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RSR PC 050 Redscroll Favorites of 2021

It’s the beginning of a new year so first off HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hoping the best for everyone in the coming year!

Rick and Josh host the podcast with no guests and plenty of music clips. We assembled a list for each of our full time staff here. Rick and Josh rip through their respective lists and then those submitted by Caren and David. All of those are listed below. Tune in for some light commentary and clips of them all to check out.

This past year brought us a ton of excellent music and that’s definitely reflected in these lists we’ve put together here. There is also a Spotify playlist linked below to give everything a deeper listen (aka check out the full songs and not just clips).

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GIFT CERTIFICATES / General Gift Giving Ideas

[We will be open Christmas Eve, December 24th, 2021 from 9AM-2PM and closed on Christmas Day, December 25th, 2021.]

‘Tis the season! Here’s a quick rundown of easy gifts we offer all year round that make great gifts for the music lover in your life.

If you know a person that loves to spend time digging through and finding something that catches their eye in our shop then a Gift Certificate is certainly a great gift! You can stop by and pick one up or buy on online here:

Name of Gift Recipient:


If you’d like buy a Gift Certificate of a greater or different amount than any of the options please feel free to buy them in whatever quantity equals the amount you’d like. Gift Certificates bought online are kept on file (we don’t mail them out) and you’ll get a receipt via email. Just make sure to let us know who it should be on file for please (if it’s not apparent to us we’ll email you to ask). We’ll email you a picture of it using the email used to purchase the Gift Certificate for you to print out and put in a card or however you choose to use it!

Of course, if you have a list to go by we are happy to take a look at it and help with any titles we may have in stock or possibly special order – sooner the better for that as always. We have plenty of standards in stock as well as not so standards!


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Beyond records, record care is always a nice gift. We have cleaning kits, microfiber cloths, and various other record accessories that make nice stocking stuffers.

We are open:
Sunday 11AM-5PM
Monday-Thursday 11AM-6PM
Friday & Saturday 11AM-7PM

Redscroll Records
69 South Turnpike Road (Unit B)
Wallingford, CT 06492

Black Friday Update 2021 / Weekend Sale

We open at 8AM  on Friday November 26th, 2021 – BLACK FRIDAY! 

 We will have RSD Black Friday items; the ones we’ll have are listed below.  The store is also open for general shopping and everything is on sale all weekend! 

We are asking folks for their own safety in our industrial area parking lot not to show up before 6AM please.

The social media we use most is Instagram. Please do follow us there for regular stock updates and occasional announcements.(Reminder: if you haven’t been to our store in a while – we moved last November and are now at 69 South Turnpike Road, Wallingford, CT 06492 – in the same building as the Battery Shop.)

Masks are still required here so please have one at the ready. 😷

The waiting area for RSD items will be in front of our large bay door. It will be obvious when you arrive, but just to clarify the large bay door is the second bay door to the right of our normal front entrance door.

Parking can be found in the normal area that is painted in our lot and overflow parking is basically in the abutting lots.

Please be safe and mindful of those around you. Dress weather appropriate. We’ll do our best to get you out of the cold as safely and efficiently as we can.

Below is a list of what we will have available.
Record Store Day titles are limited to 1 per title per person (buy as many titles as you’d like, just 1 each).
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Black Friday / Weekend Sale November 26-28, 2021

November 26th – November 28th we will be holding a sale.

10% Off Everything.

We’ll have Black Friday Record Store Day releases which we’ll put up on the site (and cross post about on social media) on Wednesday the 24th (by 8PM). RSDBF Titles Exempt from Sale.

Special Hours for the weekend:
November 26th 8AM-7PM (Black Friday)
November 27th 11AM-7PM (Saturday)
November 28th 11AM-5PM (Sunday)

RSR PC 049 Tommy Harte of Broken Vow

Tommy Harte from Broken Vow joins us on the podcast this month. We talk about how a band forms and records in a pandemic. We talk about Edge Day. We talk about the influences that went in to forming Broken Vow. We talk about the music we’re all listening to and lots more including what are Train fans called?!

Broken Vow online:

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