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New LP from Antoni Maiovvi – The Dead of Winter

We’re excited to announce a new LP from Antoni Maiovvi!

Available to preview and pre-order here:

Antoni Maiovvi’s “The Dead Of Winter” is a semi-faux soundtrack  album in the vein of the British composers more classically cinematic works. Sonically the album resembles a sort of
Deathrock Danny Elfman locking horns with Howard Shore piloting Sunn O)))’s dopemobile… at night… in the fog.

“The Dead Of Winter” is a collection of unused themes made for a very real movie that for various tax break reasons were unable to be
used. Not wanting to waste the work already completed, the cues were finished without picture and arranged here as their own
narrative, with the idea to transport the listener to a snowy, isolated, old building filled with secrets and demons.

A producer born in Bristol (UK), previously located in Berlin and Den Haag, now located in New Haven, Connecticut, USA, under the alias Antoni Maiovvi began following the inspirations of Obscure Disco,  Synth Disco and Italo-Disco, but work also is heavily in debt to Film Soundtracks. Founder of Giallo Disco along with Vercetti Technicolor.

This was also given a preview at Fangoria!

“Maiovvi makes creating danceable horror themes feel like it’s effortless, so hearing him grow artistically, experimenting with more traditional sounds while incorporating a lot of experimental, even musique concrete-adjacent elements, is fun and almost educational for his fans — without feeling like they’re getting their vegetables, even if they really are… The Dead of Winter is exactly this kind of work, combining disparate elements in unexpected and welcome ways to both satisfy our existing appetites and cultivate new ones going forward.”

RSR PC 064 Lumpy / Daze (music label)

Lumpy (Andrew Wojcik) from the Daze label, King Nine, Sanction, Out for Justice and a bunch of bands joins us this month. We talk about the bands briefly. We talk about starting and running a label since 2019. And we talk about coffee and pizza. If you had ever wondered what it would be like if we hosted a food podcast this is as close as we get!

We talk about how great CDs actually are and what makes a great CD package. We talk about merch that references specific CT institutions and how they are sold almost exclusively at fests out of state! We talk about the music we’re listening to as well of course and veer off (in mostly food directions).

Music on this episode: Continue reading RSR PC 064 Lumpy / Daze (music label)

Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean “Obsession Destruction” Pre-Order

Happy to be able to announce a new album by Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean is now up for Pre-Order.  Chained Cover Art

Head over to their bandcamp and check out the LP, CD and Cassette versions we have coming out as well as their other related merch!

[currently available for stateside pre-order, international distribution upcoming]

Catch them on tour! Crush all that stand in your way!

RSR PC 063 Greg Thomas (Silver Bullet Studios)

This month we talked with Greg Thomas of Silver Bullet Studios, End and myriad musical projects. We really just scratch the surface with Greg and it’s a great talk chalk full of knowledge nuggets.  What a Colossal (wink, nudge) interview!

We talk about some of the music we’re listening to and Greg drops lots of teasers on upcoming recordings. New With Honor. New Murmur. Will the Risk Taken album come out for the 20th Anniversary of the studio next year?! Should it?! Pressing questions that a select few forgot they cared about!(SIC) And then we talk about shipping for a while (so much that I cut some of it out!). And then more music!

Music in this episode:

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