RSR PC 070 Ajna of Forest Thrall

Anonymity reigns within the dark realm of black metal. We interviewed an entity known to us here as Ajna. Ajna healms Forest Thrall and plays in Vengeance Sorcery, Cerberus, Sravana, Cemetery Lights and likely more currently active and some that are at this time conceptual acts.

We talk about the Vengeance Sorcery experience of playing Nuclear War Now Fest in Tijuana, Mexico. Ajna goes into depth on the musical paths taken in listening and in playing and gives a short anecdote about how a member of Dokken presented as a sort of missed connection on a tow truck route. We talk about nature and the scourge of the litterer! We veer off on 108 mystic and odd directions and of course we talk about the music we’re listening to!

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$1 45 Dive – Saturday & Sunday, September 2nd & 3rd 2023

Hey all! We have too many 45s / 7″s and we want to have less of them! We have 42 unprocessed unpriced boxes full of 45s we have not scoured through. We have not cherry picked or even looked through these. We’re going to put them all out next weekend and you can dig through to find gems and they’ll all be $1.
(The 45 rack with priced records withstanding; just talking about these untouched boxes.)

FaFa “Fafa (Demo 2023)” Cassette Tape Out Now!

Stoked to have this release out immediately! The bandcamp stream of this has been in heavy rotation for a while now and we even had the crew on the podcast recently: listen here!

You can buy the tape right now from us on our Big Cartel here:

Fafa Demo 2023 Tape
Fafa Demo 2023 Tape

Bandcamp link to stream/buy digital:

Chat Pile “This Dungeon Earth / Remove Your Skin Please” GREEN MARBLE REDSCROLL EXCLUSIVE

We’re excited to announce that we’ve been honored to have a Chat Pile exclusive color for their 2020 noise rock opus “This Dungeon Earth / Remove Your Skin Please” on green marble vinyl. Sent this way from Reptilian Records headquarters.


Order on our Big Cartel here! 

Order on our Big Cartel here!