Dollar Discs

($1 CD Bins)
We have too many things for this small shop.  That’s really the only reason we’re doing this.  If we could hold onto back stock and not run out of room as quickly as we tend to then we’d surely hold out on these.  However, in this scenario, you win.  Sure, there is some stuff I am not sure why we have in the first place.

 There are also plenty of gems in here.  
The VSS (Feat. members of Angel Hair, The Red Sparowes, and a few more bands)
CT’s own Biartz (members of Call It Arson and a bunch of other bands in the area)
This band, Medication, is not the one from CT. I actually don’t know anything about this band, but I like the Medication from CT so I thought I’d mention it.
Members of Kungfu Rick went on to form HeWhoCorrupts.
And many more! (Use a big voice when reading that – go back and do it now if you need to.)

We’ve never done $1 CDs before and once these are gone who knows what we’ll do in the future (yes, the future).  Get ’em while they’re here.