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RSR PC 050 Redscroll Favorites of 2021

It’s the beginning of a new year so first off HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hoping the best for everyone in the coming year!

Rick and Josh host the podcast with no guests and plenty of music clips. We assembled a list for each of our full time staff here. Rick and Josh rip through their respective lists and then those submitted by Caren and David. All of those are listed below. Tune in for some light commentary and clips of them all to check out.

This past year brought us a ton of excellent music and that’s definitely reflected in these lists we’ve put together here. There is also a Spotify playlist linked below to give everything a deeper listen (aka check out the full songs and not just clips).

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RSR PC 049 Tommy Harte of Broken Vow

Tommy Harte from Broken Vow joins us on the podcast this month. We talk about how a band forms and records in a pandemic. We talk about Edge Day. We talk about the influences that went in to forming Broken Vow. We talk about the music we’re all listening to and lots more including what are Train fans called?!

Broken Vow online:

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RSR PC 048 Amanda Schutzman

Well we certainly talked some inside baseball with Amanda this month! I (Rick) took liberties with editing on this. It’ll make for a more amusing listen if you don’t have deep inside knowledge of music retail. If you are in music retail it’s not so disguised that you maybe can’t figure out the companies discussed. Y’know, MEGACORP!?  I also took the opportunity to add some spooky sounds since this is episode that is most current for Halloween. Heck, you may even figure out your own side story to go along with those sounds.

Amanda Schutzman in Redscroll Records
Amanda Schutzman


Oh yeah, so we talked about music retail business, record shows, the various stores Amanda has worked at from Slipped Disc to Needle & Groove, and Generation to her job as a representative at All Media Supply and her work putting on record shows with Vinyl Revolution. We also talk about what we’re listening to, what Amanda is listening to and what Amanda grew up listening to including her musical background.

Amanda’s LinkTree (with many links to pretty much everything discussed on the show)
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RSR PC 047 Jack aka The//Moon

Jack aka The//Moon joined us on the podcast this month. We talk about a variety of topics including the best green room experience he had with Cold Snap, collaborating with Wicca Phase Springs Eternal Springs Eternal, and watching Lost more times than anyone I know (and probably anyone ever).

Bandcamp for The//Moon:

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RSR PC 045 Antoni Maiovvi

Our guest this month is recent transplant to Connecticut, Antoni Maiovvi (an alias and also the preferred name by which he is referred). We talk about his many projects under this name and various others on the label he co-runs, Giallo Discos, and many others.

We talk about his many moves that eventually brought him here. And Josh stands up for compact discs! And of course, we talk about music we’re listening to and many subjects along the way.

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