Wednesday Weekly Video Volume 6

Wednesday Weekly Video Volume 6
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I really love the passion expressed in this. Four Tet knows what’s up when it comes to DJ’ing and just generally filling that record bag (and “WOAH!” to a lot of those finds!). Pretty solid dude. And here’s a bonus video of an actual song of his:

Our budz in Manic Productions announced a Sunn O))) (pronounced like the amps of the same name, btw) show recently and tickets have just gone on sale (we have them here for no service charge – as per usual with Manic shows). Check this video of them playing in a church (A Big Church! – but not so big that it needs to be entirely caps locked) in Belgium. The event listing can be found here. It’s Manic’s second show with Sunn O))) and if it’s as memorable (and good) as the first you won’t want to miss it.

Haven’t posted a video yet today and Big L was in the corner of my eye and then “Ebonics” came into my head, but that one didn’t get the video treatment so check out this other also impossibly great song. Hip Hop.

“Let The Right One In” (Swedish film not to be confused with “Let Me In”, the American remake) was my favorite movie of the last 5 years. The film is the perfect balance of horror & love, accentuated by the beautifully dark atmosphere created in Johan Soderqvist’s score. Recently, we got LPs of that score on Death Waltz Recording Co. Unfortunately, the song “Kvar I Min Bil” by Per Gessle is not featured.

Tonight, The Arc Agency has set up a sweet six band hardcore show in Milford consisting of three newer Deathwish Inc. bands (Punch, Living Eyes, & Oathbreaker) and three locals (Cold Snap, Hunger Strike, & Loach). I am most interested in wa tching Oathbreaker who play tight, gritty hardcore fused tastefully with elements of speed, doom, & black metal. They’re here all the way from Belgium so make sure to check out their merch table!

The Shlohmo album LP “Bad Vibes” was on my (Rick’s) best of 2011 list and it is still in my steady rotation especially on days/daze when I’m feeling a little spaced out (everyday). Solid laid back beats and atmospheres (honestly, more like good laid back vibes).

There is not one truth on CNN. Earlier today CNN had a story related to the Wisconsin shooting. They listed a bunch of white power bands. They included Hatebreed (very mistakenly). Here they are 17 years ago and looking it (straight off a VHS tape).

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