We are closed today.

It is Labor Day. What is Labor Day, you say? Well, you probably didn’t and I’m not going to answer that (actually, I sort of am). If you want an answer to that you can do like most people doing shoddy internet research do and visit this Wikipedia page or read about the government explanation of it or visit the TLC Channel’s explanation. Any of those should be more than enough information. The simple truth is just that it’s a day to celebrate the working man. So, don’t work. Don’t do it. Have fun.

Here’s what I most want to address: Summer is not over!  Labor Day supposedly signals the end of summer. Guess what? Summer goes on even beyond Labor Day! On September 22, 2010 at 1:27PM summer will actually be over.

Sure, it used to be that it marked the end of summer vacation for school and people attending those schools, but that isn’t even really the case anymore. Stop pretending like summer is over today. It’s not. Go outside. Do something you do in the summer because it is the summer and you’ll be doing that. I’m probably going to the driving range. I’ve heard word of picnics today. I would be willing to bet that some people will even be things other than sports and picnicking outside. You should do one of those few things (sports, picnics, other things).