Shows / In-Store Performances

We sometimes have in store performances / shows. All are welcome. Money collected at these events goes directly to the artists. If you are interested in playing at the shop or putting a show together at the shop please email us:

Shows below are listed reverse chronologically from upcoming/most recent to oldest. By no means is this an extensive archive, but if you have flyers from past shows (especially at the old store basement) please send them our way.

October 25th 2023 Prize Horse Trembler Saint James Flyer

WEDNESDAY – October 25th, 2023
7PM $10 All Ages
Saint James
Prize Horse

October 20th Hexx Head show flyerFRIDAY – October 20th, 2023
7:30PM $5~$10  All Ages
Hexx Head (Boston; EBM, Industrial Dance)
Lastoctober (CT; Ambient Noise)
James Burke (New London, CT Synth Pop / Electronics)
Lustrate (CT; Noise, Power Electronics)

22nd of September 2023 show flyer
22nd of September 2023 show flyer

FRIDAY – September 22nd, 2023
7:30 PM ~$10 All Ages
How I Quit Ketamine (Bk, NY noise)
Grooming (NYC electronics)
Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop (NHv, CT Noise/Grind/Violence)
Doom Beach (Home of the Bees, CT surf doom bombardiers)
Miserable Prick (CT misanthropy)


Dippers Flyer for September 16th 2023 show
Dippers Flyer for September 16th 2023 show

SATURDAY – September 16th, 2023
7:30PM ~$10 All Ages
Dippers (formerly known as Thigh Master – on Goner/Tenth Court; on tour from Australia)
Shirese (CT Based future legendary rockers, but Seany lives southward)
Tim Rowe (New Haven singing/guitaring finery)

6th of September Flyer for 2023 Troller and Ye Gods with Rick Re:Action at Cafe 9
6th of September Flyer for 2023 Troller and Ye Gods with Rick Re:Action at Cafe 9

Rick is DJing this show at Cafe 9. Details here:
(bonus fun fact: Pencilmancer who did the caligraphy for Troller also designed the Redscroll Gift Certificate!)

Perennial release show September 1, 2023 flyer
Perennial release show September 1, 2023

FRIDAY – September 1st, 2023
7PM $5~$10 All Ages
Perennial (you like Black Eyes? me too. the best.)
Minus Points


July 6th Poster at Counterweight Brewery

7:30PM Doors
Ratas En Zelo

Wednesday – July 5th, 2023
6:30 PM $5~$10 All Ages
Rong (Boston, MA; Weird Heavy)
Sea Moss (Portland, OR; Electronic Noise Punk)
Wally (New Haven, CT; Shoegaze Pop)

Poster for show on June 29th at Redscroll Records with Rear Window, CryptWarbler and Winj

Thursday – June 29th, 2023
6:30PM, All Ages, $5
Rear Window (the return of this trio from New Haven (Rex, Zach, Max); Experimentalism)
CryptWarbler (music from circuit bent casio mt240)

Saturday – June 24th, 2023
7:30PM $10 All Ages
Snowbeasts (RI)
Compactor (NYC)
Revenge Body (New London, CT)
Moon//Factory (Fifac x The//Moon – CT)


Monday – June 19th, 2023
6:30 PM $5~$10 All Ages
Shells (Detroit, Member of Tyvek & XV)
Mountain Movers (New Haven’s Psych Juggernauts!)

Friday, June 2nd, 2023
7PM $6~$10
Spit-Take (back in action!)
Freezing Cold (ex-Aye Nako)
Kenickie Hickey: A New Band! (ex-Dust Control)


Saturday – May 20th, 2023 
New Haven Jazz Underground’s Second Showcase of Original Music!
7:30 Nick Di Maria & Michael Larocca Duo
8:00 Ben Simmons Trio
8:45 Brandon Terzakis Trio
9:30 pm Michael LaRocca Quartet

Friday – May 5th, 2023
7:30PM ~$10
Skin (a tape and vocals act from Montreal)
Rear Window (Trio from New Haven (Rex, Zach, Max); Experimentalism)

Saturday April 15th, 2023

Monday, March 6th, 2023
6:30PM $8
Constant Smiles
Kryssi B


Sunday, February 26th 2023
Aug Stone Book Reading

Friday, January 27th, 2023
7:30 PM $10
Trace Macabre (CT)
Kallie Lampel (Kingston, NY)
Ross Wightman (CT)

Saturday, January 21st, 2023
7:30PM, $10
Reduction Plan (NYC by way of CT)
Ye Gods (CT by way of UK)
Foreign Body (NYC)
Prayer Position (Boston, MA)

November 8th, 2022
7PM, $7-$10
Ned Collette (Australia)
Alexander (New Haven)


October 22nd, 2022
7PM, $10
Syko Friend (Los Angeles, CA)
Bill Nace and Samara Lubelski (Philadelphia and NYC giants collaborating)


September 21, 2022 8PM
Revenge Body (EBM, on our podcast here)
Stone Jaw (Musique Concrete / Noise, on our podcast here)
Excavator (new project I’ve yet to see!)
$5-$10 Suggested Donation for Artists