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RSR PC 067 Ephyra – Vaughn & Senti

This month on the podcast we’re joined by Senti & Vaughn of Ephyra – a collective of 7 folks releasing metalcore that sounds 20 years displaced! Really wild to take a listen for the first time and think this is not from that original era this takes heavy influence from.  We talk about all the bands currently on the label and all the members of the bands and who plays what in which. Tight group playing in quite a few formations. We talk about everything we’re listening to as usual and conversation ensues as usual!

We talk about label demands and how Ephyra caught on much more than they ever expected faster than could be. CD and tape production specifics are talked about; nice little tips and tricks if you’re starting anything up (one of which being – have someone who’s good at accounting). Prayer for Cleansing, Undying, Incubus, Limp Bizkit, a laundry list of bands mentioned… Love Lost But Not Forgotten, deadeyesunder, A Thousand Falling Skies… Jay from Papercut may have been in the room too.

Music on this episode:
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RSR PC 066 Ross Wightman

Ross Wightman performs and teaches and builds and makes/creates/composes. A classical double bassist who came to Connecticut through a program at Yale, Ross now finds himself traveling in the tri-state area weekly for work between NY, NJ and CT and seems to enjoy it! The Water Feature and Fiddle Henge are two instruments Ross has put together from scratch! We talk about all that and what led to it and we talk about what we’re listening to as well!

Ross Wightman standing in front of books, LPs and 45s at Redscroll Records
Ross Wightman

From New Brunswick basement shows to playing in a tuxedo, Ross has had an academic and DIY varied background in music and life in general (skateboarding/punk intro etc.). Good talk here! Check it out!


Just Intonation (mentioned around the 30 minute mark)
Nam June Paik (mentioned around the 45 minute mark)
Plectrum Banjo  (~50 minute mark)

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RSR PC 065 Shirese (Matty, Nicholas & George)

We talked with Matty, Nicholas & George of Shirese this month! Lots of real CT insider talk in this one. I tried to insert context when needed. The New Hawaii, Popeye’s Garage, the Osbourne House and more DIY spots of yore! Rock and Roll gets heralded as well as some jazz fusion. Good times.

Members of Shirese - Matty, George & Nicholas - Holding their new record in Redscroll Records.

Shirese has a new record and played a great show at Cafe 9 in celebration of its release so we talk about that at length. And we just jaw on about any given subject – like music for instance.

Seany’s Shirese Post on Instagram (mentioned in the podcast)

Music on this episode:
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RSR PC 064 Lumpy / Daze (music label)

Lumpy (Andrew Wojcik) from the Daze label, King Nine, Sanction, Out for Justice and a bunch of bands joins us this month. We talk about the bands briefly. We talk about starting and running a label since 2019. And we talk about coffee and pizza. If you had ever wondered what it would be like if we hosted a food podcast this is as close as we get!

We talk about how great CDs actually are and what makes a great CD package. We talk about merch that references specific CT institutions and how they are sold almost exclusively at fests out of state! We talk about the music we’re listening to as well of course and veer off (in mostly food directions).

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RSR PC 063 Greg Thomas (Silver Bullet Studios)

This month we talked with Greg Thomas of Silver Bullet Studios, End and myriad musical projects. We really just scratch the surface with Greg and it’s a great talk chalk full of knowledge nuggets.  What a Colossal (wink, nudge) interview!

We talk about some of the music we’re listening to and Greg drops lots of teasers on upcoming recordings. New With Honor. New Murmur. Will the Risk Taken album come out for the 20th Anniversary of the studio next year?! Should it?! Pressing questions that a select few forgot they cared about!(SIC) And then we talk about shipping for a while (so much that I cut some of it out!). And then more music!

Music in this episode:

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