Spotlight: Ferocious F*cking Teeth

F.F.T. is heavy, stoney, & aggressive. Dudes have fangs. Howl at the moon. They’ve got two drummers. How did they find 2 drummers?  Most can’t find 1! Easily compared to the Melvins. You like The Body, Lightning Bolt, and other loud Providence bands?  You can definitely hear the regional influence in that corner of the Earth. They’re productive. They got a new 7″ out they released themselves. It’s called “Hounds”. It’s hand numbered, limited to 300 copies, comes with a patch, download card and a zine insert (detailed review over at Wailing City). We’ve got the 7″ here now! And they’ve got a full length release on the horizon. They gig often. They put on shows in New London. Danny (Screaming Duties) volunteers at The Telegraph, cause he keeps it real.  His vocals are flavored with some fuzz and distance.  Live, the distance is about 1 millimeter from your face. Taste the flavor in your molars!
This is the patch you get with the 7″ – it’s a picture of Danny holdin’ it down and guess what?  Yep, that’s the CT State Quarter Redscroll shirt he’s wearing:
(That goblet is probably full of blood.)
FFT is playing with Gods and Queens, Cold Snap (CT), and Red Blade at Cherry Street Station here in Wallingford next Sunday, May 15th.  Get familiar with these boys and then come out and witness their mandibular force.

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  1. you have the record listed as being self-released, but there are 2 labels on this!

  2. Riotous Outburst Recs is from Pawcatuck, CT and Chowda House Inc is from Danbury, CT

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