Wednesday Weekly Video Volume 14 (on delay for Thursday)

Wednesday Weekly Video Volume 14 (on delay for Thursday)

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We recently got some of these in (on CD and LP) from ITALIANS DO IT BETTER; CHROMATICS third album of fuzzy dreamy disco pop goodness.

We just cracked open a box filled with Xibalba – “Hasta La Muerte” LPs. Crushingly heavy beatdown mosh parts, low growled vocals, these guys are pulling off a style of music that is all but dead in 2012. Southern Lord Records has really nailed it with this one. Check out this video where they party, mosh, & do some apartment couch-wrestling. Also note the “Kuato Lives” and “Warriors” tags.

Got the Aphex Twin reissues of the “Richard D. James” album and “… I Care Because You Do” LPs. This song’s not on those but is arguably his most iconic video (directed by Chris Cunningham). This song was also covered by The Dillinger Esca pe Plan with Mike Patton (of course, I 100% prefer the original). Creepy and not so subtle (though at the time when Digital Hardcore Recordings was at their peak this comes off as completely minimal) face grabbing (get it?) electronic music. (Rick)

Recently, Safety Meeting Records dropped off copies of the newly pressed & extremely limited (95 copies!) LP version of Crooked Hook’s self-titled album. Originally released six years ago only as a CD, this 3-piece played a blend of psyched elic garage rock with deep stonery riffs. This was a band I was aware of at the time, but didn’t truly appreciate until now. Check out this live video of them playing at Bar. If anyone has any better quality videos, let me know! (Josh)

In just two weeks, Chain Of Strength will be hitting the stage for two nights in New York as part of the Revelation Records 25th Anniversary showcase. Chain… was my favorite of the youth crew era Rev bands, so it’s a pretty big deal for me to be able to see them live. Here’s a video of them playing a secret show a couple weeks ago in CA.

We got some used Iron Maiden vinyl in last night. Among them was the 12″ single for “Aces High” still sealed. Maiden stuff is worth picking up for the iconic album imagery alone (seriously, if you find even beat-to-crap copies that would never play and they’re only a few dollars – still pick them up!), but beyond all that everyone knows, they just plain shred.

Yes! I was really hoping this would get the video treatment at exactly this time of the four year cycle. Killer Mike’s “R.A.P. Music” is completely bonkers (this is a good thing) throughout, but man, this track kills it on many levels. Fun true short story: our landlord once gave us some business advice that basically just went like, “Don’t talk about religion or politics.” Well, there goes about 90% (this is not a real stat) of our inventory. (Rick)

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