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RSR PC 063 Greg Thomas (Silver Bullet Studios)

This month we talked with Greg Thomas of Silver Bullet Studios, End and myriad musical projects. We really just scratch the surface with Greg and it’s a great talk chalk full of knowledge nuggets.  What a Colossal (wink, nudge) interview!

We talk about some of the music we’re listening to and Greg drops lots of teasers on upcoming recordings. New With Honor. New Murmur. Will the Risk Taken album come out for the 20th Anniversary of the studio next year?! Should it?! Pressing questions that a select few forgot they cared about!(SIC) And then we talk about shipping for a while (so much that I cut some of it out!). And then more music!

Music in this episode:

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RSR PC 062 Favorites of 2022

Happy New Year!

It is time for our list of favorites from the past year! We asked everyone here at the shop if they’d like to submit a list and 5/6 of us did! [UPDATE: Photini sent us a list and an updated pic – check the end of the post! 6/6] Josh and I are joined by our shipping specialist Caleb and we also read from Caren’s and Lexi’s lists. We mention our releases from the past year at the top of it and finish off with some live shows we enjoyed. This is a music heavy / heavily edited show so please enjoy it all! If you enjoy it and want to hear some more let us know if you’d like it as a playlist and maybe we’ll share that!

(Back Row: Caren, Josh, Caleb)(Front Row: Rick, Lexi)
Track list

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RSR PC 061 The Problem With Kids Today

Silas, Tate and Reena are The Problem With Kids Today. They’re also a band of the same name (wocka wocka).  We talk to them about all the usual musical topics specific to them and their band. We talk about Sesame Street, Dora and various early musical memories as well as Reena’s vlogging dad and Tate’s Miracle Legion connection and building a shed instead of getting a job with Silas and various other divergent topics as it goes. And we start with the music we’re listening to of course.

Reena, Silas & Tate posing with an arcade machine and Mac DeMarco standee.
Reena, Silas & (Mac DeMarco &) Tate


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CHOP CHOP CHOP CHOP CHOP CHOP CHOP (or Chopx7 for short or maybe even just Chop) joined us on the podcast this month. We talk about cybergrind, noise, where those meet and overlap for him. We talk about working with other folks on various projects. We talk about how the Chopx7 Tik Tok became as big as it is! College. Shows. Music. Conversation, as usual, stretches out from all that.

chop chop chop chop chop chop chop with his hand obscuring his face

All the links you need in one easy place:


RSR PC 059 Hardcore Sweet Bakery (Nicole & Jeremy Braddock)

Nicole and Jeremy Braddock own and run Hardcore Sweet Bakery out of Watertown and their satellite location in Southington. Beyond the bakery, which grew out of a cupcake food truck, they also do community outreach programs like a book club, baking classes and a variety of events including the upcoming Punk Rock Flea Market on October 23rd at the Southington Drive-In.

We talk about how they’ve grown their business. We talk about their various TV appearances on cooking competition shows. Lots of fun talk about best selling cupcakes based on different band names and songs and custom cakes based on some outlandish customer requests. Lots of fun was had and topics branch out from there.

CT Post Photo of Jeremy and Nicole Braddock in their bakery
CT Post Photo


Music for this episode:
Opening Track:

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