RSR PC 030 Tongue Depressor (Henry Birdsey & Zach Rowden)

Henry Birdsey and Zach Rowden play together as Tongue Depressor, an experimental duo with various instrumental arrangements, but most often with fiddles. We talk about their music, touring all over the world, composing for dance, working at a music studio and for Anthony Braxton’s archives and much that surrounds all those topics including how they each ended up making New Haven their home.

Henry (left) & Zach (right)

Tongue Depressor are playing at Cafe 9 tonight for the release show for Nobody Knows This Is Somewhere on the C/Site Recordings label.  Also playing are Major Stars and Dirt Pile Family Band (New Haven All-Star Jam).  More information at this link:

Track list / show rundown beyond the break here: 

Opening Music:
Tongue Depressor @ Geist House / Montreal / 04.07.2018 [live clip]

Antoine Berjeaut “The New Untitled (Potomac Avenue)” Moving Cities (Produced By Makaya McCraven)[I See Colors]
The Galleria “Stop & Go” Stop & Go [Environ]
Steve Moore “Nobody Comes” Bliss (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)[Relapse Records]
Msylma “Dhil-un Taht Shajarat Al Zaqum” Dhil-un Taht Shajarat Al Zaqum [Halcyon Veil]
Deena Abdelwahed “Ah’na Hakkeka” Dhakar [InFiné Music]

Lightning Bolt “Caught Deep in the Zone” Lightning Bolt [Thrill Jockey]
Departure Chandelier “Consecrating the Flame of Resistance” The Black Crest of Death, The Gold Wreath of War [Nuclear War Now! Productions]
Dur Dur Band “Daraadaa Muxibo (Because of You Muxibo)” Mogadisco: Dancing Mogadishu (Somalia 1972 – 1991)[Analog Africa]
Envy “A Step In The Morning Glow” The Fallen Crimson [Pelagic Records]
Daniel Lopatin “The Ballad Of Howie Bling” Uncut Gems (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Warp Records]
Gulch “Self-Inflicted Mental Terror” 2019 Promo Cassette [Creator Destructor Records]

Bruce Langhorne “Ending” The Hired Hand (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)[Blast First Petite / Scissor Tail]

Jeph Jerman “(Untitled / Track 1)” Arcane Facture [White Centipede Noise]

Tongue Depressor on bandcamp:
Thalamos label:
Label mentioned (re: Kali Malone)
Henry Birdsey:
Zach Rowden:

Closing Music:
Tongue Depressor + Trevor Saint @ Orchard st. NHV (1/28/19)[live clip]

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