Estrogen Highs – Cycles EP

Estrogen Highs Cycles EP

If you live in Connecticut, you might know that there aren’t exactly a ton of options if you’re looking for a straight-up garage fix. However, Estrogen Highs totally have you covered. And I don’t mean they have you covered in that sort of default way, I mean they have you covered in the “this band totally rules” way. If you haven’t checked them out yet (what are you waiting for?) you can pick up their latest EP, “Cycles,” out now on New Haven’s own Safety Meeting Records.

Estrogen Highs have been really busy lately—they just released their latest full-length “Friends and Relatives” in December and recently returned from an extensive tour of the west coast and Canada. Even so, they somehow managed to squeeze out this 7-song EP, which was a really nice and unexpected surprise. The super catchy, super jangly “Daily Catastrophes” was a stand-out track for me, as was “I Remember Everything,” a truly beautiful song with some of the best lyrics I’ve heard from them yet. There are only 300 copies of “Cycles,” so don’t sleep on this!