RSR PC 077 Dirt Devil (Allie, Dan, Lemmy, Nikki)

This month we talk to 4 out of 5 members of Dirt Devil – Allie, Dan, Lemmy and Nikki! (Laura lives in Providence and coordinating all 5 would’ve been tricky!)  We talk about what we’re all listening to. We talk about the new album Desert Moon coming out on April 8th (the day of the 100% total eclipse!) and what went into that – including all the visual aspects (costumes, props, videos… links below).

Dirt Devil Band Picture
Top left: Allie, Top Right: Lemmy, Bottom Left: Nikki, Bottom Right: Dan

We talk about the Dave Matthews Band Meadows Riot. The town of Bristol gets name dropped. CD club services get a shout. Tarot talk leads to Halloween costumes talk. The Don GiovanniCalifornia X (Dan and Lemmy’s previous band) pipeline… we go on. Their couple release shows are coming up April 12th (here at the store) and May 4th (western Mass.). Check it out!

Dirt Devil Links:

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Record Store Day is April 20th, 2024

April 20th, 2024 is Record Store Day!

In celebration we’ll be open from 8AM-7PM.

We’ll have a bounty of Record Store Day exclusive titles. A full list of available titles will go up on our website Friday, April 19th, 2024 by 7PM.

They’ll be available at opening time (1 of each title per person limit) and no sooner. No holds or pre-orders.

Our store will be packed with regular store stock as well (& as word has it the new Taylor Swift will be out the day before and we’ll have the indie store exclusive color).

Come on by and celebrate Record Store Day in a record store!



Redscroll Records
69 South Turnpike Road
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2024 Record Store Day Flyer
2024 Record Store Day Flyer


Pre-Orders at Redscroll: Kidnapped, Dirt Devil, The Knife Kickers, One Step Closer

We’ve got quite a few pre-orders going right now! Here’s a rundown! We’re always willing to take special orders for anything else you’re looking for as well! 

KIDNAPPED “Disgust” LP on a Redscroll Exclusive Color [pre-order]
(Cloud with Brown & White Splatter / Silk-Screened B-Side)
Limited to 100 Copies
This is a pre-order for the REDSCROLL EXCLUSIVE COLOR of the new Kidnapped record projected to be out in June from our friends at DAZE.
FFO: Power Violence, Hardcore, Infest, Ceremony, Coke Bust….

Check out Kidnapped here:

DIRT DEVIL “Desert Moon” Cassette [pre-order]
Limited to 50 Copies
FFO: Dream Pop, Shoegaze, Slowdive, Beach House, Mazzy Star…

THE KNIFE KICKERS “Nameless” LP (pre-order)
(Black & Grey Smash Color Vinyl)
Edition of 150 Copies
FFO: Indie Rock, Folk Rock, Pile, Modest Mouse, Red House Painters…

ONE STEP CLOSER “All You Embrace” LP (pre-order)
(Indie Exclusive: Clear Blue with Black & Blue Splatter)
Edition of 300 copies
Run For Cover Records
FFO:  Hardcore, Emo, and ‘90s Alternative Rock…

RSR PC 076 Gerosa Records’ Brian & Brian

Gerosa Records opened over 37 years ago now in Western Connecticut – this month we talk to Brian and his son Brian (referred to as Junior on the show and generally in their shop). We talk about the rollercoaster of the record business over those years.

The Brians Gerosa
The Brians Gerosa

We talk about how Gerosa Construction (elder Brian’s father’s company) figures into a couple pretty neat facts in music history. We talk about what we’re all listening to. We touch on the upcoming Record Store Day and generally jaw about music! Take a ride!


Gerosa Records Link Tree

Music on this episode:

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2 New Redscroll 12″s Out Today!

We’ve got 2 new records out today!

First off alphabetically we have a split record from CHOP CHOP CHOP CHOP CHOP CHOP CHOP & Doom Beach!

Available to buy through our Big Cartel and also to listen to and buy from each of the respective bandcamp pages for the artists:

And second up in alphabetical order we have the Intercourse “Egyptian Democracy / Bum Wine” 12″ out now!

Available to buy through our Big Cartel and also to listen to and buy through their bandcamp page: