of Quarrel – DVD (Starring Rocky Votolato)

Redscroll Records Update 29 January 2008

Redscroll Records Update 29 January 2008
New and Key Restocks

Compact Discs:
Aleister Crowley “1910-1914 Black Magic Recordings”
Apathy “Hell’s Lost & Found” 2xCD
Kimya Dawson “Knock Knock Who?”
Kimya Dawson “My Cute Friend…”
Dragonforce “Valley of the Damned”
Earthride “Vampire Circus”
Electric Wizard “Witchcult Today”
Eugene S. Robinson “Fight (Audiobook)”
Havohej “Dethrone the Son of God”
Jenny Hoysten & William Elliot Whitmore “Hallways of Always”
Solvent “Demonstration Tape (1997-2007)” 2xCD
Spirit of the Forest “A Brew Of Lightning”
V/A “Tribute to Sarcofago”
Vex’d “De Generate” 2xCD
William Elliot Whitmore “Song of the Blackbird”
Xiu Xiu “Women as Lovers”
YMD “Excuse Me, This is the Yea Mos Def”
Zoroaster / Music Hates You / Christine “3 Way Split”

Apathy “It Takes a Seven Nation Army…” 12″
Blues Control “Puff” LP
Coffins “Mortuary in Darkness” LP
Earthride “Earthride” LP
Serge Gainsbourg “Les Annees” LP
Grey Daturas “Owly Claw Hammer” LP
Magik Markers “Volodor Dance” LP
Thurston Moore, Kevin Sheilds, Barrabarracuda & Men Who Can’t Love “Thrash Sabbatical – Four Way Split” 12″ + 2×7″
Nachtmystium “Eulogy IV” LP
O’Death “Spider Home” 7″
U.S. Christmas “U.S. Christmas” 12″
Warcollapse “Defy” LP

Aleister Crowley “Portable Darkness: An Aleister Crowley Reader” Book
Dalek “A Purge of Dissidents” Book/CD/DVD
DJ Kentaro “Enter the Newground” DVD
“Punk House: Interiors in Anarchy” Book