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RSR PC 059 Hardcore Sweet Bakery (Nicole & Jeremy Braddock)

Nicole and Jeremy Braddock own and run Hardcore Sweet Bakery out of Watertown and their satellite location in Southington. Beyond the bakery, which grew out of a cupcake food truck, they also do community outreach programs like a book club, baking classes and a variety of events including the upcoming Punk Rock Flea Market on October 23rd at the Southington Drive-In.

We talk about how they’ve grown their business. We talk about their various TV appearances on cooking competition shows. Lots of fun talk about best selling cupcakes based on different band names and songs and custom cakes based on some outlandish customer requests. Lots of fun was had and topics branch out from there.

CT Post Photo of Jeremy and Nicole Braddock in their bakery
CT Post Photo


Music for this episode:
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RSR PC 058 Austin Larkin & Zach Rowden

This month brings a return guest in Zach Rowden and a new guest in Austin Larkin. Together they perform as Red Yellow Blue Green Black. Definitely go back and listen to the Zach and Henry (Tongue Depressor) podcast if you haven’t yet! For this episode we focused more on Austin as we had yet to dive into his musical background.  We of course also talk about lots of things we’re listening too.

Austin created sirens for the recent tour with Tongue Depressor – some deep insight on those. General talk of musical education background and Austin’s brief stint in a band signed to Sub Pop and how that led to a few years at school for music and then on to Jakarta to further study gamelan.  Lots of insight and interesting musical and other art related divergences follow. Give a listen!


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RSR PC 057 Killer Kin – Chloe & Matt

Kick out the jams, nutmeggers! Killer Kin rocked with us this month. Motor city infected conversation for sure – even if it’s at times French or French Canadian.  Chloe and Matt are the real deal when it comes to rockin’!

Matt and Chloe of Killer Kin stand in front of Redscroll Records
Matt & Chloe of Killer Kin

We talk about some of our favorite rock doc’s and local venues. Rock dominates the talk for sure.  Check it out.


Sans Serif Rec.

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RSR PC 056 Fatal Sacrament & Inexorable Flesh (Chad, Jacob & Kurt)

Tried a new thing this month, we interviewed 2 bands at once! Fatal Sacrament and Inexorable Flesh are 2 bands that are friendly with each other though the music comes off as mean as it comes – straight ahead death metal done well! We talked to Chad of Fatal Sacrament and Jacob and Kurt of Inexorable Flesh.

Death Metal Bands, Fatal Sacrament and Inexorable Flesh
Chad of Fatal Sacrament (top); Jacob of Inexorable Flesh (Bottom Left); Kurt of Inexorable Flesh (Bottom Right)

We talk about working around work and where we live to make a project work. We talk about death metal and how all these folks came to it.

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RSR PC 055 Revenge Body / Seven

On this month’s podcast I, Rick, talk to Seven of Revenge Body. It’s a rare instance (so rare it hasn’t happened before) where Josh is not on the show. Woah! We talk about what we’ve listened to and do include a list from Josh. 

We talk about the origins of Revenge Body and Chopin and Depeche Mode (recorded before Fletch’s passing – RIP). Sibling noise. Found object welding sculptures. An older interview (Link here: Pop superstardom!


Opening Track:
Revenge Body “Angel” Extrinsic (New Body) Continue reading RSR PC 055 Revenge Body / Seven