4th of June 2009 Update of New and Key Restocked Items

4th of June 2009 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12″s
Bardo Pond “Gazing At Shilla”
Benga “Buzzin'”
Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy “The Letting Go”
Ceephax “Drive Time”
Clues “Clues”
Cocteau Twins “Garlands”
Costello, Elvis “Secret, Profane & Sugarcane”
DMX Krew “Wave Funk Volume 1”
Dog Faced Hermans “Hum Of Life”
Elfin Saddle “Ringing For The Begin Again”
Faint, The “Mirror Error”
Flipper “Public Flipper Limited”
Flying Lotus / Joker “Glendale”
Graf Orlock “Destination Time: Today”
Grey Machine “Vultures Descend “
Grizzly Bear “Two Weeks”
Hypnotic Brass Ensemble “Hypnotic Brass Ensemble”
Jansch, Bert “The Black Swan”
Kill The Client “Cleptocracy”
Last Lights “No Past No Present No Future”
Marginal Man “Identity”
Merzbow “Hiranya”
Parasites “Solitary”
Parker, Andrea “Kiss My Arp”
Perry, Lee / Moody Boys “God Smiled”
Scuba “Klinik”
Skullflower “Vile Veil”
Slaughter Mob “Techno Skank”
Tape “Luminarium”
Telefon Tel Aviv “Immolate Yourself”
Various Artists “Open Strings”
Various Artists “Kung Fu Super Sounds”
White Hills “Heads On Fire”
Zappa, Frank “Hot Rats”

Capital “Blind Faith”
Earth Crisis “Forced To Kill”
Horizons “Hostile Territory”
Keelhaul “You Waited Five…”
Oak & Bone

1349 “Hellfire”
Acid Mothers Temple “Are We Experimental”
Cave “Psychic Summer”
Coalesce “Ox”
DAT Politics “Mad Kit”
Electric Wizard “Come My Fanatics”
Elphin Saddle “Ringing For…”
From The Depths “Germinate”
Gathering “Superheat”
Guided By Voices “Vampire On Titus”
Hypnotic Brass Ensemble “Hypnotic Brass Ensemble”
In Flames “Colony (Reloaded)”
Kill The Client “Cleptocracy”
Timothy Leary “Turn On, Tune In, And Drop Out”
Jason Lytle “Yours Truly The Commuter”
Nachtmystium “Doomsday Derelict”
Robots And Empire “Color Touches”
Vader “XXV”
Various Artists “Miami Sound”
Various Artists “Tropicalia Brasilian”
Various Artists “Dub Echoes”
Various Artists “Panama! 2 Latin”
Various Artists “Open Strings”
Wolves In The Throne Room “Two Hunters”
Yeasayer “All Hour Cymbals”

Punk Rock / Pleasure Palace (Grindhouse 2 Pack)
Such Hawks, Such Hounds
Triad Election
Une Femme Mariee (Godard)

Books & Magazines
Days Of War, Nights Of Love
Hot Damn And Hell Yeah / Dirty South (vegan cookbook)