2 New Redscroll 12″s Out Today!

We’ve got 2 new records out today!

First off alphabetically we have a split record from CHOP CHOP CHOP CHOP CHOP CHOP CHOP & Doom Beach!

Available to buy through our Big Cartel and also to listen to and buy from each of the respective bandcamp pages for the artists:


And second up in alphabetical order we have the Intercourse “Egyptian Democracy / Bum Wine” 12″ out now!

Available to buy through our Big Cartel and also to listen to and buy through their bandcamp page:

RSR PC 075 Damon Marzano

Damon Marzano joins us this month to talk about his journey through myriad music industry positions from working at a few record stores – most notably Phoenix Records in Waterbury – to Apple to Google… to his current label Noize In The Attic Records.

We talk about what we’re all listening to. Damon talks about working with Mick Jagger.  We talk about the upcoming gig he booked in Hamden on May 3rd with Junkyard. And we go on in related directions to all of the above.

Music on this episode:

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RSR PC 074 Staff Favorites of 2023

Whoops… mostly music!

Here it is – the end of the year favorites podcast including lists by each staff member here at Redscroll! The podcast has a clip from each album.  It’s a fun listen!  

[Lists are alphabetical – no particular order otherwise. Some of Josh’s and Rick’s lists got tacked on at the end with fun text to voice notes.]


First off,  these are things we loved enough to release and Josh and I (Rick) didn’t include in our own favorites list because it is basically a given.

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RSR PC 073 The Knife Kickers, John & Ryan

John Zaccaria writes music as The Knife Kickers. Friends fill out the band; it is a rotating cast with John at the center. Ryan Prushinski helped with the latest record that is set to come out in early 2024. Ryan played drums on just over half the songs (he also drums in Doom Beach who’ve been on the pod before; click here for that) and produced/engineered the recording of the album.

John and Ryan of the Knife Kickers
John in the foreground and Ryan in the back

We talk to John and Ryan about the new record, playing music in general and how the local indie rock scene gave way to his musical journey. We have the privilege of playing a few songs from the new album (one in full at the end of the interview and a couple partial songs in the mix of the interview).

Check out previous material here:


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