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RSR PC 073 The Knife Kickers, John & Ryan

John Zaccaria writes music as The Knife Kickers. Friends fill out the band; it is a rotating cast with John at the center. Ryan Prushinski helped with the latest record that is set to come out in early 2024. Ryan played drums on just over half the songs (he also drums in Doom Beach who’ve been on the pod before; click here for that) and produced/engineered the recording of the album.

John and Ryan of the Knife Kickers
John in the foreground and Ryan in the back

We talk to John and Ryan about the new record, playing music in general and how the local indie rock scene gave way to his musical journey. We have the privilege of playing a few songs from the new album (one in full at the end of the interview and a couple partial songs in the mix of the interview).

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RSR PC 072 Justin, Studebaker Hawk, Peace & Rhythm etc.

Justin aka Studebaker Hawk joins us this month on the podcast. Justin is a record dealer who also runs / promotes some record fairs and is also a DJ who also runs a label with the team at Peace & Rhythm and also has a 45/7″ subscription service called The Drop. (Links to all that stuff below.)

Justin does all this stuff while keeping up an active traveling itinerary and splitting his time between Springfield and Mexico.

Music on this episode:

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RSR PC 071 Undergrounds Record Cafe – Nick & Dean

Undergrounds Record Cafe opened under a year ago (about 8 months) in Oakville, CT.
We are joined this month by Nick & Dean – the owners of this new hybrid café and record shop. Dean has been shopping with us basically since we opened and his son Nick used to tag along and get lost in the racks (or go over to the sports memorabilia shop and come back to wrangle dad). Time keeps on moving! We start off in the same way we usually do – talking about what we’re listening to. We then move the conversation to different aspects of the restaurant and Nick’s culinary background. We talk to Dean about what they carry and how they’ve been reaching more and more folks as word gets out.

Nick and Dean of Undergrounds Record Cafe
Nick and Dean of Undergrounds Record Cafe

Dean will also be at our record fair next Sunday with a table full of records (and maybe some bread or some sort of sampling from the café?! Something’s in the works. ).   Conversation pushes towards what the future holds for the restaurant and possible events and possible dinner services (special occasions).

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RSR PC 070 Ajna of Forest Thrall

Anonymity reigns within the dark realm of black metal. We interviewed an entity known to us here as Ajna. Ajna healms Forest Thrall and plays in Vengeance Sorcery, Cerberus, Sravana, Cemetery Lights and likely more currently active and some that are at this time conceptual acts.

We talk about the Vengeance Sorcery experience of playing Nuclear War Now Fest in Tijuana, Mexico. Ajna goes into depth on the musical paths taken in listening and in playing and gives a short anecdote about how a member of Dokken presented as a sort of missed connection on a tow truck route. We talk about nature and the scourge of the litterer! We veer off on 108 mystic and odd directions and of course we talk about the music we’re listening to!

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RSR PC 069 FaFa is Allie, Alex, Kevin & Ren

FaFa joins us this month on the podcast. The full band! Allie, Alex, Kevin & Ren!

We talk about what we’re all listening to. We talk to Ren about the closing of the WamLeg (she & Andreas owned it most recently; formerly Wallingford American Legion). We talk about some food and general Wallingford and general CT hot spots. Oh yeah, and playing music and what brought these particular individuals to form this band and how they’re style came to be and so on! And we stretch the conversation all directions out from all those odd directions.

Music on this episode:

FaFa “Red Knuckles” Demo (self released)

Khanate “Like a Poisoned Dog” To Be Cruel (Sacred Bones)
Body of Light “This Conversation” Bitter Reflection (Dais)
Black Eyes “Deformative” Black Eyes (Dischord)
Bendik Giske “Start” Bendik Giske (Smalltown Supersound)

The Body “A Cloud Broken Open” I Shall Die Here / Earth Triumphant (Rvng Intl.)
Mandy, Indiana “Drag [Crashed]” I’ve Seen A Way (Fire Talk)

Alex (drummer):
Beach Goons “Choker” Boisad (Grndvw Recordings)

Kevin (guitar):
Cocomelon “Daddy Finger Song”….

Allie (singer):
Pastel Ghost “Underwater” Ethereality (Cleopatra)

Ren (bass):
Sona Jobarteh “Gambia” Badinyaa Kumoo (African Guild)

Ulterior Motif “Down to the Bottom” Down to the Bottom (self released)
Sofwalls “Shadowdance” Shadowdance Single (self released)

FaFa “Poppin Titties at the Beach” Demo (self released)

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