Redscroll Tattoo

Redscroll Tattoo Time!

(Chrissy Murderbot)

The first one (that we know of) has been done and it’s on Josh. There are supposedly a couple people with appointments to get some done, but seeing is believing. Please show pictures to us when you’ve got them to share! 

(Random unrelated assortment)

So, yea, if you didn’t know by now (there’s been a teaser on our dry-erase board for about 5 months now) we do offer discounts to anyone that gets a Redscroll Records tattoo.  However, we urge all to check in with us first before just getting something and expecting some kind of discount.  Size and placement will determine the size of the discount. 

We’ve gone ahead and teamed up with Liberty Tattoo in Berlin, CT to offer some fun predetermined discounts at predetermined prices (a flash sheet!). Davey A drew these and we’re psyched on the results.

(Click to enlarge and see the prices and discounts offered for each.)

The gang over at Liberty even did some math to figure out how much it takes to make your money back on these and the answer that matters is it costs $666 to have the black metal dude pay for itself!  

There are a couple simple rules to the the flash tattoo discount:

  1. No changes! (If you want the price and discount listed you must get the tattoo exactly as it is in the exact size that it is.)
  2. No doubling or multiplying of any kind. (If you want to get multiple tattoos that’s awesome, but only one of them will go towards a discount.)
  3. When you come in to get a discount you must be prepared to have us take a picture of it on you. If you get it on your secret no-no spot then get ready to show us!

(We’d really just prefer they be more easily accessible.)

Liberty Tattoo LLC
853 Farmington Ave
Berlin, CT 06037
860 828 8880

Lastly, if you plan on getting this done let Liberty and us know by attending this Facebook Event.