Record Players / Reduced Price

Recently, Numark reduced the cost of the TTUSB player. We are (upcoming cliche approaching) passing the savings along to you!

We also carry the Numark PT01 which is a portable model. And, finally, we will order upon request the Project Debut III.

The Numark TTUSB has been ol’ reliable here. Josh (one of us 2 owners) has one and uses it and enjoys it often at home. It has a USB output and comes with easy to use software as well. Along with the reduced price of this Numark is offering (for a limited time) a free CX-1 cartridge with purchase of this player.

New Price: $115

The Numark PT01USB also has a USB out and the same software. It is most convenient if you want to use this from place to place. If you are staying stationary with your records I’d recommend the prior model over this, however. The price on this has remained constant.

Numark PT01USB
Price: $99.99

Finally, we are pleased to say that we offer the Project Debut III turntable by request. It is a bit more pricey and a bit more for the audiophile. It is sleek with no frills (no frills = no extra parts to create extra noise). It comes in fun colors though I am not sure of what colors we can get (disclaimer there). This is comparable to the Rega P1 model that we have at the front counter often playing records in the store. I have a Project record player, myself and it is pretty great and highly recommended by me (Rick). Orders of this player would be received within 2 weeks’ time and most likely it would take only 3 days.

Project Debut III
Price: $375