Anecdotal Evidence Of Life On Earth

Tonight at Redscroll we have a bunch of people speaking. Some will read their poems. Some will tell stories. A few of them have worked on some projects done by Hot Air Press.

What is Hot Air Press? A publishing company? Yea, I mean sort of. They’ve definitely put a bunch of collected works of poetry and such (there is one particular that definitely qualifies as “such”). A record label? Maybe, yea. They have put out a handful of releases on wax. Cold Snap, Ipsissimus, Mammoth Hunter, & Florida=Death have all released music with them. An eclectic mix, for sure (weird hardcore, black metal, instrumental denseness, and improv-friendly hip-hop sensibilities all have found their way to the Hot Air Press).

What it really comes down to is that it’s a group of friends in a small state in the north-east trying to make the most out of what is directly around them. Connecticut based bands, artists, poets and people who just generally need a creative outlet can look to Hot Air Press. Come by the shop tonight and meet these dudes. Hear them speak… along with a bunch of other friendly types.

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